Software, Services && Training ABSA ELECTRONIC BANKING ACAD CENTRE AFRICA ACTA PROJECT SERVICES ADOBE - HNR COMPUTERS ADOBE SYSTEMS-VENTURE COMPUTER ADVANCED FLOW CHARTS ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS ADvTECH TRAINING ALLMICRO S.A AMBASSADOR TRAINING & DEVELOP. AMCOR AMPKON APPLE COMPUTER ATS - DATA EASE ATTACHMATE AUTODESK AUTOMATED REASONING BARCAPE BAR CODE SYSTEMS BENCHMARK COMPUTER TRAINING BENTLEY SYSTEMS BEST (formerly INFO DB COMPUTERS) THE BOOK FACTORY BORLAND INTERNATIONAL BSW - CHANNELS BUSINESSLAND CADDIE CALIFORNIA OFFICE OF EXPRT DEVELOP. CAMI MATHEMATICS CATSOFT (UK) CHARTER COMPUTER TRAINING CMS CODE & SCAN TECHNOLOGIES COMMUNICATION IN ACTION COMPACT DISC TECHNOLOGIES COMPLUS COMPUTING COMPU-BYTE COMPUTER CONSULT. SERVICES CORP. COMPUTING SERVICES & SOFTWARE ASS. COMPUTER SUPERSTORE ABSA Electronic Banking services offers electronic banking to the clients of Allied, United, Volkskas and Trust Bank. These services include telephone and home banking via PC and modem, automated teller machines (ATMs) as well as corporate electronic services like salary packages, cash management and bureau services. Tel: 011 - 350 - 4423 Fax: 011 - 350 - 5636 PO Box 7738 Johannesburg 2000 Acad Centre Africa is a distributor of Autodesk products computer aided design and multimedia software including support and training thereof. The company's product range includes: Autocad, Autocad LT, Autosketch, Autovision, Autosurf, Autocad Designer, Autocad Mechanical Desktop, Autodesk Work Centre Autodesk View, 3D Studio, Animator Studio and Autocad Data Extension. Tel: 011 - 315 - 3102 Fax: 011 - 315 - 1050 PO Box 12266 Halfway House 1655 Acta Project Services will be exhibiting freehand drawing boards and automatic pencil sharpeners. The freehand drawing board is the ideal front end processor to scan into a CAD system. The product allows the user to make quick, neat and precise freehand drawings and sketches that look as if the user has used conventional drawing instruments. The paper thick freehand drawing boards are embossed with a mesh of fine grooves (0,5mm apart). The boards slop behind any paper and allow the pen or pencil to engage the fine grooves to force the drawing of straight and angled lines. The automatic pencil sharpener uses a 120mm long 0,5mm lead that feeds automatically as it is being used. The pencils always remain sharp while writing, even if dropped or pressed down hard. As a result, the pencils require no clicking or sharpening. Tel: 011 - 967 - 1300 Fax: 011 - 967 - 1200 PO Box 9303 Brentwood Park Benoni 1505 Adobe will be showing off a selection of its top of the range products which include solutions for page layout, illustration and page design, photo design and production, electronic publishing and Web authoring. Adobe software provides the desktop power to take the user beyond the realm of his or her imagination. It is available for both Macintosh and PC. Tel: 011 - 444 - 0225 Fax: 011 - 444 - 0233 PO Box 2067 Gallo Manor 2052 Ten years ago, Adobe Systems and Aldus Corporation developed the software that launched the desktop publishing revolution. In 1994, Aldus and Adobe merged to form Adobe Systems. The company is positioned to impact on how society creates visually rich information and distributes and manages that information in the digital age. Through broad licensing of key technologies and publication of PostScript language specifications, the company established PostScript as the industry standard imaging model for the printing of electronic documents. PostScript language was used to build a of world-renowned application products such as Photoshop, PageMaker, Illustrator and Acrobat. Adobe software is available across the Macintosh, Windows and Unix platform. Core products and technologies include a variety of pre-press products, Web authoring and management products, the configurable PostScript Interpreter (CPSI) for embedded control and host-based printing, the Display PostScript system, Adboe typeface and Type Manager software and application specific integrated circuits (ASICs). Adobe software is represented and distributed loclly across all operating platforms by Venture Computer Company. Tel:011 - 329 - 0909 Fax:011 - 974 - 2157 Private Bag x4002 Ferndale 2160 Advanced Flow Charts markets and supports software based productivity aids in order to help conceptualise, visualise and manage critical business processes and the use of the Internet. Four products will be demonstrated: allCLEAR for ultra fast flow chart creation; CLEARProcess for process analysis and improvement; CLEARweb for graphically displaying and publishing Internet Web sites; and TQM Toolkit for helping users control their quality implementation process. Tel: 011 - 706 - 7073 Fax: 011 - 706 - 7174 E-mail: Home page: PO Box 768 Sloane Park 2152 Advanced Knowledge Systems is a distributor of the Windows- developed CAD package MicroGDS professional. This package takes advantage of all the features that Windows offers such as Dynamic Data Exchange and Object Linking and Embedding. It is a full 3D design system that includes photo-realistic rendering and walk-through animation. The file structure allows for multi-user access to single drawing making it ideal for larger networked users, with a process that makes it accessible to any individual professional. It also includes an application development kit that gives access to the CAD database and commands via any Windows development language like C++ or Visual Basic. Tel: 011 - 886 - 2225 Fax: 011 - 789 - 5312 PO Box 52805 Saxonwold 2132 ADvTECH Training works with leading organisations, providing, implementing and supporting effective technology-based solutions to improve performance in the workplace. Courses are delivered via CD-ROM, diskette, local area network or video and are concentrated in four major areas: information processing skills - including client/server, enterprise systems, object-oriented technologies, networking and Unix; end user computing - training and work support systems for business applications; human resource development - practical, interactive courses that address productivity and performance issues; and adult basic education - comprehensive, computer-based courses that range from basic literacy and numeracy to science, quality and data skills. Tel:011 - 886 - 5100 Fax: 011 - 886 - 4512 PO box 2369 Randburg 2125 AllMicro is considered one of the largest worldwide manufacturers and distributors of PC diagnostics, trouble-shooting tools and utilities exclusively for the professional PC repair technician. The company's strategy to maintain its competitive edge in the marketplace, in addition to developing new products, is its commitment to the continual upgrade of existing products. In this way, as new technology and its inherent problems are introduced to the PC market, customers are provided with fast and workable solutions. The company's gross sales annually increase more than 35%, distributing in Europe, South America, africa, Asia and Australia. Tel: 011 - 823 - 5121 Fax: 011 - 826 - 7238 PO Box 1641 Boksburg 1467 Ambassador Training & Development is closely associated with the Microsoft Corporation. The companay recognises the need to provide the link between the Microsoft product and the user and ensures high quality, personalised training and support for all delegates. Courses are conducted at the company's training centre in the heart of Rosebank - restaurant lunches and refreshment included. Training is also conducted nationally at clients' premises for six or more delegates. Microsoft-endorsed certificates are issued on completion of courses and free on-going support is also available. Tel: 011 - 447 - 6726 Fax: 011 - 447 - 6729 PO Box 783069 Sandton 2146 Amcor is a premier supplier of spare parts and depot repairs to multi-vendor, third party and self-maintainers worldwide. The company's headquarters are in Fairfield, New Jersey USA. The specialises in printers. It supports both new and out of production equipment. Special sourcing and refurbishment processes are offered to save customers money on current product equipment and extend the support life for end of lifecycle equipment. The company provides customers with custom services such as labelling, packaging and consigned inventory management. The company will be offering an online order system via the Internet in late 1996. Tel: 201 - 575 - 5900 Fax: 201 - 575 - 8496 Ampkon supplies the following software: Microsoft, graphics, CAD, networking, accounting and general office automation. The company also provides system analysis support in addition to the supply and installation of products. Tel; 011 - 315 - 1000 Fax: 011 - 315 - 1569 PO Box 2387 Halfway House 1685 Apple Computer will be exhibiting at MacWorld. The company will be displaying its latest Internet server and connection software, to enable companies to market themselves across the Internet; showing new multimedia technologies like virtualreality software: and giving sneak previews of what the next version of the Mac operating system looks like. Other Apple software on show will include various Internet tools for authoring and delivery cross-platform, as well as latest Apple developments on the Internet. Tel: 011 - 784 - 0644 Fax: 011 - 784 - 0633 PO Box 784433 Sandton 2146 ATS supplies Data Ease, a relational database for DOS, OS12 and Windows. The product is easy to use and has quick reporting and powerful Data Query Language for rapid application development. Application development, consultancy and turn-key solution are built by the company's team of professionals. Tel: 011 - 886 - 1740 Fax: 011 - 886 - 1786 PO Box 52 Randburg 2125 ATTACHMATE Attachmate's Emissary Internet Software Office for Windows is the premier object-orientated solution for bridging the gap between the corporate network and the Internet. The product provides 'Intranet' and Internet access by combining world-class Windows VxD-based TCP/IP drivers with a single application that provides access to a wealth of information on the internet including WWW, E-mail, news, Telnet and more. Emissary insulates the user from the protocol and hassles usually associated with accessing information on the Internet. It allows users to maximise productivity, organise information by subject and work more easily with the information. Tel: 011 - 784 - 0414 Fax: 011 - 884 - 6134 PO Box 785213 Sandton 2146 AUTODESK Autodesk is the creator of AutoCAD and is one of the world's leading suppliers of computer-aided design (CAD) automation software. The company is the fourth largest PC software company in the world. The company develops, markets and supports a family of design automation and professional multimedia software including AutoCAD LT, 3D Studio, AutoCAD Designer, Autodesk WorkCenter and others. The company offers a range of software solutions for the building industry, documentation/data management and workflow, mechanical engineering, mining, civil engineering, GIS mapping, multimedia, education and many others. Tel: 011 - 315 - 3102 Fax: 011 - 315 - 1050 PO Box 7 Halfway House 1685 AUTOMATED REASONING Automated Reasoning, a member of the QData Group of Companies, is the sole supplier in South Africa of the only fully parametric 3D, feature-based solid modelling CAD/CAM package available in the world. Pro/ENGINEER is developed by Parametric Technology Corporation in Massachusettes, USA. Automated Reasoning markets and supports these fully integrated software products that automate the mechanical design-through-manufacturing process. The system's single data structure ensures design integrity by capturing changes made in any stage of the process and automatically updates the model and all associated design criteria. Product Data Management (through Pro/PDM and MANTA), Finite Element Analysis (through MECANICA) and Corrective Maintenance (through I-CAT) are other products supplied by Automated Reasoning. Based in Midrand with an office in Cape Town, the company is able to service a wide area in addition to providing full training and support for all products that is given by a staff qualified in the engineering field. Tel: 011 - 313 - 5420 Cell: 083 - 2664 - 265 Fax: 011 - 313 - 5100 Private Bag X48 Halfway House 1685 BARCAPE Barcape supplies the Agamic Bar Coder for Apple Mac encapsulated postscript files (EPSF) for importing by other applications. All symbologies are supported (in spec symbols). Tel: 021 - 45 - 6135 Fax: 021 - 45 - 5935 PO Box 13028 Sir Lowry Road 7900 BAR CODE SYSTEMS Bar Code Systems is an expert in the field of automatic identification and data capture. With a country-wide infrastructure and substantial international experience in this field, the company custom writes software to suit the needs of the client. The company provides a total solution to increase the efficiency of its clients' companies. Together with the software integration, the company provides a full range of