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Easy Info + Exhibitors DB

General Business

Example: Adult Chatline (.png)

Emergency Services

Example: AIDS Information (.png)

Restaurant Guide

Example: MacRib Family Restaurants (.png)

The Internet

Page: The Internet according to the Computer Faire & BEXA 1996 CD-ROM sampler

Getaway Guide

Example: Abseiling and Rockclimbing (.png)

Computer Guide

Raw text: Acer Africa and Spartan Computers (.txt)

Wheels Guide

Example: Autoplus Installations (.png)

Software Connection Product Catalogue

More: Raw promotional waffle (The Software Connection) (.txt)


More: Raw directory contents (Windows 95 Overview) (.txt)

Standard Bank

More: Standard Bank Toni Bank-by-Phone (.png) / Raw directory contents (.txt)

Compuserve Africa

More: Introductory and promotional information regarding CompuServe Africa (.txt)

Movie Reviews

More: Movie review: Down Periscope (.png) / Ster Kinekor Theatres (.txt)

Easy Info

More: Easy Info - the Smart Disk Directory (.txt)

Computer Faire

Raw text: Hardware, Office Equipment & Furniture / Networking, Telecommunications / Printers & Peripherals /
Software, Services & Training (.txt)

Sporting Events

Examples: Currie Cup Rugby / Equestrian Events / Road Running from April to December (.txt)

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