Standard Bank Toll-Free Numbers Home Banking AutoBel Toni Bank-by-Phone Personal Finance Banking PrestigePlan Consolidator Med-Elite and Pro-Elite AchieverPlan StudentPlan AutoClub Savings and Investments Long-Term Investments Medium-Term Investments Short-Term Investments Domestic Promise Plan EscalatorPlus Home Banking Home Banking is a major international trend in the financial sector. Imagine doing your banking in the comfort and privacy of your own home - no long queues or rushing during lunch hour. With Standard Bank, you can experience this convenience when you use AutoBel or Toni Bank-by-Phone. AutoBel is Standard Bank's computer-based delivery option which operates on Beltel. A wide range of services available 24 hours a day. Toni Bank-by-Phone is the telephone-based alternative of AutoBel. Perform your banking transactions over the phone with the simple push of a button, at any time of the day or night. In addition to the wide range of services available, both options also allow you access to free financial information such as the latest interest rates and exchange rates. Experience true banking convenience in the comfort and safety of your own home with AutoBel and Toni Bank-by-Phone. For more information, see the information in the other topics below, or contact Hotline on 0800-121-000. Personal Finance Banking The Standard Bank offers various accounts and packages designed to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of people - from those who need a savings account to those who require access to comprehensive and sophisticated services. Depending on your circumstances you may choose from the following options: Classic Cheque: If you earn R2 000 per month and have stable employment and a clean credit record, then you are eligible to apply for Classic Cheque. AchieverPlan is designed for hard working and ambitious individuals. If you earn a minimum of R6000 a month or have a three year degree or diploma from a recognised institution then you may apply for AchieverPlan. Med-Elite and Pro-Elite are designed to meet the needs of medical practitioners, chartered accountants, engineers, degreed architects and lawyers. Both packages offer a wide variety of valuable financial services. PrestigePlan is the package for people who understand the concept of financial freedom. To apply you need to earn R150 000 p.a. exclusive of fringe benefits and a personal net worth of R300 000 plus. The final decision rests with the Standard Bank branch manager. Consolidator: If you are 55 years or older, retired or working and have a minimum of R10 000 to invest, we can make your financial life much easier with a comprehensive plan called Consolidator. See the topics below for detailed information on these packages. Should you decide that one of the above personal finance options meet your needs or you would like more information, please contact your nearest Standard Bank branch or call us toll-free at 0800-121-000. Savings and Investments Today we all seem to experience financial pressures and, as we never seem to have enough money available to meet all our needs, many of us often feel the need to tighten our belts. Standard Bank's savings and investment opportunities provide an excellent means of coping with financial pressures and for preparing for the future. Having a sum of money put away gives you financial security and peace of mind. Making saving a habit is an important way to help secure a good future for you and your family. It may be in the form of savings for school fees, a deposit on a home or merely those unforeseen expenses. We offer a variety of savings and investment products, to meet all your investment needs. Toll-Free Numbers - AutoBank and MasterCard cards Lost / Stolen cards 0800-020-600 (24 hours) - MasterCard cardholder services Johannesburg (011) 498-4699 Bloemfontein (051) 404-3000 Cape Town (021) 401-3111 Durban (031) 304-7526 Port Elizabeth (041) 503-2311 - Diners Club General Enquiries 0800-121-017 - General banking enquiries Hotline 0800-12-1000 - Standard Bank Fund Managers Fundline for Unit Trusts 0800-119-300 - Standard Bank Insurance Brokers Stansure (Short term insurance broking) 0800-121-010/1 AAIBS (Automobile Association Insurance Brokers) 0800-121-244 - Stannic (Motor vehicle finance) Stannic helpline 0800-116-016 PrestigePlan PrestigePlan is the complete financial support package for those who have achieved significantly more than most! Qualifying Criteria: To qualify, customers must have a personal income of R150 000 p.a. exclusive of fringe benefits, and a personal net worth (as evaluated by your branch manager) of R300 000 or above. Some of the benefits include: * Guaranteed cheques for amounts up to R2 000. * Competitive interest rates on daily current account credit balances. * Automatic Gold MasterCard with negotiable limits, GarageCard and AutoBank card. * Negotiable bonds up to 100% of the bank's assessed collateral value with no maximum limit and a