hardware, peripherals, support and training. The company prides itself in keeping ahead of technology so as to provide the high quality service that is expected by its customers. Head office Tel: 011 - 886 - 9983 Fax: 011 - 886 - 9987 PO Box 38643 Pinelands 7430 BENCHMARK COMPUTER TRAINING Since 1987, Benchmark Computer Training has offered Windows and DOS application training to the corporate. The training centre has a flexible approach to the requirements of corporate business and is able to structure special courses to serve individual client requirements. The training centre is both a Microsoft and Lotus authorised training centre. The training environment is professional yet always friendly with the entire emphasis on its market being service related. It also offers a free telephone support service to all delegates after completion of a course. In order to ensure optimal lecturer/delegate rations, no more than eight delegates are accommodated on any of the courses. Tel: 011 - 887 - 1460 Fax: 011 - 887 - 1463 PO Box 64167 Highlands North 2037 BENTLEY SYSTEMS Bentley Systems, founded in 1984, is the developer of MicroStation and is one of the leaders in professional computer aided design products and services to engineering organisations where CAD is mission-critical. The company's MicroStation product range is relied upon by over 200 000 professional users and over 600 commercial application developers world-wide in architecture/engineering/ construction (AEC), geographic information systems (GIS), mining and mechanical design markets. The distributors for Bentley Systems are Ustation and Intertech. Tel: 011 - 886 - 3816 (Ustation) Fax: 011 - 787 - 9615 PO Box 3373 Randburg 2125 Intertech Tel: 011 - 313 - 1222 Fax: 313 - 313 - 1200 PO Box 4307 Halfway House 1685 BEST (formerly INFO DB COMPUTERS) Best (Business Enterprise Software Technologies), formerly Info DB Computers, is recognised as a turnkey solution provider and systems integrator in the South African market. The company offers seven software packages: Prophecy, the complete financial solution; FMMS (Facilities Maintenance Management System); Adage, regaining control in manufacturing and distribution; GQL (Graphical Query Language) a powerful query tool; PaBLO, an executive information system reporting tool; and PMW, one of the world's leading project management systems. Tel: 011 - 622 - 6705 Fax: 011 - 622 - 1410 PO Box 751273 Gardenview 2047 THE BOOK FACTORY The Book Factory, a division of one of South Africa's leading bookshop group, Facts & Fiction, specialises in the widest range and depth of new and discounted books. Brand new books, often on the shelves at The Book Factory for the first time in South Africa and occasionally for the first time in the world, retail on average 15% below the published recommended retail selling price. In line with this philosophy, the bookshop will be retailing computer books at 20% off the publishers recommended retail price. Also on display will be the bookshop's latest inroad into the multimedia market. Tel: 011 - 802 - 2662 Fax: 011 - 802 - 2610 PO Box 1687 Gallo Manor 2052 BORLAND INTERNATIONAL Borland International, founded in 1983, has its headquarters in Scott's Valley, California. It is one of the world's leading suppliers of developer and client/server tools for personal computers. The company is focused on delivering products and services that help developers and corporations. Its award-winning products are supported through programmes and services for developers, value added re-sellers, systems integrators, corporate customers and computer software retailers. Products include: Visual dBase, Paradox, Interbase Scaleable SQL Server, ReportSmith, Borland+++ and Delphi. Tel: 011 - 622 - 1635 Fax: 011 - 622 - 1534 PO Box 2102 Bedfordview 2008 BSW - CHANNELS BSW-Channels' Software Development Automation programme addressed most aspects of the software development process ranging from full support for the Shlaer-Mellor and OMT Object Oriented software development methodologies to software quality and performance enhancement tools, that is, the infrastructure required for today's sophisticated software engineering industry. Comprehensive onsite and offsite training, support and consultation services are available for the entire range of products. Short-term rental facilities are also available for products that focus on the improvement of software quality and performance improvement. Tel: 011 - 315 - 1610 Fax: 011 - 805 - 2148 Private Bag X35 Halfway House 1685 BUSINESSLAND Businessland provides visible training and visible support; giving you hands-on experience before you have to make any decisions. The company will help you ensure that your software is matched to your application whilst at the same time considering your future needs. It is these policies that help the company to ensure that the product is a reality and not an abstract promise. The company has one of the biggest ranges of software packages in the country and has sales consultants that are trained to understand practical computer business applications. Tel: 011 - 788 - 4715 Fax: 011 - 880 - 1061 PO Box 52203 Saxonwold 2132 CADDIE Caddie is the developer, distributor and support structure for the highly successful computer aided design (CAD) software used by architects, mechanical and civil engineers as well as surveyors and electrical engineers. Caddie is available under Windows in both entry level and professional versions. Tel: 011 - 315 - 4340 Fax: 011 - 315 - 4349 PO Box 3956 Halfway House 1685 CALIFORNIA OFFICE OF EXPORT DEVELOPMENT The California Office of Export Development assists California businesses to promote their products and services in the international marketplace. The company has organised a California Pavilion at Computer Faire & Bexa '96 comprised of twelve California computer firms. These firms are represented by senior management and are looking for partners, distributors and dealers for their products in South Africa. Tel: 310 - 590 - 5965 Fax: 310 - 590 - 5958 One World Trade Center Suite 990 Long Beach Califormia 90831 - 0990 CAMI MATHEMATICS Cami Mathematics is a specialist in mathematics software for schools. The company started its own computerised maths school in 1984, teaching maths to children from pre-school age to matric. Schools suffer from a lack of time, If one is to assume that a child will spend at least one period per week in the computer centre and that there are 40 weeks of schooling per year, then it is clear that a child will only get 20 hours of computer time per year. The company therefore aims to increase productivity of the software in order to ensure the optimum use of computers in the school environment. Tel: 011 - 476 - 2020 Fax: 011 - 476 - 6842 PO Box 1200 Florida 1710 CATSOFT (UK) Catsoft UK is a specialist in PC-based fixed asset management software. The company offers the complete solution for managing fixed assets. On show will be the Windows versions of AssetPro and AssetAuditor. AssetPro caters for all financial reporting requirements while AssetAuditor uses barcode and scanning technology to ensure rapid and accurate physical verification. These products are widely used by companies both in the private and public sectors. As one of the leading suppliers of asset management software, the company invites enquiries from end-users, dealers or distributors in order to establish its products in South Africa. Tel:44 - 1727 - 851 - 648 Fax:44 - 1727 - 848 - 760 New Barnes Mill Cotton Mill Lane St Albans UK AL1 2AH CHARTER COMPUTER TRAINING Charter Computer Training offers nationwide training on all major desktop operating platforms and applications. The company is able to customise its services to suit major corporations or private individuals. It offers hands on lecture-based training in modern facilities with individuals work material under license to companies with their own training facilities. The company, as an authorised training centre for Microsoft, Lotus, Borland, Harvard Graphics and Apple, also offers an Instructor Training Workshop for companies wishing to upgrade or to train staff on new applications. Tel: 011 - 444 - 2887 Fax: 011 - 444 - 4634 PO Box 559 Wendywood 2144 CMS CMS sells and supports Information Technology (IT) products via highly focused business units that operate in well-defined niche markets. It is involved in four main lines of business: storage, telecommunications and support services. The company offers support services that provide after-sales maintenance and support to customers' data centre facilities. Tel: 011 - 789 - 2505 Fax: 011 - 886 - 2843 PO Box 784013 Sandton 2146 CODE & SCAN TECHNOLOGIES Code & Scan Technologies distributes Axicon bar code equipment, designed and made in the United Kingdom. The company offers a high level of technical support and service to symbology, equipment and application queries. The company's product range consists of the following: verification - a broad range of analyzer bar code verification equipment; readers, decoders and data capture - a complete family of bar code scanning and decoding solutions for all applications; and bar code label printers - the Axicon-Ring range of thermal transfer printers and associated software packages that provide the ideal solution to any bar code labelling requirement. Tel: 021 - 686 - 7423 Fax: 021 - 686 - 7424 PO Box 415 Rondebosch 7700 COMMUNICATION IN ACTION Communication in Action is an authorised Lotus training centre with expertise in all Lotus packages, Microsoft Office and Windows. The company is involved in the following activates: provides specialist support, training and evelopment on Maximizer and Winfax Pro; does programming in Visual Basic Access and Approach; and is a solution provider for template development spreadsheet macros and Windows application interconnectivity. Tel: 011 - 463 - 1116 Fax: 011 - 463 - 2345 PO Box 2077 Rivonia 2128 COMPACT DISC TECHNOLOGIES Compact Disc Technologies, the only CD anufacturing plant in Africa, celebrated its fifth year of operation in February 1996. Current production of music CD's represents more than 85% of the domestic retail market. The company's recent achievement of the SABS ISO 9002 quality listing emphasises the company's commitment to quality. Recognising the demand for a quick and ost-effective one-stop CD replication service, expansion of the plant this year includes installation of the Nimbus-Halliday Mastering System. This will benefit the multimedia industry in particular. The purchase of additional equipment will increase the company's annual production capacity to 22 million units. Tel: 011 - 315 - 4061 Fax: 011 - 315 - 4404 PO Box 3495 Halfway House 1685 COMPLUS COMPUTING ComPlus Computing is a division of FastCAD SA. The company is involved in supplying and nstalling CAD systems, including hardware and large format printers to small and medium sized businesses. The company offers the choice of various CAD packages to address the needs of the market With the recent release of TurboCAD 3.0 for Windows 95, the company sees that this product has power and is packed with features usually available in much more expensive programmes. The company offers training and technical support for TurboCAD 3.0. Training programmes are also offered for EasyCAD and FastCAD at present. Tel: 011 - 450 - 1323 Fax: 011 - 450 - 1323 3rd Floor Helvetia Greenvale Road Wilbart Edenvale COMPU-BYTE The Compu-Byte Point of Sale software is written and developed in South Africa. There are currently over 600 installations in Africa. The strength of this package leas in its modular structure which allows modifications on the package during installation. The package can be used in restaurants (recipes), take-aways, supermarkets (barcoding), shoe shops (size matrix), boutiques, dry-cleaners (jobcards and specialised tagging), spare shops and any environment that requires high speed and easy access processing. Apart from simplicity of use, this package utperforms any product locally available in speed, efficiency and programmes features. Tel: 011 - 728 - 6164 Fax: 011 - 728 - 1684 PO Box 1975 Houghton 2045 COMPUTER CONSULTING SERVICES CORPORATION Computer Consulting Services Corporation, based in Atlanta USA, has earned reputation as an employer of the most outstanding computer taken from around the globe. This reputation has been built upon the rofessionalism and work ethic of its employees in whom the company takes great pride and who are currently on assignment in many countries around the world, including the USA, Australia, Canada, Russia and Europe. The Johannesburg branch has consistently provided its international list of blue chip clients with first-class South African consultants who gain exposure in a variety of advanced computer environments, while enjoying the security of permanent employment and a dependable income. Tel: 011 - 884 - 9010/1 Fax: 011 - 884 - 6260 PO Box 650188 Benmore 2010 COMPUTING SERVICES & SOFTWARE ASSOCIATION Computing Services & Software Association (CSSA) is the leading industry association of UK computing, software and services companies. The not-for-profit organisation represents 75% of the industry by turnover. Two of the Association's main objectives are to promote growth in the marketplace and to provide a voice for the industry. The Association also works with Trade Fair support to provide government-funded support for overseas exhibitions. Tel: 44 - 171 - 405 - 2171 Fax: 44 - 171 - 404 - 4119 Hanover House 73/74 High Holborn WC1V 6LE UK COMPUTER SUPERSTORE Computer Superstores, a division of the Pinnacle Group whoosh was nominated as the top PC distributor in South Africa for 1995, has been established at the Hill Fox Power Centre, Weltevredenpark, in December 1994. Owing to vast expansion and demand, the company is now able to offer services in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Bloemfontein, Welkom, Vanderbijlpark and will be opening branches in Pretoria, Boksburg and Randburg. The company supplies and supports systems such as Proline, Compaq, Aopen, ICL, Packard Bell, Altima and all the known computer brands available. The company also stocks prominent product lines from Hewlett Packard, Panasonic, Epson, Canon, Brother and Citizen as well as various software products such as Microsoft, Pastel, Lotus and CorelDraw. Focused technical divisions with well equipped workshops supply all types of services such as repairs, upgrades and support as well as networking. Tel: 011 - 475 - 0311 Fax: 011 - 475 - 0356 Hill Fox Power Centre Hendrik Potgieter Roodepoort Software, Services && Training CONCORD TRAINING MEDIA COOPERS & LYBRAND COMPUTER SER. CORE APPLICATIONS CORE BUSINESS, THE COREL CORPORATION CR-INTERACTIVE CSIR INFORMATIONTEK CSS DISTRIBUTORS CSS NETWORKING CSS OPEN SYSTEMS CSS WORKSTATION TECHNOLOGIES DAMELIN COMPUTER SCHOOL DATA SPEC DATA VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS DESTINY ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING DIAGNOSTIC FINANCIAL INFORMATION DIGIFONE DYNAMIC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS EASYSOFT ECO-PROJECTS EDUTAIN TECHNOLOGIES EIKON SOFTWARE ELITE COMPUTERS ENGINEERING DATA SYSTEMS SA EPI-USE SYSTEMS EXCLUSIVE BOOKS FASTDRAFT FIRST NATIONAL BANK FOAMPAK FORCE COMPUTER EDUCATION FUTURE MEDIA FUTURE SIGHT G2 SYSTEMS GAS SOFTWARE THE GEM INTERNET CO GEOGRAPHIC INFO MANAGEMENT SYS. GOALDATA GOLDTRON LIMITED S.A. GRAPHIC IMAGE TECHNOLOGIES HIRSCH PRESENTATIONS SYSTEMS HRK POINT OF SALE SYSTEMS IKAT COMPUTING CONCORD TRAINING MEDIA Concord Training Media is the sole countrywide distributor of the interactive Software Video Tutor for software training in a Windows environment (for example, Windows '95, Excel 5.0, Word 6.0, Lotus 5.0). The full Microsoft and Lotus Smartsuite are also available. Many large and small organisations use the oftware Video Tutor, both in and out of the classroom, as their only means of software training. The quality, content and format have proven to be a cost-effective, timesaving and user-friendly form of training. Each Software Video Tutor includes a facilitator Guide, disks, index card and a learning (where necessary) to ensure thorough, interactive hands on training. Head office Tel: 021 - 531 - 2923 Fax: 021 - 531 - 2944 PO Box 721 Howard Place 7450 COOPERS & LYBRAND COMPUTER SERVICES Coopers & Lybrand Computer Services pecialises in consultation of financial accounting systems in the DOS, Windows and Open System Environment. The company offers a variety of computer training and has been approved as an authorised training centre for the following products: Microsoft, Lotus, Novell, Pastel, Brilliant and AccPac. The company is also the only authorised Compaq training centre in the RSA. Tel; 011 - 802 - 2182 Fax: 011 - 802 - 2611 PO Box 786691 Sandton 2146 CORE BUSINESS, THE The Core Business is the official distributor of all Macromedia, Fractal Design and Ashlar Vellum products in South Africa. Macromedia offers powerful authoring tools for the interactive environment and multimedia production. Other software packages include the ability to do presentations, 3D rendering, modelling and animation as well as illustration and sound editing. Fractal Design allows the user to product computer generated realistic artwork using their atural-media paint programme. With Ashlar Vellum 3D CAD applications have never been easier, All software is available for the Apple Macintosh as well as PCs. Tel: 011 - 476 - 8114 Fax: 011 - 476 - 8261 Unit 1 Bagely Office Park Bagely Terrace Northcliff 2115 CORE APPLICATIONS Core Applications publishes PC Magazine Southern Africa and PC Week Executive Edition Southern Africa. Tel: 011 - 807 - 1294 Fax: 011 - 807 - 1299 PO Box 501 Rivonia 2128 COREL CORPORATION Corel Corporation has a new range of products that includes: 32 bit versions of Corel PerfectOffice, Corel WordPerfect, Corel Quattro, Corel Presentations, CorelDRAW 6, CorelGRAPHICS PACK, Corel PrintHOUSE, CorelXARA, Corel FLOW 3, CorelWEB.GALLERY, Corel.WEB.DATA, CorelWEB.DESIGNER, CorelVIsual CAD, Corel VENTURA 6, plus the Corel Home Series amongst others. Tel: 613 - 728 - 8200 ext 1240 Fax: 613 - 761 - 7790 1600 carling Avenue Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1Z 8R7 CR-INTERACTIVE CR-Interactive is a young, dynamic and motivated company exclusively involved in the distribution of CD-ROMs throughout southern Africa. There are three facets to the range of titles that the company distributes: high-end research nd information; consumer edutainment, education and reference; and DTP and graphics tools. The company will be displaying and promoting its award-winning PhotoDisc range of CD-ROMs for use with PC and mac) each containing superior quality digital stock photographs. PhotoDisc is compatible with most DTP and graphics programmes is a winner of numerous awards, among them, the 1995 MacUser Editor's choice winner for best New Graphics Resource. Tel: 011 - 622 - 5872 Fax: 011 - 622 - 5241 PO box 40767 Cleveland 2022 CSIR INFORMATIONTEK As a division of the CSIR, Informationtek provides its clients in the business and public sectors and local communities with a comprehensive range of information products and services. Clients are offered relevant information in the format that they need it, when they need it. This means offering access to electronic information, finding or delivering hardcopy information on behalf of clients or turning clients' existing data into useful information as a basis for effective decision-making. Toll free: 0800 032000 PO Box 395 Pretoria 0001 CSS DISTRIBUTORS CSS Distributors sells the following software products: DOS-based software, networking software, Novell networking software and operating systems. In addition, the company is a Novell training centre. Tel: 012 - 661 - 4970 Fax: 012 - 661 - 4984 Private Bag 8212 Hennopsmeer 0046 CSS NETWORKING CSS Networking specialises in the provision and installation of total solution networks to the general computer market. It is the sole importer and distributor of the full range of D-link and Whittaker Communications Networking Hardware and Software products. The company was appointed an Intel Advanced Network Reseller. It operates a registered Novell training and test centre in Gauteng with branches in the Cape and Natal. Installations include the following: complete design, supply, installation and commissioning of large and small Novell/NT/Unix TCP/IP applications distributed networks involving numerous fileservers, hundreds of workstations and kilometres of cabling. The company is capable of supplying complete back-up and support for all its installations. Tel: 012 - 661 - 4970 Fax: 012 - 661 - 4983 Private Bag 8212 Hennopsmeer 0046 CSS OPEN SYSTEMS CSS Open Systems specialises in the provision of Unix and NT-based multi-user business systems to the South African corporate market. It holds the sole distributorship for Data General and has established itself as one of the Unix suppliers to government, local authorities, the automotive industry and hospitals in southern Africa. Data General Corporation manufactures Midrange of large mission critical enterprise servers and storage systems with high availability features for medium to large installation where continuous system availability is critical. Systems are Intel Pentium and Pentium Pro based. Tel: 012 - 661 - 4970 Fax: 012 - 661 -4982 Private Bag 8212 Hennopsmeer 0046 CSS WORKSTATION TECHNOLOGIES CSS Workstation Technologies is the master distributor for Hummingbird and is sub-distributor for SunSoft in South Africa. The company is focused on Intranet/Internet solutions. Hummingbird specialises in PC-Unix integration software. It software is divided into three categories, namely: Exceed, the worldwide market leader in X Server; Maestro, a range of NFS and TCP/IP products for Microsoft products; and Columbus, a second generation Internet Browser with integrated management and Web publishing capabilities. Tel: 012 - 661 - 4970 Fax: 012 - 661- 4984 E-mail: Private Bag 8212 Hennopsmeer 0046 DAMELIN COMPUTER SCHOOL Damelin Computer School offers training in three main areas: products - short, intensive skills in the popular packages; diplomas - longer part-time courses where whole office suites, technical or programming subjects are taught; and full-time courses for school leavers - PC engineering, software support, graphics and animation, business computing, secretarial and computer skills. Tel: 011 - 403 - 4121 Fax: 011 - 403 - 2986 PO Box 32167 Braamfontein 2017 DATA SPEC Data Spec, established in 1988, is and importer and distributor of computer components. The company's product, range includes the following: Astra mainboards (486 VESA, 486 PCI, Pentium); CPUs and memory products; VGA cards, network cards, monitors and keyboards; casing, multimedia, hard drives and stiffy drives; and modems amongst others. Tel: 011 - 395 - 1840 Fax: 011 - 395 - 1732 PO Box 9578 Brentwood Park Benoni 1505 DATA VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS Data Video Communications has been involved in projection sales for the past 12 years and has become expert in this field. The company is currently the official importer and African distributor of the SAYETT range of LCD panels and projectors. As the top SAYETT distributor in the world for the past three years, the company prides itself in reliable and efficient customer service. In addition, it has recently been awarded the agency for Unic projectors that will change staging and giant screen projections. Tel: 011 - 462 - 3231 Fax: 011 - 462 - 1230 PO Box 416 Northriding 2162 DESTINY ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING Destiny Electronic Publishing provides turn-key solutions supported by effective process analysis and a highly experienced multimedia development team to enhance performance in the business environment. The company's gateway applications include: training and education, stakeholder communication, sales order fulfilment, distributed information management and gateway navigation. Through the integration of text, graphics, sound, animation and video, the company has a dynamic solution for companies. Tel: 011 - 315 - 7720 Fax: 011 - 315 - 7434 PO Box 5854 Halfway House 1685 DIAGNOSTIC FINANCIAL INFORMATION Diagnostic Financial Information will be exhibiting the following products: Cash Focus -comprehensive budgeting andcash flow projections for any business environment that provides complete reporting, consolidations, ratios, roll-overs, multiple currencies as well as facilitating budget monitoring and reviews; Insight - financial analysis software for better business decisions, what-if analysis, target cash flow, profit, returns, business value as well as highlighting the impact of change; and Strategic Focus - strategic level financial analysis software based on value creation principles, free cash flow as well as providing facilities for budgeting, planning, valuations and comparing strategies. Tel: 011 - 886 - 3385 Fax: 011 - 886 - 1786 PO Box 641066 Highlands North 2037 DIGIFONE Digifone was formed four years to address the transaction automation market. It is said to be the only company of its kind on the continent that deals exclusively in this area and because of this, currently has fourteen banks and financial institutions as its regional customer base. Digifone's product range consists of the following distributorships: Tandem Non-Stop OLTP Servers and Integrity Unix servers; Verifone Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Service (EFTPOS) Products; Applied Communications Incorporated (ACI) Financial Systems (Level 2); Ungermann-Bass Networking and communications Products; and Gemplus Smart Card Distributor. In addition, the company is a member of the Smart Card Society of southern Africa. Tel: 263 - 4 - 700 - 781/4 Fax:263 - 4 - 792 - 336 E-mail: 11th Floor Causeway Building Central Avenue PO