Human Body and Mind
+ Sexuality

A small library of text files, documents, guidelines and FAQs collected during the 1990's about matters pertaining to our common denomination: the carbon based life forms that we are, our medical and psychological flaws, the things we introduce into our bodies, our reproductive cycle, and the recreative aspects thereof.

The latter is everyone's favourite pastime while others would sooner just end it all.

This is mostly stuff for grown-ups. Adults. Not for children. Shoo! Scat!

The Brain of the Century (belonged to Albert Einstein) (James Adams, 19??)
A guide to canine sex ("Anna", 199?)
What your handwriting reveals about you (David Nimmons, 1993?)
The great SEX text file, manual, guide and FAQ (Unknown, 1994)
AIDS Information Newsletter: Women and HIV Infection (Part XIII) (Elizabeth B. Cooper, 1994)
transplant-faq: All about transplants and organ donation (Mike Holloway, 1994)
alt.supermodels frequently asked questions: version 3.0 (Graham Watt, 1995)
AIDS and safe sex (Pat Morgan, ca. 1995) FAQ (parts 1 to 10) (Various, 1995)
Assorted mail collected from various AIDS newsgroups (Various, 1995)
Ebola Virus Info Pack: Everything you ever wanted to know... (Unknown, 1995)
Swingers and Swingles: It can be fun, it can be dangerous (Steven McVeigh, 1995)
Project P: Pecker proportions et al (Stephen McVeigh, 1995)
Some basics regarding enemas (Unknown, 1995)
alt-sex/spanking-faq (Various, 1995)
rec.nude FAQ - part 1 (Michael O'Neal-Petterson, 1995)
rec.nude FAQ - part 2 (Michael O'Neal-Petterson, 1995)
rec.nude FAQ - part 3 (Michael O'Neal-Petterson, 1995)
Bondage techniques for shy folks ("Dances-With-Aardvarks", 1995?)
PseudoCunt: How to make your very own Porta-Pussy ("Dick Sated", 1995?)
Partial self-circumcision in detail (Unknown, 1996?)
Instructions for Butt Plug Training (Unknown, 1996?)
Stress and your brain (John D. MacArthur, 1999)
alt-sex/prostitution/faq: Part 1 - Alt.Sex.Prostitution FAQ ("22 Rimfire", 1997)
alt-sex/prostitution/issues: Part 2 ("22 Rimfire", 1997)
alt-sex/prostitution/organizations: Part 3 ("22 Rimfire", 1997)
alt-sex/prostitution/bibliography: Part 4 ("22 Rimfire", 1997)
Caffeine causes changes in brain cells (Reuters, 1999)
alt-sex/celibacy: The Celibate FAQ Version 1.7 (Martin Poulter, 1999)
suicide/yes Version 1.07: Info about suicide and suicide encouragement ("boboroshi", 1999)
suicide/guide Version 1.04: A Practical Guide to Suicide ("boboroshi", 2000)
Laughter and the brain (Christine Kenneally, 2000)
Ecstasy and the brain: Club Drug Rants and Raves (Melissa Mertl, 2000)

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