preferential interest rate. An AccessBond facility is available which will enable you to deposit excess funds into your home loan while allowing for their withdrawal at a later stage should the need arise. This means that you save on your interest while still having access to your funds. AccessBond also enables the customer to operate their home loan via AutoBank and / or Toni bank-by-phone. An added endowment linked option is also available which enables you to settle your bond prior to the original bond period. * Guaranteed education loan up to R10 000 p.a. per child to cover standards 8, 9 and 10, as well as guaranteed student loans for University or Technikon students at preferential rates available on application. * Stannic finance facilities at a special interest rate for amounts up to R100 000, thereafter the interest rate is negotiable. * A 50 % discount on the initial fees for investments in the Standard Bank Mutual, Gold, Industrial, and International Funds unit trusts (minimum lump sum investment of R10 000 or a minimum monthly debit order of R250). Pricing options: Customers may choose to pay a monthly management fee which covers service fees on the current account as well as a number of other bank charges, or they may opt to pay a per-item fee for services utilised. For more information on this exclusive package, please contact your Standard Bank branch manager or phone our toll-free Hotline on 0800-12-1000. Consolidator Consolidator is a comprehensive financial plan that consolidates everything that the mature customer will ever need from a bank into a single, easy-to-understand financial package. Qualifying Criteria: To qualify, customers must be 55 years of age or over and have at least R10 000 invested with any Standard Bank account. Benefits include: * Low cost banking. Provided the minimum investment of R10 000 is maintained, customers are exempt from transaction charges on their PlusPlan account, irrespective of the balance in their account, and they are rebated their service fee on their curr ent account. The rebate applies to cheques, debit orders and ATM transactions that pass through the current account. On top of this, interest is paid on credit balances. * Guaranteed cheques for amounts up to R500. * Discount on the initial charges of all Standard Bank unit trusts (minimum investment of R2 000 lump sum or R100 monthly debit order). * An additional 0.5% p.a. on the prevailing interest rate on fixed deposits invested for 12 months or longer. * Free estate and retirement planning. * Bridging finance is available to the surviving spouse until the estate is settled at a preferential interest rate. * The Hospital Cash Plan is available exclusively to Consolidator customers. It offers daily cash payment on hospitalisation and is guaranteed to Consolidator customers on application. * Standard Bank Insurance Brokers offers 25% off your premium for being over 55 and a further discount if both you and your spouse are retired. * A free Consolidator Visa Card on application. * A Standard Bank MasterCard card on application. Free secondary cards are provided to Consolidator customers. * Free Thomas Cook Travellers Cheques. * Free safe custody envelopes and discounted small deedbox facility. For more information on this exclusive package, contact our toll-free Hotline on 0800-12-1000 or speak to a customer consultant at your local branch. Med-Elite and Pro-Elite Med-Elite is a package developed exclusively for medical practitioners, dentists and veterinarians. Qualified attorneys, engineers, architects and chartered accountants may apply for its professional equivalent, Pro-Elite. Qualifying Criteria All applicants should be suitably qualified in respect of academic background. A university degree in the applicable discipline is required. Branch managers may grant these exclusive packages and facilities at their discretion. Some of the benefits include: * Guaranteed cheques for amounts up to R1 000. * Competitive interest rates on daily current account credit balances. * Automatic Gold MasterCard card with negotiable limit. * An overdraft facility at Prime is available for amounts up to R20 000, the rate thereafter plus the amount of the overdraft is negotiable. * An AccessBond home loan is available at 1% below the prevailing Standard Bank home loan interest rate. You can now withdraw up to three times each month an amount in multiples of R1 000 from surplus funds in your AccessBond account. * You can benefit from the wide range of electronic banking facilities at your disposal. The extensive ATM network, coupled with the innovative Toni Bank-by-Phone / Fax and AutoBel facilities, is designed to maximise customer convenience in performing routine banking transactions. * Practice finance in the form of an Equity Purchasing Loan, a Professional Revolving Credit facility and a Professional Practice Bond may be tailored to meet all your needs where required. Competitive interest rates are