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In the opinion of this author, mankind's single greatest achievement is the written word. And in its most basic 7-bit ASCII form, the written word is nothing less than a device-independent treasure, irrespective of how dated opinions are now or how incorrect predictions turned out to be. The subject matter as diverse as the authors themselves, here is a library of some text files collected primarily during the 1990's — and a little beyond.


On Absinthe, its ingredients, and Vincent van Gogh (19??)
A collection of recipes for X-rated drinks (ca. 1990) A Collection of Cajun and Other Southern Delights (1993)
Frequently Asked Questions about Hops (1993)
Learning about Beer and Tasting FAQ (1994)
Yeast Information and Technique Resource (1994)
food/spices: Frequently Asked Questions about Spices (1995)
caffeine-faq: Frequently Asked Questions about Coffee and Caffeine (1995)
The official list of Frequently Asked Questions (1998)

Science and Nature

Did the Early Earth Have A Reducing Atmosphere? (1982)
Young's Demonstrative Translation of Scientific Secrets (1861) (1990)
A list of the 46 nearest stars to our sun (19??)
The evolutionary table of the cat (ca. 1991)
The making of the cat (felis domesticus) (1991)
Project Gutenberg eText: 1,250,000 digits of Pi (1993)
Project Gutenberg eText: The 32nd Mersenne Prime (1993)
Project Gutenberg eText: The first 100,000 Prime Numbers (1993)
Project Gutenberg eText: The Square Root of 2 to 1 million+ digits (1993)

Human Body and Mind + Sexuality

On being carbon based life forms

Government + Conspiracies + Crime + Punishment

Big Brother is watching you 

UFOs and Aliens

Keep watching the skies

Religion, Occultism, and other Supernatural Phenomena

The Truth About Jesus: Is He A Myth? (1909)
Is The Bible Worth Reading? And Other Essays (1911)
Evolution, Creation and the Public Schools (1973)
The Many Faces of Satanism (1986)
AP article about a ghost on the USS Forrestal aircraft carrier (1988)
If the Devil should die would God make another? (19??)
An Examination of Satanic Black Magic (19??)
The Unknown Known (Anton Szandor LaVey) (19??)
What is Satanism? (199?)
A Short History of the Devil (199?)
Satanic Ethics (excerpt from "The Book of the World" (1991)
Transcript: The Biblical View on Abortion (Part 1) (1993)
Transcript: The Biblical View on Abortion (Part 2) (1993)
atheism/faq: FAQ in the alt.atheism newsgroup (1994)
alt-buddha-short-fat-guy-faq: Relax and have a cigar (1995)
magick/chaos/faq: FAQ about magick and chaos (1995)
Bible Absurdities (1996)
shamanism/overview: General overview and FAQ on shamanism (1996)
The NC-17 Bible: Adultery, beastiality, cannibalism, etc. in the bible (1996?)
werewolves/core-faq: The alt.horror.werewolves FAQ (1997)
The world's most powerful religion (1997)
Greek Mythology: Description of the gods (1998?)
alt-gothic-faq: FAQ about the alt.gothic newsgroup (1998)
Is there a place like Hell? (1998?)
religions/satanism/faqngp: The alt.satanism FAQ file (2000)
religions/satanism/cos: FAQ about the Church of Satan and its philosophies (2000)

Humour and Satire

"Software Wars" by Mark Crispin (1978)
An article on Jewish and Polish jokes (1983?)
3500 lines of practical jokes (1987)
Kaka Sutra: The canonical list of tasteless and absurd sex acts (199?)
A collection of Gulf War 1 jokes (1991)
The Whole Smiley Face Catalog (1993)
Human Sexuality 101: A course guide (1994?)
The Bastard Operator from Britain: Genesis (199x)
The Bastard Operator from Hell: #1 to #15 (199x)
The Bastard Operator from Britain (199x)
The Bastard Operator from Hell goes Meglomanic [sic](199x)
The Bastard System Manager From Hell: #1 & #2 (199x)
The results from the comprehensive alt.tasteless survey (1994)
The True News Digest (1995)
The canonical list of answering machine messages (1995)
THE HISTORY OF THE BBS USER: A musical drama in V parts (1995)
34544 unique taglines (1996)
The joy of vomit: The fine art of hurling (1996)
The best of alt.tasteless of 1995 (part 1) (1996)
The best of alt.tasteless of 1995 (part 2) (1996)
The best of alt.tasteless of 1995 (part 3) (1996)
The best of alt.tasteless of 1995 (part 4) (1996)
tasteless/phrase-book: The alt.tasteless phrase book (2001)
A collection of BBS and SysOp-related humour (compiled 2010)


Old H-MAIL* and H-JOKE text joke collections


The official alt.tasteless theme song (1994)
"The Sisters of Mercy" Discography (1995?) "THE DOORS" Frequently Asked Questions List (1995)
The "Nirvana" Song Book (1995)
About 430 tasteless names for rock bands (1996?)
The Genesis Discography January 1998 Edition (1998)
music/U2-faq/part1: The "U2" FAQ version 1.3 (beta), part 1 (1998)
music/U2-faq/part2: The "U2" FAQ version 1.3 (beta), part 2 (1998)
music/U2-faq/part3: The "U2" FAQ version 1.3 (beta), part 3 (1998)
music/U2-faq/part4: The "U2" FAQ version 1.3 (beta), part 4 (1998)
music/U2-faq/part5: The "U2" FAQ version 1.3 (beta), part 5 (1998)
"The Beautiful South" Discography (1999)
music/prince-faq/general-faq: General "Prince" / O(+> FAQ (2000)
The Fanta World Chart Show's 100 of 2001 (2002)
Lazlo's "Pet Shop Boys" Discography (2002)

Movies and Television

About film, TV, video and related subject matter

Audio and Technical (excluding IT)

car-audio/part1: Frequently Asked Questions Version 4.40 (1998)
car-audio/part2: Frequently Asked Questions Version 4.40 (1998)
car-audio/part3: Frequently Asked Questions Version 4.40 (1998)
Technics SL1200 FAQ (2000)

Information Technology

BBSes and the Internet
F13: The newsletter

Various computer- and IT-related topics
Assorted Hard Disk Drive Info


Article: American teenage hackers vs. Richard Sandza (1988)
Articles: The Phreaker's Bag Of High Tech Tricks (1990)
ASCII text combined to make nude chicks (1991)
dave-barry-faq: FAQ for the usenet newsgroup (1995)
The alt.quotations FAQ (1996?)
FAQ for alt.books.isaac-asimov: Part 1/4 (2000)
FAQ for alt.books.isaac-asimov: Part 2/4 (2000)
FAQ for alt.books.isaac-asimov: Part 3/4 (2000)
FAQ for alt.books.isaac-asimov: Part 4/4 (2000)

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