Box CY1549 DYNAMIC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS Dynamic Identification Systems offers off-the-shelf PC-based software, hardware and labels for identification of components, sub-assemblies, enclosures and final products. Specialised materials designed for performance under extreme conditions are available for the electronic, telecommunications automotive and most industrialised sectors. Materials include white and metallised polyester, vinyl, cloth, paper and high temperature Kapton plus tamper evident polyester, vinyl and holograms. Material choice is application specific and expert advice is available. Text, graphics and symbology is clear without smearing, erasing or fading under adverse chemical and environmental conditions including humidity and UV light. The company also supports a wide range of scanning equipment. Tel: 011 - 886 - 0307 Fax: 011 - 789 - 3913 PO Box 4581 Randburg 2125 EASYSOFT EasySoft has a ten year history of writing stock market programmes and has developed the highly successful DOS-based systems of Market Master and ShareFinder. With its permanent software development team here in South Africa, the company ensures that its programmes are updated on a regular basis. The company has just launched the top of the range Market Explorer which is a Windows-based programme designed specifically for the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The company has also been involved in developing the INDS downloaded system which has a dedicated communication line that allows information from the JSE to be downloaded in just over 30 seconds. Tel: 031 - 28 - 3227 Fax: 031 - 28 - 3227 PO Box 37997 Overport 4067 ECO-PROJECTS A leader in the South African field of computerised productivity systems, Eco-Projects supplies a turn-key solution for the efficient and effective control and capture of the employees' presence and activity in the workplace. The company supplies the Ecotime Suite of software that incorporates time and attendance, access control and labour costing packages in one integrated shell. It provides both onsite support and training as well as a telephonic helpline. The company's ACCTME product electronically controls entry and exit at premises, as well as the flow of people within areas requiring stringent control. Paytime and Jobtime, PC-based systems, enable employees use a staff identity card to clock their start and stop times for work as well as to register for the job to which they are being costed. Tel: 011 - 886 - 7808 Fax: 011 - 886 - 7868 PO Box 2183 Pinegowrie 2123 EDUTAIN TECHNOLOGIES Edutain Technologies is a distributor of multimedia peripherals in addition to offering professional service and support on all its product lines. The company's product range includes the following: Funschool Range - UK educational software, based on local curriculum, that includes a range of primary school packages filled with graphics, animations and various activities pertaining to maths, spelling and perception amongst other skills; SCI - music instruction packages; Midisoft - a range of midi, composing and editing music on lower as well as higher levels; Gold Disk - multimedia authoring on entry level (Studio M) and higher levels (Astound and Instant Multimedia), animations, music, stills and video is simple to incorporate into any presentation; Video Director - video tape editing made easy without having to digitise the video; Video CD - movies, educational and special interest videos running under MPEG technology; Training - Adobe Premiere video expertise offered to beginners as well as special effects and animation made simple; and DAC Easy - accounting made simple and affordable. Tel: 011 - 882 - 1735 Fax: 011 - 882 - 2200 PO Box 890987 Lyndhurst 2106 EIKON SOFTWARE Eikon Software, part of the world-wide ICL and Fujitsu group of companies, is a leading supplier of accounting and object oriented development software. The company will be exhibiting the following: Leading Object Oriented Technologies in the C++ and Smalltalk environment. It is the sole distributor of: ObjectStore, a leader in object databases; Objectory, an object oriented methodology comprising a technique and integrated tool set for systems development and business process re-engineering; Rational Rose, a graphical software engineering tool which supports object oriented analysis and design; Orbix, a leading object request broker; and Utah, a GUI builder. The company will also be exhibiting Dynamics, an accounting software package. Tel: 011 - 233 - 5500 Fax: 011 - 233 - 5048 PO Box 3467 Rivonia 2128 ELITE COMPUTERS Elite Computers, established in 1986, is a retail company that targets the corporate market. The company supplies, supports and maintains off the shelf and customer-designed and developed software. One of the company's current systems is a fully automated time and payroll system. In addition, the company also provides consulting services and offsite training. Tel: 011 - 849 - 7127/43 Fax: 011 - 425 - 2676 PO Box 13981 Northmead 1511 ENGINEERING DATA SYSTEMS SA Engineering Data Systems SA was formed in 1983 with the sole purpose of specialising in the sales and services of Uninterruptible Power Supplies. With the biggest range of UPSs in the country, the company can provide solutions to all power problems from the smallest home PCs to the largest factory machinery. With the optional available software for the UPS, data will never be lost. Tel: 011 - 496 - 1402 Fax: 011 - 496 - 1047 Corner Northern Parkway and Gold Reefs Roads Ormonde EPI-USE SYSTEMS EPI-USE Systems is involved in the following activities: Lexica - text translation for the major African and European languages; Human Resources - SAP R/3 payroll and Human resources consulting; communication networks - network and systems management integration and R/3 basis consulting; object oriented programming technology; and financial consulting services - SAP R/3 Systems. Tel: 012 - 348 - 2700/1 Fax: 012 - 348 - 2700/1 PO Box 36453 Menlo Park 0102 EXCLUSIVE BOOKS Exclusive Books is a general bookseller. Each of the company's shops includes a Computer Section with current manuals that cover the most popular languages, applications and operating systems. The company accepts customer order for on-stock titles, subject to availability. Head office Tel: 011 - 789 - 5555 Fax: 011 - 789 - 6462 PO Box 7724 Johannesburg 2000 FASTDRAFT FastDRAFT provides total business solutions and bureau services in DTP, database, GIS, CAD and video. The company also offers complete software and hardware systems, installation, installation, training, consultancy support services and programming. The company is able to assist its clients and ustomers in the following: AutoCAD; Enviromine - integrated mining applications that allow for exploration, production, calculation, planning and development in mining; Municipal Management System - practical, affordable and complete municipal modules for cadastral, electronic, pavement, water and sewer management; GIS - Braby's Intelligent Maps with one GIS spatial database for southern, central and eastern Africa' and multimedia - Autodesk multimedia with 3D Studio and Animator Studio software, Touch Vision with double vision video editing software, Digimation, Schreiber and IPAS Yost Group. Tel: 011 - 787 - 1183/4 011 - 886 - 1980 Fax: 011 - 787 - 9798 PO Box 31318 Braamfontein 2017 FIRST NATIONAL BANK First National Bank provides multi-faceted financial services from its more than 620 branches throughout southern Africa. A world leader in the application of IT to banking, it was named by ComputerWorld s one of the Top 100 IT using companies in the world. The exhibition stand will include: RNB Smartbox, a patented, tamper-proof cash handling and transport system; international and national online cash management systems; biometric access control systems; electronic banking; Cash Paymaster Service, mobile pension and wage payments; Speedpoint, POS terminals; Smart Cards, secure cashless electronic payments; VideoBank, online personal banking services; mobile banking services; and a range of money transmission terminals for ticket issuing, wages and electricity and service payments. Tel: 011 - 371 - 3711 Fax: 011 - 371 - 2314 PO Box 62164 Marshalltown 2107 FOAMPAK Foampak is a specialised packaging company that manufactures small quantities of customised foam-lined cartons for sensitive items in transit. There are over 100 standard sizes which can be die-cut and printed with company details. The company also manufactures a range of promotional items, specialising in small quantities of quality customised mousepads with prices averaging about R10,00 per pad. Tel: 011 - 786 - 2475 Fax: 011 - 786 - 2497 PO Box 637 Bramley 2018 FORCE COMPUTER EDUCATION Force Computer Education is a publisher of locally-developed educational software that follows the South African school syllabus. The Maths Story is a pre-school to Standard 5 mathematics development programme that uses full colour and animation. Woel met Wiskunde is the equivalent Afrikaans medium mathematics programme. An English Story is an interactive reading and language programme. These programmes are used in over 100 schools and are also available to home users, including version on CD-ROM with sound. Tel: 012 - 662 - 2858 Fax: 012 - 662 - 2858 PO Box 510 Pretoria 0001 FUTURE MEDIA Future Media, one of South Africa's leading suppliers of professional presentation equipment, prides itself in on its ability to provide sales and service expertise anywhere in southern Africa. The company is based in the new Future Media office in Midrand. This specially designed building includes a sophisticated showroom and training facility in which clients are invited to see demonstrations of presentation equipment and systems. A variety of systems and technologies are installed side-by-side to give clients an opportunity to make informed decisions. Tel: 011 - 805 - 0800 Fax: 011 - 805 - 0896 PO Box 4923 Halfway House 1685 FUTURE SIGHT Future Sight is a distributor and systems integrator. The company specialises in the utilization of ISDN to provide low cost wide area networks to a variety on industries. With specialists on all major platforms including Macintosh, PC and Unix based stations and expertise in Novell, Apple, Unix and OS2. The company has supplied the ISDN Uplink from the Novell stand and will be demonstrating ISDN Access to the Internet through the exhibition. The company also distributes Xante (!!Need accent on e) printers, 4-Sight Remote Printing Solutions, SCII ISDN solutions and Euronis Video Conferencing. It provides a one-stop shop for anyone requiring a low cost wide area network. Tel: 012 - 663 - 1628/9 Fax: 012 - 663 - 6350 PO Box 7815 Hennopsmeer 0046 G2 SYSTEMS G2 Systems specialises in supplying to the pre-press industry . The company offers a total system solution to the end user which includes the installations and training in running a pre-press or repro house. Front end systems include sole distributors of the Scan View range of desktop drum scanners and flatbed scanners. The company is also an authorised dealer for all Apple Macintosh computers and printers as well as an authorised dealer for the Agfa range of magesetters and RIPs, colour proofers and all graphic arts film and chemicals. Tel: 011 - 476 - 5743/4 Fax: 011 - 476 - 6044 PO Box 73888 Fairland 2030 GAS SOFTWARE Gas Software specialises in the supply and maintenance of anti-virus and groupware software. The company's product, F-Prot, the anti-virus product, provides proactive protection against infection of known document and file viruses. Vineyard, the groupware product is a visual nformation manager for Workgroups. It is used for contact management, personnel management, administration and other departments who share information. The company supports and services an extensive client base including major corporates, state organisations and software retail and dealer companies. Tel: 011 - 886 - 3757 Fax: 011 - 886 - 1109 PO box 142 Randburg 2125 THE GEM INTERNET CO GEM prides itself on service excellence and product quality. Networking ie the company's speciality incorporating IntraNet solutions across multiple platforms. The company provides complete hardware and software solutions and is a certified reseller for the CISCO range of routers. The GEMScape starter kit is available at R199.00. GemScape includes two months free Internet access, a licensed copy of Netscape 2.0, a host of free utilities and a detailed, easy-to-use Internet users' guide. In addition, the company has 28.8 Microcom modems that it maintains at 20 to 1 (user to modem ratio) that ensures fast, hassle free connections as well as the first integrated shopping mall in South Africa which provides an attractive retial solution to companies looking to tap into the huge resources of the Internet. Tel: 011 - 792 - 6083 Cell: 082 - 411 - 6973 Fax: 011 - 792 - 6763 GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Geographic Information Management Systems seeks to maintain and reinforce its position as the leading specialist geographic information systems (GIS) house in Africa. Offering a comprehensive implementation and support to the desktop, professional and information systems market. It has been structured into several independent business units that handle consulting, projects, support, training, data capture and sales covering GIS, remote sensoring and soft photogrammetry. The company's sales team specialises in the sale and supply of both hardware and software for GIS and GIS-related systems. In particular, the sales unit distributes: ARC/INFO - a GIS product developed by ESRI of California, USA; PC ARC/INFO - a desktop GIS display and query product from ESRI; ArcCad - an integrated solution that links ARC/INFO and AutoCAD; ERDAS - image processing software; CadCore, a PC and workstation-based line following raster vectorisation package; Spatial database engine (SDE) - a product for the information systems market; hardware; and GIS data. Tel: 011 - 315-0390 Fax: 011- 315-0395 P O Box 652 Halfway house 1685 GOALDATA Goaldata provides high-end fax applications for the NT platform with RightFax, Facsys and Zetafax products. On Windows platform 3.11 and '95 receive and manage faxes using Winfax Pro 4 and 7 respectively. Full network versions are also available. The company's product range includes: ymantec Cyberjack 7.0 that works with an existing account and accesses the full power of the Internet using Windows'95; Symantec Commsuite is a full Windows '95 solution that combines Winfax Pro version 7, Symantec Cyberjack and Wincomm Pro; and Cardiff Teleform, a forms processing package with accurate recognition capabilities, that identifies, interprets and stores form data. The company also distributes a range of telephony equipment. Tel: 011 - 883 - 1025 Fax: 011 - 783 - 9015 PO Box 55466 Northlands 2116 GOLDTRON LIMITED S.A. Goldtron, a Singaporean-based company established a subsidiary branch in South Africa in September 1994. The company is a wide-based electronics company that manufactures and distributes its own proprietary products. The company's product range includes: Goldtron 486 DX 4-100 and Pentium 75 computer systems with multimedia kit. The company also manufactures 3.5" micro floppy diskettes, namely the Double Sided High Density, Double Density and a new range of Goldtron multi-Fungus Resistance 2HD (The company provides a life time warranty on its stiffies). Goldtron VHS video cassettes are distributed throughout South Africa with a 12 month warranty. Tel: 011 - 708 - 2535 Fax: 011 - 708 - 2501 PO Box 3841 Randburg 2125 GRAPHIC IMAGE TECHNOLOGIES Graphic Image Technologies specialises in the latest imaging, multimedia and MPEG Digital Video Technology. The company's expertise extends into the areas of video imaging, database technology, multimedia delivery systems as well as fully networked integrated kiosk systems conforming to standards that will carry through to the next century. The company also distributes a leading range of multimedia products. Applications for these products extend to: networked information kiosk development and design; MPEG digital video; computer-based training; presentations; and electronic brochures (touch-screen information-based systems). In addition, the company offers a range of bureau and consultancy services which include: software distribution, storyboarding, presentation building, disk mailers, screen design and application prototyping, fully networked/stand-alone kiosk systems, electronic brochures, application development, CD-ROM titles/applications, MPEG and AVI digital video encoding, CD-ROM mastering and image scanning. Tel: 011 - 880 - 2168 011 - 880 - 3907 Fax: 011 - 788 - 5136 PO Box 52018 Saxonwold 2132 HIRSCH PRESENTATIONS SYSTEMS Hirsch Presentations Systems South Africa is the sole distributor of customised corporate mousepads from the renowned Austrian company, Hirsch. This customised corporate promotional medium, in the form of a mousepad, can be designed with individual colours, motifs, logos and shapes. The company has also gone one step further by introducing frangranced and liquid-filled mousepads. Many world-wide companies like IBM, Siemens Nixdorf, ICL and others have already begun using the company's mousepads. The company also specialises in other plastic related products such as coasters, desk mats, quotation folders and credit card holders amongst others. Tel: 011 - 803 - 0754 Fax: 011 - 803 - 3826 PO Box 786640 Sandton 2146 HRK POINT OF SALE SYSTEMS HRK's software department writes point-of-sale software and back office systems. The company has developed point-of-sale equipment that is totally PC-standard technology and utilises security and operational features not available on any other PC-based system of its type. The technical division, manned by an experienced and highly qualified staff, installs, maintains and services the company's systems country-wide. Tel: 011 - 444 - 8508 Fax: 011 - 444 - 8322 PO Box 651119 Benmore 2010 IKAT COMPUTING IKAT Computing was established to develop, market and support systems aimed at the medical, dental and related fields. The company's products are marketed under the names MedIKAT (medical GP's), Dental Kit (dentists), Physio Kit, Anaesthetics Kit and Surgical Kit amongst others. The company is also a general purpose supplier of business and multimedia systems to corporations as well as the general public. Its latest product is the My-G-NIE, a multimedia system combining a Pentium/Windows PC, a TV set, CD-Video, CD-Audio, phone answering machine, mini hi-fi etc in an integrated unit designed to be used out of the box. Tel: 011 - 433 - 2031 Fax: 011 - 433 - 3581 PO Box 2237 Southdale 2135 Software, Services && Training IMAGE SCANNING TECHNOLOGY IMSI SOUTH AFRICA INCREDIBLE CONNECTION INFOACTIVE INTEGRATED ENGINEERING SYSTEMS INTELLIGENCE MAGAZINE INTER COMPUTER INTERNATIONAL THOMSON PUBLISHING IRONBRIDGE GROUP, THE IT MEDIA KEYMARK MEDIA LA TECHNOLOGY LAYOUT SOUTHERN AFRICA LeCLUB INTERNET ACCESS LINKSTAR LOGOS INFORMATION SYSTEMS MACOLA SOUTH AFRICA MAIZEY MANAGEMENT PLANNING SYSTEMS MAPINFO (SCAN) MASTERSKILL TRAINING MECAD SYSTEMS MEDIA SOFTWARE DISTRIBUTORS MICRO 2000 EUROPE MICROSOFT SA MIDCOMP M-R SYSTEMS MULTICARD NEOTEC MARKETING NIIT OMNIPLUS OPEN SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT OPTICAL ONLINE MEDIA OPTIONS IN TRAINING PASTEL SOFTWARE P.C. DEVELOPMENTS PCL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 0PERESOFT SOFTWARE & SUPPORT IMAGE SCANNING TECHNOLOGY Image Scanning technology specialises in the scanning of engineering drawings and maps from paper, film or microfilm and the conversion of scanned images to vector format. Together with its subsidiary in Cape Town, the company has three A0 size scanners, two A4 colour scanners and a microfilm/aperture card scanner. Other activities undertaken by the company are the sale of Contex large document scanners, Wicks and Wilson aperture card scanners and the full range of Softdesk imaging products. Among these products are: ViewBase for archiving scanned drawings and CAD files in a FoxPro database; CADOverlay ESP for editing drawings in AutoCAD or converting them into AutoCAD drawing files; CADOverlay GSX for greyscale and colour images; RAStation R2V for automatic raster to vector conversion; and RAStation EDIT for raster editing. Apart from providing a scanning bureau service and software and equipment sales, the company is a distributor for Hitachi Software Engineering Europe as well as recently opening a plotting bureau. Tel: 011 - 484 - 3442 Fax: 011 - 484 - 3468 PO Box 1137 Hougton 2041 IMSI SOUTH AFRICA Founded in 1983, IMSI is a leader in developing and publishing quality consumer software for home and small business. The company offers more than 50 products including TurboCAD 2D/3D, FloorPlan Plus 3D, Form Tool, TurboProject, Masterclips and the Living Media collection of more than 30 multimedia CD-ROM titles. IMSI South Africa opened its doors in September 1994 in order to market IMSI's range of products. The company recently launched a major upgrade to TurboCAD, its flagship computer aided design software. TurboCAD v3.0 2D/3D includes TurboCAD 2D/3D v3.0 for Windows 3.1x and Windows 95, a complete stand-alone 3D modeller and 10 000 industry standard CAD symbols. Tel: 011 - 888 - 1843 Fax: 011 - 888 - 1985 PO Box 84468 Greenside 2043 INCREDIBLE CONNECTION The Best of the Best is the over-riding theme of one of South Africa's leading computer superstores, Incredible Connection's stand. On show will be packages for home or business computing and communications from the latest software releases to the country's top packages in applications, games and educational programmes. In addition, the company will be exhibiting multimedia PCs, notebooks and portable printers as well as cellular phones and dial-up Internet access via Internet Connection. Tel: 011 - 804 - 3510 Fax: 011 - 804 - 7211 PO Box 76521 Wendywood 2144 INFOACTIVE InfoActive is a quality partner with the SAS Institute. The firm specialises in organising and exploiting data that is available to an organisation as well as deriving information to support decision-making. Areas of expertise include data warehousing, market research and supporting information systems, executive and strategic information systems and open systems rapid applications development. As part of solving market research problems, the company distributes an integrated market research package known as Pinpoint. This system is a Windows-based product that simplifies the research process by providing an easy-to-use questionnaire development tool, an integrated database and powerful analysis capabilities that includes questionnaire templates and e-mail surveying abilities. Tel: 021 - 683 - 6448/9 Fax: 021 - 683 - 6450 PO Box 44510 Claremont 7735 INTEGRATED ENGINEERING SYSTEMS Integrated Engineering Systems has been involved in Casio digital diaries, communication and back up software and links between the Casio digital diaries and PCs for more than 14 months. The company's Diary-link product was introduced at the Computer Faire at Nasrec in May last year and launched at the Computer Faire in Cape Town in September owing to the exorbitant prices of the competing international products. Continued support and feedback from Diary-link 1.0 users has resulted in Diary-link 2.0 which supports the new Expense and Tod list functions on the newer Casio digital diaries as well as additional features. Tel: 083 - 255 - 0665 Fax: 012 - 342 - 2468 PO Box 75920 Lynnwood Ridge 0040 INTELLIGENCE MAGAZINE Intelligence is one of South Africa's leading magazines in the information age. It is the award-winning monthly guide to what is happening on the information superhighway and how it is changing the way we live, learn and work. It examines, in depth, the social, political and business issues at the heart of the digital age and reports on the new technologies that are shaping business and society. Intelligence readers are early adopters of echnology. They are decision-makers at the highest level in corporation or owners of business who have a vested interest in the digital revolution. Special subscription offers are will be available from the magazine's stand. Tel: 011 - 442 - 6006 Fax: 011 - 442 - 5655 PO Box 2917 Parklands 2121 INTER COMPUTER Inter Computer is a leading software supplier with branches in the following centres: Alberton City, Eastgate and Northgate. The copmany stocks an extensive range of software titles including a variety of games, educational titles and business software. Tel: 011 - 907 - 8787 Fax: 011 - 907 - 3363 Toll Free: 0800 - 139 - 139 Shop L46 Alberton City Voortrekker Alberton INTERNATIONAL THOMSON PUBLISHING International Thomson Publishing Southern Africa represents the interests of a broad range of computer publishers within the Thomson group. These imprints include Ventana, IT Computer Press, O'Reilly and Associates, Peer to Peer Communications, Charles River Media, Coriolis, Course Technology and Autodesk Press. O'Reilly is recognised as the leading publisher of information on the Internet, UNIX and X Window System, Ventana Press was the first to publish on Netscape and Mosaic WWW browsers and has recently announced Netscape Press. Regardless of your level of expertise, there is a wealth of products on display, including CD Rom, Multimedia, Networking, Scientific Computing and Micro Applications. Tel: 011 - 805 - 4819 Fax: 011 - 805 - 3648 PO Box 2459 Halfway House 1685 IRONBRIDGE GROUP, THE The IronBridge Group builds and supplies systems of tomorrow that utilise the technology of today. The group currently consists of: IronBridge Consulting - specialises in all aspects of practical IT systems delivery; TSS Contracting and TSS Careers - provide high quality IT consultants on a contractual or permanent