available. * A wide range of investment, assurance, insurance and estate-related options are available. Each can be tailored to you and your practice's specific needs. Discounts on certain unit trust purchases are available too, subject to specified minima. We believe that, as a professional, you have specific personal and practice financial needs. We invite you to discuss your requirements at your convenience with management at the Standard Bank branch closest to you. Alternatively, you may obtain further information from our Hotline on 0800-12-1000. AchieverPlan Welcome to AchieverPlan, the package for upmarket achievers. So what's so special about AchieverPlan? Well, not only does it give you the opportunity to take advantage of our wide range of products, like Toni Bank-by-Phone, but most importantly, our AchieverPlan package comes with the following guaranteed facilities to meet your every need: * Guaranteed cheques for amounts up to R500 when you include your Standard Bank MasterCard number on the back of a cheque. * A home loan negotiable up to 100% based on the assessment value of the property. You'll also receive a guaranteed concession of 0.5% below the ruling Standard Bank home loan rate. In addition, the AccessBond option available on your home loan means that should you have surplus money at the end of the month, you can deposit it into your home loan account and save tax-free interest. Plus, these surplus amounts are available via your AutoBank card. * AchieverCredit, exclusive to AchieverPlan, is a revolving credit plan with preferential interest rates. One of the advantages of the AchieverCredit facility is its accessibility, as it is linked to your AutoBank card so that you can withdraw the agreed amount as and when you need it. Once you have repaid 25% of your limit, that money is immediately available to be borrowed again. * You automatically qualify for the AchieverPlan MasterCard card as part of the package. This exclusively branded, internationally accepted card has negotiable limits according to your income so that you never have to worry about not coping with repayments or being stretched beyond your financial limits. * You also qualify for a 25% discount on the initial charges of your Mutual, Gold, Industrial and International Funds - whichever equity fund you choose. * Stannic offers finance at a preferential rate of interest to AchieverPlan customers. * Electronic banking convenience means that you can perform all your routine banking transactions (such as cash withdrawals, deposits, statements, inter-account transfers, electronic account payments) on any of our ATMs 24 hours a day. * And Liberty Life's Universal Lifestyle Policy, a whole life policy, offers you the widest range of options and gives you life cover according to your needs. The limits on your AchieverPlan account are negotiable with your branch manager, making the package tailored to meet your specific needs. So, if you're earning a minimum of R6 000 per month or if you're a graduate with a 3-year degree or diploma with secure employment, why not apply for AchieverPlan at your nearest Standard Bank branch. Alternatively, you may receive further information from our Hotline toll-free on 0800-12-1000. StudentPlan StudentPlan is the complete banking package designed to meet the every financial need of a student. Qualifying Criteria Students must be registered at a recognised South African university or technikon to qualify for any of the products making up the StudentPlan package. Part-time students must be under the age of 25 in order to qualify for all elements of the StudentPlan package with the exception of the student loan product. The StudentPlan Package Offers The Following Range of Products Student PlusPlan Account This is a savings and transaction based account that offers students a wide range of banking benefits including: - Free banking provided a Standard Bank ATM is used. - Preferential interest on credit balances, calculated on daily balance. - 24 Hour access to our electronic banking facilities via your ATM card. Classic Cheque Account The Classic Cheque Account allows you to withdraw and deposit money at your convenience whilst providing you with a safe and hassle free means of paying your bills. What's more, students only pay the minimum service fee applicable to cheque accounts. Student Loans Standard Bank makes available student loans to both full and part-time students who wish to study at a recognised South African university or technikon. - Student loans are available for both undergraduate and post graduate studies. - Student loans are made available at preferential rates, which vary according to the students academic year of study. - Loan amounts vary according to the students year of study. - Students loan may be used for the payment of annual study fees as well as study related expenses e.g. dental equipment. Stannic Vehicle Finance Students who have one or more elements of the StudentPlan