Easy Info the Smart Disk Directory Winning Features in Summary What is Easy Info? Benefits to Advertisers Updates Easy Info Users Distribution Computer Preloads Easy Info Media Inserts Easy Info On-Line Corporate Networks Contact Details Other Products * Targeted at Businesses during Business hours * Inexpensive from R3500 per annum! * Free to Copy * Accurate and Up-to-date * Distributed to over 200 000 Gauteng businesses * Quick and Easy to Use Most Important Purchasing Decisions: * Occur in the office in office hours. * Begin by choosing which company to deal with: Why not get your company listed? Call Smart Disk now on (011) 789-1199! Easy Info: * Is a free business directory on computer disk * Is published by Smart Disk cc, situated at 280 Oak ave, Ferndale, Randburg. Telephone no: (011) 789-1199, Fax no: (011) 886-7121 * Is released monthly, and updated every 4 months, with new data and features. * Reaches over 200 000 computers per year * Is free to copy * Offers info on over 10 000 companies under 1500 categories of information, at the touch of a button. * Is inexpensive advertising from R3500 for the whole year - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! * Offers full page, quarter page and special position advertising opportunities * Is the third most popular software program in South Africa! * Free Internet Advertising with every Easy Info ad! * It offers continual exposure to the business, private and corporate sectors. * It's on the office desktop, all day - everyday! * It's "Infotising" rather than simple advertising * It has extensive distribution to Jo'burg business * It is an exciting, user friendly medium that will generate business for you! * It targets actual buyers - not casual browsers! Easy Info lasts for four months. At this point you will receive a message on your screen reminding you to update. You may subscribe to Easy Info by calling Dianne at our Update Club on (011)-789-1199 or you will be referred to a store, where you can get the latest update free! A year's subscription to Easy Info costs R49.95! It also includes a free copy of the entire SA Postal codes on disk! We will post you a fresh Easy Info every 4 months and this will insure your telephone numbers, sports calendars etc. are up to date and you get all the latest features. PS: Ask about your FREE GIFT! Our research indicates that a typical Easy Info subscriber is: * Part of the 800 000 computer users in Jo'burg * In large corporates, government and SOHO businesses. * Part of an A+ income family * 25-45 years old * 65% of users have "Manager" in their job title * 25% are MD's of SOHO businesses * 15% are secretaries to MD's of corporates * 80% of users are responsible for some company purchasing * 20% are involved in the IT industry or in an IT job Easy Info has an extensive distribution to the business market: * Computer Preloads * Media Inserts * On-Line * Corporate Networks * Give-aways: Easy Info is given away at leading retail outlets including Software Connections, Universal Software, Mandarin, Intercomputer, Cresta Computers and smaller dealers. It is also given away at the Computer Fair, the Soho Fair, Home Electronics, Landaba, Office Secretaries, Markex and the Personal Finance Show. Easy Info is preloaded by the following computer distributors: * Acer Africa: 2600 p/month * Mecer: 1800 p/month * Pinnacle Micro: 1800 p/month * High Technologies: 800 p/month * KTX Computers: 250 p/month * Laptop Technologies: 500 p/month * Ultra Technologies: 450 p/month * Epsidon: 450 p/month * Spartan Computers: 450 p/month If your company would like to preload Easy Info, please call Colin at (011)789-1199 Easy Info is inserted into the many magazines, including the following: * Network World 4 000 twice a year * SA Lan Times 4 000 twice a year * Software World 8 000 * Computer Week 7 000 * JCCI Newsletter 5 000 * Finance Week 9 000 Easy Info is available, on-line, at the following services: * Internet: www.web.co.za/easyinfo * onLine Welcome (BBS): (011) 462-3184 * onLine Welcome (Internet): www.onwe.co.za * Beltel: page number: 30668128 * Digitec: look for downloads: smart*.zip If you would like to have Easy Info installed on your network, contact Jimi at (011) 789-1199. Easy Info is installed and maintained on the following corporate networks: * ABSA Bank (9000 nodes) * Avis Fleet Services (60 nodes) * 3M South Africa (200 nodes) * Anglovaal Limited (200 nodes) * Astec Communications (35 nodes) * Cola-Cola South Africa (175 nodes) * Coopers Lybrand (60 nodes) * Deloitte & Touche (400 nodes) * Ernest and Young (105 nodes) * Eskom (2 000 nodes) * Eurospace SA(60 nodes) * Fidelity Guards Holdings (90 nodes) * Genbel Investments (50 nodes) * IBM South Africa (35 nodes) * ICL (2500 nodes) * Johannesburg City Council (2000 nodes) * Johannesburg Electricity (300 nodes) * Mass Mart Stores(400 nodes) * Midrand Town Council (250 nodes) * 702 (70 nodes) * Promat (180 nodes) * Putco (50 nodes) * Rand Merchant Bank (300 nodes) * SA Phillips (700 nodes) * Sasol GID (100 nodes) * Siltek Distribution Dynamics (300 nodes) * Southern Life(500 nodes) * Sun International (300 nodes) * Sussens Mann (35 nodes) * The Star (150 nodes) * Total South Africa (220 nodes) * Transmed (600 nodes) * Toyota South Africa (350 nodes) * Datavia-Transnet (800 nodes) * PX-Transnet (300 nodes) * UAL Merchant Bank(35 nodes) * Ultimate Software (30 nodes) * Vodacom (300 nodes) Smart Disk cc publishes Easy Info from: 280 Oak ave PO Box 1197 Ferndale Randburg Randburg 2125 Tel: (011) 789-1199 Fax no: (011) 886-7121 Smart Disk also publishes the following: * The SA Postal Codes R20 - The entire SA Postal Codes on disk that is searchable by postal code area - throw away your book! * The JCCI Disk Directory R299 - The entire membership list of the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce companies(over 4500!) Great for sourcing suppliers, making business contacts and of course for sales and marketing! * Easy Info on Unit Trusts R49 - Edited by Magnus Heysteck, SA's foremost expert on Unit Trust Investments! - Your interactive investment guide! Graphs, spreadsheets and info on all of SA's 85 Unit Trust funds. Compare the different funds and calculate exact returns over up to 25 years! It's the best way to make intelligent investment decision! (Available from February'96) To order simply call Dianne on (011) 789-1199