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UFOs and Aliens

Collected during the 1990's, below is a small library of text files and FAQs about UFOs, extraterrestrials, and all manner of wild conspiracies surrounding their existence and origins, government's denial thereof, purported deals, and the resultant genetic experiments that are now reading this very page.

Keep watching the skies. The truth is out there.

Report of a flying disk in Roswell
Roswell Daily Record for Tuesday, July 8, 1947 (Unknown, 19??)
APPENDIX I: Combined History for July 1947 (Richard Davis, 194?)
The new PROJECT BLUE BOOK (Bill Cooper, 19??)
Excerpt: Ancient Indian Aircraft Technology (D. Hatcher Childress, 19??)
Japan and UFOs (John Winston, 19??)
UFO's: Alien or Man Made (Al Pinto, 19??)
Article: Zimbabwe UFO (Unknown, 19??)
Whidbey Island UFO Report (Unknown, 19??)
Article: Robert Gribble, UFO investigator (AP, 19??)
Nevada Aerial Research Newsletter (Unknown, 19??)
A dialogue with a former member of the Intelligence Community (Don F. Ecker-State, 19??)
Synopsis - Last 1988 Issue of UFO Magazine (Unknown, 19??)
An account of the history and current status of MAJESTIC TWELVE (Unknown, 19??)
ParaNet Editorial: The snobs amongst us (Jim Speiser, 19??)

A Revival of the 61-Month Wave Theory (Donald A. Johnson, 198?)
Excerpt: MJ12 - Myth or Reality? (Barry Greenwood and Lawrence Fawcett, 198?)
OMNI Magazine: The 'Hollow Earth' Theory (Unknown, 1983)
Letter: Flying Saucer recovery operation (William S. Steinman, 1984)
Letter: Flying Saucer duplication (William S. Steinman, 1984)
UFO sighting emails (Various, 1985)
Brief description of NASA/JPL's SETI program (Unknown, 1985)

Ultimate Solutions To The UFO Phenomena (William S. Steinman, 1986)
FOIA response: NSA Serial J9014C (Julia B. Wetzel, 1986)
Possibly forgotten or unknown information (CUFON, 1986)
'Urge to Investigate and Believe' Sparks New Interest in U.F.O.'s (William J. Broad, 1986)
Lab Results Of 1966 'Swampgas Case' (CUFON, 1986)
Executive News Service: Theeeey're baaaaack (AP, 1986)
The Menasha Women (AP, 1986)
Western Pennsylvania Tribune Review: Recent Sightings Unexplainable (Dave Lester, 1987)
UFONet: The "Cosmic Watergate" (Jim Speiser, 1987)
Whitley Strieber's abduction in "Communion" (AP, 1987)
Farmer's tales of space travel won't fly with many UFO buffs (Keay Davidson, 1987)
Missing stealth fighter (AP, 1987)
Executive News Service: UFO Investigations (Bill Kaczor, 1987)
UFO News, June 1987 (CUFON, 1987)
First known report of sighting onboard the submarine USS Tiru in 1966 (Jim Speiser, 19??)
The UFO: Forty Years On (John D. Aultman, 198?)

Tel Aviv UFO Sighting (AP, 1988)
Apollo program UFO sighting from 1960's comes to light (MUFON, 1988)
Department of Physics - USAF - Chapter XIII - UFOs (CUFON, 1988)
MUFON Report: UFO Sighting, West Seattle, Washington (Donald A. Johnson, 1988)
Update: The NASA Apollo-Saturn Rocket Test Launch UFO Sighting  (Donald A. Johnson, 1988)
Article: A Strange Connection (Michel F. Corbin, 1988)
Article: UFO Watchers Scan Rural Skies (David Bauder, 1988)
BBS discussions on the book "UFO Abductions: A Dangerous Game" (Various, 1988)
Excerpt: Wright Patterson AFB - What's Going On There? (Timothy Good, 1988)
West Seattle UFO Report, Part 1 (male witness) (Dr. Donald Johnson, 1988)
West Seattle UFO Report, Part 1 (female witness) (Dr. Donald Johnson, 1988)
"Black Helicopter" harrassments of MUFON investigators (Judith Karns, 1988)
JForum UFO Poll (Jim Speiser, 1988)
Project Beta, part 1 (Dr. Paul Bennewitz, 1988)
Project Beta, part 2 (Dr. Paul Bennewitz, 1988)
Ronald Reagan: Space Invaders (Terence Hunt, 1988)
Stealth UFO emails (Various, 1988)
Transcript: Compuserve conference with guest Tracy Tormé (Unknown, 1988)
Transcript: Issues Paranormal Forum with guest Tracy Tormé (Unknown, 1988)

UFONet: Tracy Tormé's Clarification (Unknown, 1989?)
UFOs and Security: Soviet Military Review (Alexsandr Kuzovkin and Alexsandr Semyonov, 1989)
The covert forces just may be BOTH alien and human (Vicki Cooper, 1989)
The No-Show - "Sho Me" Conference, October 1989 (Unknown, 19??)
The ten most compelling UFO cases in history (Maj. James McGaha, ca. 1990)
The Anderson Story: Noted expert finds account convincing (Mike O'Brien, 1990)
UFOlogy books, Revision 2.0 (H. S. Stewart, 1990)

Newly released secret files on UFOs (Milton William Cooper et al, 1991)
Several articles, discussions and interviews about crop circles (Various, 1992)
Freedom of Information Act secret files on UFOs by FBI and other USA agencies (CUFON, 1992?)
Marconi and UFOs (John Winston, 1994)
ufos-and-aliens/part1: alt.alien.visitors FAQ - Introduction (1994)
ufos-and-aliens/part2: alt.alien.visitors FAQ - Introductory Material (1994)
ufos-and-aliens/part3: alt.alien.visitors FAQ - UFO Projects, Theories & Controversies (1994)
ufos-and-aliens/part4: alt.alien.visitors FAQ - UFO Organizations (1994)
ufos-and-aliens/part5: alt.alien.visitors FAQ - UFO Organizations (1994)
ufos-and-aliens/part6: alt.alien.visitors FAQ - UFO Organizations (1994)
ufos-and-aliens/part7: alt.alien.visitors FAQ - Disclaimer (1994)
Description of various types of extraterrestrials (Unknown, 1994)
The Continuing Search for the Roswell Archaeologists (Thomas J. Carey, 1994)
USAF Discover What Really Crashed on Brazel Ranch (Unknown, 1994)
Skeptic's Newsletter: Roswell nurse and ET bodies flawed (Philip J. Klass, 1995)
The Alien Autopsy: The Manikin Who Fell to Earth (James Eastman, ca. 1998)
The Alien Autopsy: Second Autopsy Film is better than the First (Various, ca. 1998)

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