basis; and MIE resources - renders a specialised pre-employment selection and screening service. IronBridge Software supplies a range of products to the software industry. These include the CDB product range, various IDMS utilities, S-designer, a database design tool, BrioQuery, an end-user report writer and SQR Workbench, a production report writer. AdHawk and AdHawk Spacer provide DBA's with a toolset for monitoring their Oracle databases in a cost-efficient manner. Head office Tel: 012 - 663 - 4430 Fax: 012 - 663 - 3966 PO Box 7129 Hennopsmeer 0046 IT MEDIA IT Media serves all sectors of the information technology industry, providing product vendors and users with regular informative and educational publications. Computing SA is a weekly newspaper, acclaimed for its coverage and reach. Network World specialises in networking and is aimed at the technocratic sector of the market. Software World comprehensively covers all the latest issues in software for commercial and home users, with evaluations of many of the latest products. InfoWorld, a monthly supplement in Computing SA, specialises in client/server computing. IT Media is the sole South African partner of International Data Group with electronic links to over 250 international IT publications. Tel: 011 - 789 - 2144 Fax: 011 - 789 - 2190 PO Box 56182 Pinegowrie 2123 KEYMARK MEDIA Keymark Media, a player in graphic imaging and media supplies, has realised the need for a specialist supplier in the large format printing market in South Africa. Large format printing can be printed into a wide range of specialised materials such as photo presentation paper, films and canvas amongst others. Digital imaging requires extensive storage facilities such as CD-R's and optical disks. The company satisfies all requirements for a complete package inclusive of software, hardware and consumables in this market. Tel: 011 - 883 - 3054 Fax: 011 - 884 - 5167 PO Box 650980 Benmore 2010 LA TECHNOLOGY LA technology imports and distributes Computer Associates micro-computer products. The company has a large range of accounting products that includes: Accpac Plus - modular accounting for DOS; Accpac/2000 - modular accounting for Windows; and CA-Master Piece/2000 - modular accounting for Client Server. In addition, the company distributes all the companion products designed to enhance and add to the basic financial modules. Its accounting products are distributed through a qualified dealer-base to ensure a maximum level of end-user consulting and support. Other lines includeCA-SuperCalc, CA-SuperProject, CA-Clipper and CA-Visual Objects. The company recently opened the Accpac Placement division, which specialises in the recruitment of staff with previous Accpac Plus experience. Tel: 011 - 803 - 7327 Fax: 011 - 803 - 1877 PO Box 781496 Sandton 2146 LAYOUT SOUTHERN AFRICA Layout Southern Africa (ERA international) has been the exclusive distributor for Layout programming software since 1989. Layout is suitable for anyone who wishes to design his or her own computer programmes without having to learn the cryptic syntax or source code. Layout has been installed at a number of university campuses, colleges and schools throughout South Africa, many of who have included it in their computer studies curriculum. Layout is available in three versions, Scholars, Discovery and Professional and is suitable for DOS or for Windows. There is unlimited free support that is accessible via the company's bulletin board which includes a 24 hour message service. Training is offered at the company's fully-equipped training centre in Randburg, as well as distance training via a dedicated bulletin board, the first software house to offer this method of training. Tel: 011 - 789 - 7669 Fax: 011 - 789 - 3373 PO Box 787 Randburg 2125 LeCLUB INTERNET ACCESS LeClub Internet Access is offering full Internet access ranging from simple e-mail accounts, dial-up Internet access via modem or ISDN to permanent connection for corporate customers. The company also specialises in the design of commercial Web pages and the rental of Web space. The company has branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Secunda, Newcastle, Durban, Cape Town and Windhoek. Head office Tel: 011 - 315 - 3475 Fax: 011 - 315 - 0399 E-mail: PO Box 2260 Midrand 1685 LINKSTAR LinkSTAR of Fast Video Machine renown, winners of over 50 international awards including the South African AV Specialist, Product of the Year 1995 award, is proud to announce sister company Raison d'etre Imagineering and its inaugural product Alladin. Software includes: Ulead, Scala, Shereff Systems and Horizons Technology Inc. Collect your free personalised ID labels for your camerabags, briefcases or luggage. Tel: 011 - 616 - 5385 Fax: 011 - 616 - 2920 PO Box 1355 Bedfordview 2008 LOGOS INFORMATION SYSTEMS Logos Information Systems employs people to import and distribute biblical software. The biblical software includes a library of theological works. This package includes original language tools, commentaries and dictionaries. The company also has church graphical kit to enhance bulletin travels, newsletters and youth ministries as well as a multimedia entertainment programme about the Dead Sea Scrolls. In addition, the company will be launching a multimedia CD about the Holocaust. The company is also moving into the field of electronic publishing. Its office is based in Rooseveltpark. Tel: 011 - 782 - 4222 Fax: 011 - 782 - 6533 E-mail: PO Box 48993 Rooseveltpark 2129 MACOLA SOUTH AFRICA Macola South Africa, in line with Macola USA who is a Microsoft Solution Provider Partner, has a division that concentrates solely on customization and development as well as to Microsoft Windows-based products. The company's software makes use of the SQL-compliant Btrieve engine which provides an open database to which access is available freely for customization and outside attachments. Its product range includes Macola's Free Reporting System (ERS) which makes use of client/server technology for extended reporting and Macola's Progression version 7.0. The company distributes and supports an integrated accounting, distribution and manufacturing (MRPH) suite of software. The product has won the Price Waterhouse PC Magazine award four times, CTS survey 1994 and 1995, is on the list of the top 50 companies in the world. The company is certified for Windows NT and runs Novell, DOS and Unix platforms. A version is also available for Windows 95. Tel: 012 - 46 - 7843 Fax: 012 - 46 - 7850 PO Box 28600 Sunnyside 0132 MAIZEY Maizey has, through its 45 years of existence, advised and assisted numerous sign companies and new sign businesses on what equipment to purchase for the intended application. The birth of computerised vinyl cutters brought on a revolutionary era in the sign industry. The company rapidly adapted to this change and serviced the market accordingly and still do so by supplying Flexi Sign Pro software and graphics cutters. The company is also involved in colour printing and supplies Flexi's Rip and Print software as a stand-alone or as a Rip and Printing software for packages like Coreldraw, QuarkXPress, Aldus Freehand and Adobe Photoshop. The software is complemented by the Fargo S310 printer that prints directly onto vinyl (outdoor durable), transfer paper or dye sublimation receiving sheets. Tel: 012 - 327 - 2000 Fax: 012 - 327 - 6380 320 Mitchell West Pretoria West MANAGEMENT PLANNING SYSTEMS Management Planning Systems supplies and supports project management and business improvement software. The company is the sole agent for Project Scheduler 6 from Scitor Corp. Project Scheduler 6 is the leading project management software package having won all major awards in the previous two years. Process Charter, also from Scitor Corp, helps to analyze business processes in order to identify time take, costs and bottlenecks. Process Charter contains presentation quality flow charts as the basis of process modelling. Tel: 011 - 706 - 7015 Fax: 011 - 706 - 7091 PO Box 768 Sloane Park 2152 MAPINFO (SCAN) SCAN is a distributor of MAPINFO desktop mapping products and the company provides comprehensive mapping services including capturing of maps and data, geographical analyses, developing and programming dedicated applications according to user specifications and training. The company's multi-disciplinary team of planning professionals is ready to assist clients and customers to visualise their organisations data on maps. The company's product range is MAPINFO Professional including remote data base connectivity, Mapbasic programming language, interfaces with ARCINFO, REGIS and Global Positioning Systems, regional and metropolitan digital maps of South Africa and ADC World Map. Tel: 012 - 348 - 6130 Fax: 012 - 348 - 6134 PO Box 95230 Waterkloof 0145 MASTERSKILL TRAINING Masterskill Training is structured to assist organisations in meeting the demand for training in the client server and PC technologies. Courseware has been assembled from leading developers to offer the widest range of training solutions in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. With the wider range of courseware now available, the company is able to custom design solutions specifically tailored to a client's needs and matching training options to individual audience groups. The company provides training for all end-user applications to satisfy the MS Office Suite, Perfect Office and Lotus Smartsuite, network administration (CNE, CNA, MSCE and A+), Client Server, Unix, Database and Object Oriented SAP R/3 amongst others. Many of the products are available on a pay as you use basis, which is easy to administer and provides a risk free method of implementing learning centres. Alternatively, licences are available for individual courses, network installation or site licences for wide area implementation. Tel: 011 - 789 - 7860 Fax: 011 - 789 - 7662 PO Box 3121 Randburg 2125 MECAD SYSTEMS Mecad Systems specialises in the supply of computer-aided technology in the mechanical and structural engineering industries, providing a total solution covering the full engineering design process from conceptual design and design analysis to drafting, machining and experimental analysis. The company's product range includes the following: AutoCAD and CADKEY, computer-aided drafting software; MasterCAM and SigmaNEST, software for 2 1/2 to 5 axis machining, profiling and nesting; and NISA and STAAD, finite element analysis software. Tel: 012 - 665 - 1400 Fax: 012 - 665 - 1401 PO Box 8295 Hennopsmeer 0046 MEDIA SOFTWARE DISTRIBUTORS Media Software Distributors DTP solutions for the larger solutions. As South Africa's only authorised full service providers of the Quark range of products which currently include QuarkXpress and Quark Publishing System and an Apple authorised re-sellers (as well as other types of hardware), the company is a one-stop DTP shop. The company will be demonstrating QuarkXpress, Quark Publishing System and QuarkImmedia, a new multimedia product currently in Beta testing and due for release later this year. The company also distributes a range of Xciting Quark Xtension via mail order and re-sell most shrink-wrapped software packages. Tel: 011 - 633 - 2109 Fax: 011 - 838 - 2528 PO Box 62685 Marshalltown 2107 MICRO 2000 EUROPE Micro 2000 Europe is the sole supplier of the Universal Diagnostic Toolkit that comprises the Microscope V6 and Postprobe as recommended by Byte, PC Upgrade, Service News, leading manufacturers and maintenance organisations as well as for upgrading and repairing PC's. The toolkit can be used with XT, 286, 386, 486, Pentium, Compaq, Micro-channel ISA, EISA, VESA, local-bus and PCI. It is Bios and operating-system independent and 100% accurate on all IRQ and DMA. Users can test all memory: base, cache and videos to games as well as doing low level formats on drives including IDE. Free on-line technical support is available. The toolkit is also associated with Census, Client and 911-Recover. Tel: 44 - 1462 - 483 - 483 Fax: 44 - 1462 - 481 - 482 PO Box 2000 Letchworth Hertfordshire SG6 1UT UK MICROSOFT SA Microsoft SA, like its US parent company, follows a vision of PC using quality software as an empowering tool for everyone. This, coupled with values of innovation, listening to customers and taking a long-term approach in everything, has led to Microsoft SA to increase its marketshare five-fold within three years. In addition to this marketshare growth since opening in South Africa in January 1993, the company has expanded its staff complement of over 100, serving not only the domestic market but also the rapidly developing sub-Saharan market. Through products such as Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft has launched the PC in a new role as a platform for the Internet and the world of interactive networks. PC software is changing the way that people work, learn and play. The company, together with its business partners