package will qualify to apply for Stannic Vehicle Finance at a preferential rate of prime +2% (Linked). This offer is subject to the normal credit scoring procedures. AutoClub Join Standard Bank AutoClub - the banking club designed especially for under 18s - and get a savings account which offers you: * Comprehensive interest rates on your savings. * Free banking at Standard Bank ATMs. * A free wallet on opening your account. * Ultra-cool savings benefits like Rave magazine and the AutoClub educational draw for AutoClub members who keep a balance of R100 or more in their accounts. For more information on AutoClub phone our Hotline toll-free on 0800-12-1000 or pop into your nearest Standard Bank branch with your ID / Birth certificate and R10 for an opening deposit and open an account now! Hope to have you as a Club member soon!! AutoBel It's like having a Standard Bank branch in your home. Standard Bank's AutoBel brings the simple convenience of home banking to your doorstep, giving you control of your finances and access to up-to-date financial information any time of the day or night. With AutoBel you can: * Pay your monthly bills electronically * Transfer money between your linked bank accounts * Make balance enquiries on all linked accounts * Obtain provisional statements and reconcile them * Make additional unit trust purchases * Review and amend the list of beneficiaries you arranged to pay electronically * Request a cheque book for collection or posting to you * Review and amend your stop orders and create new ones * Stop payment of cheques or debit orders * Query any account entries * Write to your branch manager * Give, cancel or amend the disposal instructions on your notice deposits. AutoBel also links you to a network of information on investments, accounts, loans, credit cards, interest rates and electronic banking. You only pay the regular fee for your banking transactions, all additional information is for free. To control your finances through AutoBel, you need: * A computer with a modem and the Beltel software i.e. PCBEL, * or a dedicated terminal (Minitel) which has a built-in modem and the required software. AutoBel's convenience is only available through Beltel, Telkom's videotex information service. For more information on Beltel, call Telkom toll-free at 0800 22 2233. Discover the remarkable convenience of true home banking. Call Standard Bank's Hotline toll-free on 0800-12-1000. Note: With your first access, you will be required to key in your ATM PIN and then select your own unique PIN for future access to AutoBel. This second PIN will also allow you access to Toni Bank-by-Phone. Toni Bank-by-Phone It is the most convenient, time saving method of money management, which is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. All you need is a touch tone telephone with a star (*) and hash (#) key. You may also use a cellular phone. There are no registration or monthly fees to pay and you are assured of complete privacy and hassle-free banking. The following facilities are available: 1. Banking Services: Balance enquiries, Inter-account transfers between up to 9 linked accounts, Electronic Account Payments, Cheque book requests, Bank-by-Fax. 2. Financial Information: 41 Foreign Exchange Rates, Gold and Krugerrand prices, current interest rates on Fixed Deposits, 32 Day Notice Deposits and PlusPlan Savings as well as Standard Bank Unit Trust prices and performance figures. 3. Faxed Confirmation of: Statements on linked accounts, Electronic Account Payments, Inter-account transfers, Account information, List of last three payments to a specified beneficiary, Consolidated balances on all linked accounts. 4. Toni Information: Explanation of the Toni service, Toni test facility, Demonstration of Bank-by-Fax. Dial the Toni number in your area: Johannesburg : 636-9540 Durban : 268-2700 Cape Town : 440-2700 Pretoria : 351-2700 Bloemfontein : 404-3700 Port Elizabeth : 503-2700 A voice will answer and guide you through the process. Note: With your first access, you will be required to key in your ATM PIN and then select your own unique PIN for future access to Toni. This second PIN will also allow you to access AutoBel. Long-Term Investments Secure and guaranteed interest... A fixed deposit is a popular investment opportunity to consider if you have a lump sum to invest, starting from R1 000 - for a fixed period, ranging from 33 days to 5 years. The following benefits are available to you: * With the "Pick-a-Date" facility, you select the exact date you would like your investment to mature. * An attractive interest rate is guaranteed for the full investment period. * Consolidator customers and investors of over 55 years qualify for a higher interest rate on certain categories of deposits. * Interest may be paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually or on maturity. For those who would like to resist the temptation of easy access to their funds and require a guaranteed fixed