Information Technology

A small assemblage of text files about various computer- and IT-related topics collected during the 1990's.

Circuit City

In an age where a phone has more processing power and functionality than a supercomputer had at the dawn of the internet, most of this info will seem hopelessly out of date -- but it can showcase how we got to where we are now.

Hardware Matters

A Practical Guide to RS-232 Interfacing (Lawrence E. Hughes, 1989?)
A collection of information on the AMI BIOS (Unknown, ca. 1992)
The Intel 80486 vs. the Motorola MC68040 (Daniel Tabak, 1992)
What you need to know about modems (Patrick Chen, 1992)
Fast Serial Ports (Michael Spalter, 1993)
A LAN Glossary (Bonny Hinners, ca. 1993)
The Modem Dictionary Version 1.50 (R. Scott Perry, 1993)
Review: PROMISE DC-2032 Caching IDE Disk Controller (Nick Kollat, 1993) "Overclocking" FAQ version 0.5.2 (HB Papaleonardos, 1994)
The CD-Recordable FAQ (Andy McFadden, 1999)

Assorted Hard Disk Drive Info

Operating Systems Tricks and References

An explanation of the C:\DOS directory contents (Herby Hönigsperger, 1991)
Optimising CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT (Sean Martin, 1992)
Optimising CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT using QEMM 6.02 (Sean Martin, 1992)
Loading COMMAND.COM high (Greck S. Cannon, 1992?)
Microsoft's Undocumented Features Volume 1 No. 5 (Ben Davis, 1993)
Explanation of various commands and utilities (Unknown, 1993)
4DOS Quick Information File Version 5.0 (Tom Rawson, 1993)
OS/2 Warp vs. Windows 95: A Decision Maker's Guide (IBM Corporation, 1994)
OS/2 Warp vs. Windows 95: Comparison on Performance (IBM Corporation, 1994)
Computer Help References version 1.19.95: MS-DOS (Unknown, 1995)
Computer Help References version 1.19.95: BATCH Language (Unknown, 1995)

Sound and Vision

alt.binaries.sounds.mods FAQ v2.6 (Tobias Reckhard, 1995)
Frequently Asked Questions about MPEG Audio Layer-3 (Harald Popp, 1996)
Converting a Diamond RIO PMP300 into a Redbox (RenderMan, 1999)
FAQ about White Book VideoCD (VCD) (Glenn Sanderse, ca. 2000)


The Good Times Virus Hoax FAQ (Les Jones, 1995)
computer-virus/alt-faq/part1: alt.comp.virus FAQ (Harley, Burrell and Wenzel, 1999)
computer-virus/alt-faq/part2: alt.comp.virus FAQ (Harley, Burrell and Wenzel, 1999)
computer-virus/alt-faq/part3: alt.comp.virus FAQ (Harley, Burrell and Wenzel, 1999)
computer-virus/alt-faq/part4: alt.comp.virus FAQ (Harley, Burrell and Wenzel, 1999)
Article: The ILOVEYOU Virus (James Gleick, 2000)


Southern Underground Digest (Z0rpHix, 199?)
Southern Underground Digest Issue II (Z0rpHix, 199?)
Southern Underground Digest III (Z0rpHix, 199?)
Southern Underground Digest Issue IV (Z0rpHix, 199?)
Southern Underground Digest V (Z0rpHix, 199?)

What is a Fuzzy Expert System? (Togai InfraLogic, 1993)
What is Fuzzy Logic? (Togai InfraLogic, 1993)
The Amateur Crackist Tutorial (Specular Vision, 1996?)
Sex in Games: The Ultimate Marketing Tool (Joel Enos and William O'Neal, 1999)
Description of all File Extensions (Unknown, 1999)
The Hacker's Encyclopedia (Unknown, 2001?)

GIF News Jan/Feb 1990: (Eric Hsiao, 1990)

A special look back at the 1980's + Introduction
Review of 'The Colonel's Bequest'
Sound Cards, part 1
Sound Cards, part 2 + Best VGA Games + The Rumor File

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