intends to paly a leading role in this new world. Tel: 011 - 445 - 0000 Fax: 011 - 445 - 0045 PO Box 5817 Rivonia 2128 MIDCOMP Midcomp is a specialist supplier of turnkey solutions to the signage, clothing and printing industries. As distributors and dealers for Gerber Scientific Products, Polygon Software and technology and Hewlett-Packard, the company offers first-rate products and service. The company is Hewlett-Packard's largest supplier of large format inkjet plotting and printing systems to the architectural and engineering industries as well as the printing and repro industries. The company's Gerber sign design and production products are known for their reliability backed by first-class service. Tel: 011 - 804 - 5590 Fax: 011 - 804 - 5596 PO Box 651503 Benmore 2010 M-R SYSTEMS M-R Systems specialises in barcode applications including stock control, asset tracking, warehousing, file tracking, and shop floor data collection amongst others. The applications are integrated and modular, thus allowing customers to select elements that will fit their specific needs. In addition, labels and scanning hardware are supplied as a full turnkey package. The products are aimed at the medium to large corporate organisation running DOS, Novell or Windows platforms. Tel: 011 - 803 - 2208 Fax: 011 - 807 - 1901 PO Box 10203 Rivonia 2428 MULTICARD Multicard manufactures and supplies all forms of plastic cards. The range includes ID cards (monochrome - full colour), credit, debit, membership, loyalty, access control and smart cards as well as in packet promotion cards. The manufacturing of cards is carried out in-house to ensure the highest security. The company also supplies equipment for a bureau service for the personalisation of cards is available for clients who prefer to personalise their own cards or to make their own ID cards. Tel: 011 - 452 - 1263 Fax: 011 - 452 - 6291 PO Box 746 Edenvale 1610 NEOTEC MARKETING Neotec Marketing supplies OfficeTALK, a product that allows for a world where typing is a thing of the past and where a computer responds by performing a specific task or creating, editing or even formatting your documents immediately on screen. The product lowers administration costs and increases efficiency and productivity. With OfficeTALK, simply dictate directly to the computer using easy-to-remember commandos to perform functions that do not require computer literacy, trained users can easily dictate between 70 and 90 words per minute. Speed increases as OfficeTALK learns to recognise voices and also uses the information to teach itself about words have never said. OfficeTALK has a 200 000 word dictionary with an accuracy of between 95% and 100%. In addition to OfficeTALK, the company also supplies Kurzweil Voice. Tel: 011 - 784 - 4050 Fax: 011 - 784 - 4057 1st Floor, Price Waterhouse 90 Rivonia Road Sandton 2146 NIIT NIIT has established itself as a global leader in computer education offering training at its centre for one and two year diplomas for IT professionals addressing topics such as basic computer applications, databases, C, C++ programming, Unix, object oriented programming case tools, application analysis and design. The training methodologies are the most sophisticated available. NIIT is also one of the world;s largest, multimedia courseware developers offering a leading range of client/server training courseware. Tel: 011 - 789 - 7860 Fax: 011 - 789 - 7662 PO box 3121 Randburg 2125 OMNIPLUS Omniplus provides courses for self-maintainers or independent third party maintenance companies on the maintenance of NCR ATMs. In addition to training the field and depot engineers, the company gives advice on common usage parts and gripstocks amongst others. Tel: 44 - 181 - 561 - 2555 Fax: 44 - 181 - 561 - 2565 7 Peter James Business Centre Pump Lane Hayes Middlesex UB3 3NT UK OPEN SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT Open Systems Management provides system management and operations automation solutions for single or distributed open system computing environments. The company's products use Cosmos, an open network framework, to support the management applications. The company also provides optional consultancy services to deliver complete policy-based management solutions for business-critical IT systems. The management applications available within Cosmos include: network-wide automated back-up and recovery; volume and media librarian; operations automation; network-wide systems administration; procedure delegation; audit trail generation and management; print spooling and printer management; batch job scheduling and control; resource accounting and charging; and systems and applications monitoring and alarm management. Tel: 44 - 1734 - 770 - 333 Fax: 44 - 1734 - 770 - 888 Alexandra House 50 Denmark Street Wokingham Berkshire RG40 2BB UK OPTICAL ONLINE MEDIA Optical Online Media was established in August 1991 as a distributor of CD-ROM and multimedia products in southern Africa. The company distributes various multimedia add-ons and telephony products for the PC as well as a wide range of CD titles. On the hardware side, the company sells sound cards (with wavetable options) and CD-ROM drives. The company is the agent for the Aims Lab range of TV and radio tuners with video capturing. It also recently began distributing a ighly competitive fax-modem card. The company is one of the largest distributors of CD titles in South Africa with a range of over 350 titles in stock. In addition, the company is the agent for various software publishers including indscape, Knowledge Adventure, American Laser Games, Time Warner Interactive, Microstar, Sofsource and others. Tel: 011 - 444 - 6006/7 Fax: 011 - 444 - 6085 PO Box 55579 Northlands 2116 OPTIONS IN TRAINING Enjoy computer training in the relaxed and interactive environment of Options in Training, where the company concentrates on ensuring that the needs of its customers are both understood and addressed. The company is happy to assist whether the customer requires courses tailored to specific company needs, one-to-one assistance or joining a scheduled course. Classes are hands on and limited to eight delegates to ensure individual attention. Course material, lunch and refreshments certificates, written reports and unlimited post-course telephonic support are provided automatically. The company is able to provide assistance on operating systems, wordprocessing, spreadsheeting, databases, graphics or project management, specially developed courses, in-house training or on-site support. Tel: 011 - 337 - 1875 Fax: 011 - 337 - 4717 PO Box 7566 Johannesburg 2000 PASTEL SOFTWARE Pastel develops, publishes, distributes and supports the Pastel range of financial, distribution and manufacturing software applications. The complete cycle of product development is performed in-house, from design to programming, manual writing and typesetting and package design and manufacture. The Pastel Partner range address the entry-level market (small to medium sized business) and consists of the Pastel Partner V3 (dual DOS and Windows) and Pastel Partner V4 for Windows. The Pastel Plus range provides cost-effective mid-range solutions and the modularised Pastel Premier range caters to the top-end market. Tel: 011 - 784 - 0222 Fax: 011 - 784 - 0200 PO Box 781893 Sandton 2146 P.C. DEVELOPMENTS P.C. Developments will be exhibiting some fifteen accounting systems that cater for all sizes of businesses from the smallest to the large conglomerates. The company provides professional and impartial advice on systems that are suitable for the customers' requirements. On-site installation and support is available. All leading combined systems - Microsoft Office, Novell Office, Smartsuite and Q & A amongst others - are supplied, supported and customised to the customers' specific requirements. The company also offers a convenient monthly hardware and software service for hardware as well as bureau services, accounting and mailing lists. Tel: 011 - 789 - 4328 Fax: 011 - 789 - 4329 30 Paris Avenue Bordeaux 2194 PCL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PCL Information Technology, the South African subsidiary of India's fourth largest IT company, Pertech Computers Limited, has been set up primarily for the purpose of offering the advantages of India's software skills to South Africa's users. The company's core skills areas are client/server technologies, IBM mainframe and midrange platforms and multimedia. The nature of projects undertaken include: Turnkey Application Development: Century Conversion: Application Migration and Re-engineering: and Rightsizing. These projects may be either off-shore, on-shore or a combination of both. In addition, the company offers packaged solutions in vertical segments like healthcare and EIS. Tel: 011 - 448 - 1404 Fax: 011 - 448 - 1405 PO Box 1301 Gallo Manor 2052 PERESOFT SOFTWARE & SUPPORT Peresoft has received numerous international awards for its locally developed Cashbook for Accpac Plus, including the CA 1994 Developer of the Year and the Highest Sales of a CA Access Product between 1990 - 1995 in Australasia. The company was launched twelve years ago as an Accpac Plus VAR and grew to be a sub-distributor that now has a dealer base of over 150 companies. The company recently launched Cashbook for Windows. In total, there are over 15 000 Cashbook sites worldwide. Countries include South Africa, Australasia, the UK, the USA, Russia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. Cashbook was translated into Russian last year, extending its user-base to Russia, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Tel: 011 - 728 - 7029 Fax: 011 - 728 - 4624 PO Box 260076 Excom 2023 Software, Services && Training PICK SYSTEMS AFRICA PIPEX INTERNET AFRICA POWERCODE PROJECT PLANNING SYSTEMS PROLOCON QED QWIZ SOUTH AFRICA SABINET SA DYNAMIC COMPUTER SOLUTIONS SANDMAR TECHNOLOGIES CORP. SCANTECH SCO (THE SANTA CRUZ OPERATION) SECURI-CABLE SERVUTRON SI DISTRIBUTION SILICON GRAPHICS COMPUTER SYSTEMS SOFT LINE SOFTWAREMART SOUTHERN MICROSYSTEMS SPATIAL TECHNOLOGIES SPECTRA SOLUTIONS STANDARD BANK STOCK MARKET SOLUTIONS SUNNYLINE SA SUNTECH COMPUTERS SUPER DIAMOND COMPUTERS SYMANTEC CORPORATION SYNEL SYSTEMS SYSPRO SYSTEMS PUBLISHERS TECHNIKON SA TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER THOMAS INTERNATIONAL THOMSON KRUMMECK & ASSOCIATES THRASHER TECHNOLOGIES TIDY FILES PICK SYSTEMS AFRICA Pick Systems Africa will be exhibiting the Advanced Pick, a multi-user, multi-tasking, multi-dimensional DBMS that enables easy modelling of real world data without the limitations of the relational model. The product supports variable length, multi-valued fields and multiple subvalues. It is fully scalable and runs on Intel X86 and Pentium, PowerPC, mid-range RISC machines from IBM, HP, DG and Siemens Nixdorf, including the latest scalable POWERparallel processors (SP2) from IBM. Advanced Pick runs under MS/DOS, Windows, Unix SV, SCO Unix, SCO Unix/MPX, IB Aix, DG-UX, HP-UX and Interactive Unix systems as well as Intel 80X86/Pentium processor. With the installed base of over 4 000 000 seats, from one to thousands of users can share a common Pick database application connected on top of TCP/IP or NetWare. Tel: 011 - 453 - 4674 Fax: 011 - 453 - 3267 PO Box 4073 Edenvale 1610 PIPEX INTERNET AFRICA PIPEX Internet Africa is the largest and oldest Internet service provider in South Africa. The company was the winner in seven categories at the 1995 South African IT Company of the Year and has a dominant presence in the dial-up and corporate leased-line markets. As a market leader, the company is well positioned to take advantage of the explosive growth of Internet services providing the local consumer and business market with a sophisticated service that is backed up by strong international links. Through the company's network, PIPEX Internet Africa offers a full range of services including dial-up and fixed link access to the World Wide Web, e-mail, Ftp and Telnet. Tel: 011 - 803 - 1365 Toll free: 0800 - 020 - 003 Fax: 011 - 803 - 4404 PO Box 5301 Rivonia 2128 POWERCODE PowerCode is a Johannesburg based systems house that specialises in the design, development and marketing for Maths and Science software. The company, established in 1973, is entirely South African and was the first SA educational software company to export locally-developed material out of Africa. PowerCode will be exhibiting its existing high school range (Maths and Science Stds 6 to 10) and will introduce two new products: the Junior School range and the Technical and University range. The Junior School range (Maths and Science Stds 2, 3, 4 and 5), like its senior counterpart, was developed in close co-operation with leading Junior schools and teaches the core syllabus, uses the latest methods, contains examination papers and answers from these schools and has been designed to optimise student input and teacher insight. The