income. Contact any Standard Bank Branch to discuss our "Pick-a-Date" facility. Medium-Term Investments Earn top interest rates... With our 32 Day Notice Deposit you don't need to invest a fortune to earn a high interest rate. In fact you only need R1 000! You are able to invest your money for as long as you like, and simply give notice whenever you require your money, or a po rtion thereof. The benefits of a 32 Day Notice Deposit are: * While funds are not under notice, an increase in interest rates is effective immediately. A decrease in rates is only effective after 32 days. * You may earn interest on your interest. * 32 Day Notice Deposits may be linked to an AutoBank card, MasterCard card or Visa Card and can be accessed via any AutoPlus machine. * Your 32 Day Notice Deposit may now also be linked to Toni and AutoBel, where you can enjoy the freedom of banking from the comfort of your home or office. You are able to: - Give notice on your deposits. - Cancel notice already given. - Obtain a balance and provisional statement. - Transfer money to your 32 Day Notice Deposit account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out how a 32 Day Notice Deposit linked to Toni and AutoBel can make your money work harder for you, by calling 0800-12-1000 toll-free. Short-Term Investments Immediate access to your funds... Standard Bank's PlusPlan account is a flexible and convenient way to save, which allows you unlimited and easy access to your funds. PlusPlan offers the following features and benefits: * As your savings grow so does your interest rate. * Third-party payments through stop and debit order facilities. * Third parties may be authorised to operate your account. * Electronic account payments - imagine the time saved. * Inter-account transfers. * Balance enquiries and statement requests. * Cheques may be obtained via AutoPlus machines, even though you do not hold a cheque account. As an added benefit, certain transactions are free if you maintain a balance of R1 000 in your PlusPlan account. Contact any Standard Bank branch to open your PlusPlan account today! Domestic Promise Plan How often do we consider the fact that the unemployment benefits, medical aid and pension schemes which we take for granted from our employers, have never been available to our domestic staff. Domestic Promise Plan is an ideal all-in-one protection plan for your domestic staff and is aimed at fulfilling the need for proper retirement protection. The policy includes extra benefits such as: * Built in life cover, which includes a double pay-out if death results from an accident. * Family Guard Funeral benefit. * Valueguard Inflation Protector. Investments range from between R30 per month up to a maximum of R100 per month. These contributions are invested over a period of 10, 15 or 20 years, depending on the age of your employee. Your employee becomes the sole owner of his/ her Domestic Promise Plan, it is therefore transferable in the event of a change of job. Why not give your employee peace of mind about retirement? Standard Bank's Domestic Promise Plan is underwritten by Charter Life, whose managed fund has an outstanding record of performance. For additional information call Charter Life's Hotline on 0800-12-4444 or Standard Bank's Hotline on 0800-12-1000 toll-free. EscalatorPlus EscalatorPlus is a unique guaranteed rate investment plan which provides a guaranteed income over the life of the investment. This exciting product operates in the same way as a conventional fixed deposit but the interest rate increases each year. Quoted interest rates may vary from time to time, but once the investment is made, the interest rates are fixed and guaranteed for the term of the investment. Individuals, companies, close corporations and other legal entities that have at least R5 000 to invest and are willing to invest for the specific periods of not less than three and five years respectively, may invest in EscalatorPlus. Minimum investment amount : R5 000. Maximum investment amount : R500 000 per account (more than one account may be opened). Interest can be paid monthly, monthly on a specified date, quarterly, half yearly, annually or at maturity directly into the account of your choice. The interest anniversary date is normally the first day of the following month for each year of the investment. Annual statements reflect details of interest paid. Although the investment may be taken out during any time of the month, the maturity date will be either three of five years from the first day of the following month. No withdrawal of capital is permitted nor may the account be closed before the maturity date except in the case of death or insolvency or if the depositor has been placed under curatorship or judicial management, or in liquidation. No further deposits can be made to the account for the term of the investment (a new account can however be opened provided the minimum investment amount of R5 000 is adhered to).