Technical and University range consists of the N1 to N3 Maths and Industrial Chemistry and University Maths 1. Tel: 011 - 462 - 1391 Fax: 011 - 462 - 2033 PO Box 576 Cramerview 2060 PROJECT PLANNING SYSTEMS Project Planning Systems provides a quality service with regards project management software applications. These applications include CA-SuperProject, MS-Project, TimeLine and Project Scheduler 6. In addition to supplying the software, full telephonic and, in some cases, on-site support, is offered at no extra cost. Full training as public or in-house courses, as well as a consulting service, drawing on close to 15 years practical experience in the industry is available. This enables the user to obtain optimal use of the software. Tel: 012 - 662 - 1225 Fax: 012 - 662 - 1225 PO Box 60572 Pierre van Ryneveld 0045 PROLOCON ProLoCon was founded in 1988 as the exclusive South African supplier of Bernecker and Rainer programmable logic controllers, motion controllers, programmable computer controllers, Panelware man machine interfaces and Provit industrial computers and terminals. The company's focus is on combining powerful, cost-effective engineered solutions with strong local back-up to serve a blue chip client base. In addition to supplying conventional control equipment, the company supplies Intrinsically Safe display terminals for petrochemicals and other hazardous area applications. Tel: 011 - 706 - 2896 Fax: 011 - 463 - 6455 PO Box 130658 Bryanston 2021 QED Q Data DynamiQue is the premier source of human resource management software and services in South Africa. It forms part of the JSE listed company Q Data, offering world class products, back up and services in all the major human resource disciplines. QED is the world beating payroll system eveloped by a partnership between Q Data DynamiQue and D-Bi Systems. QED embodies their combined expertise in payroll and Accpac Systems. QED is an Accpac Plus Access integrated product that links a payroll with financial applications. The product is an enhanced payroll system that will meet any wage and salary need. Full service, support and training is offered on the QED payroll. Tel: 011 - 313 - 5500 Fax: 011 - 313 - 5670 Private Bag X48 Halfway House 1685 QWIZ SOUTH AFRICA Qwiz is one of the world's most widely used and acclaimed software facility for testing and cross-training computer skills. The company has more than 13 000 users in the USA, Australia, Europe and South Africa. In today's competitive economy and with the high cost of recruitment, employers are seeking effective and reliable methods of testing candidates' skills. The company evaluates all secretarial, wordprocessing, spreadsheet, data capturing and presentation skills accurately and can accommodate employers' customised tests. The company's cross-training facility employs an interactive method to train computer-literate users on new packages and is therefore an invaluable aid in upgrading the skills of new and existing staff. Tel: 011 - 726 - 2745 Fax: 011 - 726 - 1987 PO Box 2449 Houghton 2041 SABINET Sabinet is a leading electronic information facilitator in southern Africa and the largest supplier of bibliographic information in this region. The company makes local and international information sources available and provides the infrastructure and support for many joint ventures with information industry specialists world-wide. This is all achieved by assuring connectivity to datacommunication networks including Internet. The company is also a value-added Internet access provider and creator of home pages on the World Wide Web. Tel: 012 - 663 - 4954 Fax: 012 - 663 - 3543 PO Box 9785 Hennopsmeer 0046 SA DYNAMIC COMPUTER SOLUTIONS The most sort after commodities in the computer industry today are support and after-sales back-up. SA Dynamic Computer Solutions prides itself in its support and back up. The company has been providing high quality products and support for the past eight years and is the only computer dealer to maintain successfully a 30 day money back guarantee. To emphasise the company's commitment to support, it remains open until 7pm on weekdays with a fully equipped workshop to deal with almost all PC-related emergencies. The company supplies a wide range of software from games to desktop publishing as well as written applications. The company also specialises in the setup, installation and maintenance of Novell/Windows networks. Tel: 011 - 791 - 0805 Fax: 011 - 791 - 0728 9 Petersdale Street Ferndale Ext 3 SANDMAR TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION Sandmar Technologies Corporation is a multi million British corporation with locations in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Russia. The company develops and markets software products as either off-the-shelf generic packages or creates specific systems for individual customer requirements. Subsidiaries exhibiting include Sandmar International who offers an extensive range of software products for the retail systems market; and Advent Imaging who markets to the document imaging world. The retail systems operate with a wide range of EPOS equipment and is available in multi-currency and multi-language editions. Advent Imaging provides scanning and imaging for Unix workstations. Tel: 44 - 1455 - 550 - 501 Fax: 44 - 1455 - 550 - 502 6 Midland Court Central Park Lutterworth LE17 4PN UK SCANTECH Scantech, one of South Africa's leading automatic data collection specialist, offers a full range of solution oriented software services to meet individual customer requirements across all industries. The company's software development division provides in-house services for either customised or off-the-shelf packages for the following applications: interactive communication for all IBM mainframes, interactive communication to HP systems, interactive communication with SAP R2 and R3, applications for warehousing control, applications for parcel tracking, applications for asset tracking, applications for instore price lockup and barcode label printing and software. Tel: 011 - 823 - 3312 Fax: 011 - 823 - 3321 PO Box 10260 Fonteinriet 1464 SCO (THE SANTA CRUZ OPERATION) SCO (The Sanata Cruz Operation) is the world's leading supplier of Unix server and host systems and a leading provider of client-integration software that integrates Windows PC's and other clients with Unix servers from all major vendors. SCO Critical Business Servers run the critical, day-to-day operations of large organisations in retail, finance, telecom and government, as well as corporate departments and small to medium-sized businesses of every kind. The company also sells and supports its products through a world-wide network of distributors, resellers, systems integrators and OEM's. For additional corporate and product information, see the company's home page on the World Wide Web: http// Tel: 011 - 465 - 7025 Fax: 011 - 465 - 3111 PO Box 68829 Bryanston 2021 SECURI-CABLE Seccuri-Sys, a division of Securi-cable, supplies a range of PC-related software products. The company provides the as part of its software range: for PC security, the company supplies Dacs and SmartDisk products for the the security of software and and data controlling access for PC's; for disaster recovery, the company supplies TCS products that allow for the planning and protection against disaaster situations; and for aaccounting , the company is a distributor for the Apac accounting management system, a locally-written package for small to medium size businesses. Tel: 011 - 616 - 1988 Fax: 011 - 616 - 1527 Cell: 082 - 490 - 2204 E-mail: PO Box 34561 Jeppestown 2043 SERVUTRON Servutron specialises in complete technical after-sales service and support of PC compatible products, operating systems, a wide variety of applications, all peripherals, networks and upgrading of systems on a national basis. The company enjoys the full technical support of some of the world's leading manufacturers: Tatung, Data General Corporation, WYSE Technologies and STAR Micronics and has direct access to their vast technical resources. Support facilities comprise the following: workshops for repairs down to board level; a national team of roving field and specialist technicians; a technical staff placed on-site in multi-disciplinary, multi-tiered S&M contracts that are tailored to suit individual client requirements; and client log-on facilities on an advanced, computerised fault tracking systems, latest technology standby equipment and support desk. Tel: 012 - 661 - 4970 Fax: 012 - 661 - 1982 Private Bag 8212 Hennopsmeer 0046 SI DISTRIBUTION SI Distribution, a member of the Systems Integration group, distributes mass storage hardware, software and media to resellers and VARs country-wide. The company specialises in high capacity tape and optical solutions, concentrating on supplying high quality products coupled with pre and post installation support. The company's Hardware Repair Centre provides skilled repair services and unmatched repair turnaround times. Its Software Support Help Desk and Integration Helpline is manned by a full time software support team that provides effective telephone support and integration services. The company is the sole distributor of Exabyte, Traxdata, Overland Data, Palindrome, BusLogic, Gigatek and Replica. Tel: 011 - 886 - 4431 Fax: 011 - 787 - 6004 PO Box 1292 Pinegowrie 2123 SILICON GRAPHICS COMPUTER SYSTEMS SiliconGraphics, an established Fortune 500 company, is a leading supplier of high performance visual computing workstations and servers targeted at a wide range of technical, scientific, corporate and entertainment applications. These visual computing products improve productivity, increase operational efficiency, shorten time to market and enhance creativity for customers in industry,science and government. The company's subsidiary, MIPS Technologies, designs and licences the MIPS RISC microprocessor family and is used both in its own products and by other companies for computer systems, consumer electronic and embedded control applications. The company's headquarters are in Mountainview, California and its sub-Saharan Africa head office is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Tel: 011 - 884 - 4147 Fax: 011 - 884 - 5409 PO Box 7871 Sandton 2146 SOFT LINE Soft Line is the official distributor of some of the world's leading finance and accounting software: Quicken - a personal finance software programme with over 9 million users; Quickbooks - accounting software with over 1 million users; M.Y.O.B Accounting - accounting software; GoldMine - contact management software; and Brilliant Software - a range of financial and accounting software for any sized organisation, as well as a range of add-on modules that complement Brilliant Software making it adaptable for many niche applications. Full back-up and training is available through the company's nationwide offices on its full range of software. Tel: 011 - 444 - 3790 Fax: 011 - 444 - 3799 PO box 76182 Wendywood 2144 SOFTWAREMART Softwaremart, launched by parent company Mathieson & Ashley Holdings in September 11994 as a subsidiary of giant retailer OfficeMart, is regarded as one of the country's most successful software retail operations. SoftwareMart Superstores, of which there are twelve nationwide, stock a wide range of software, including education, business and entertainment categories. More than 4 000 line items are stocked and the company has access to a further 40 000 software packages through its global sourcing network. In addition, Software Corporate offers clients access to an information resource database, efficient administration and order fulfilment, volume licensing programmes and customised pricing structures. Tel: 011 - 887 - 7070 011 - 887 - 0404 Fax: 011 - 887 - 8638 PO Box 787177 Sandton 2146 SOUTHERN MICROSYSTEMS Southern Microsystems is a broad based distributor of a wide range of hardware and software products for the Windows and Macintosh platforms. In the software market, the company is a major supplier of many of the most popular international applications in the desktop publishing and graphics arts markets. These products include QuarkXPress, StrataStudio Pro, Adobe Pagemaker, Photoshop, Freehand and Live Picture. In addition to industry standard applications, the company distributes and supports a large selection of other software products more suited to the office and SOHO markets. Popular office and SOHO products include: AfterDark, RAM Doubler, DeltaGraph, NOW Utilities and the Softkey range of business and entertainment. Tel: 011 - 789 - 2877 Fax: 011 - 789 - 8038 PO Box 4476 Randburg 2125 SPATIAL TECHNOLOGIES Spatial Technologies is the official distributor of MapInfo Corporation's products in South Africa. The company's head office is in Rivonia, Johannesburg and is represented by value added resellers around the country as well as in Namibia, Botswana, Mauritius, the Seychelles and Mozambique. MapInfo Corporation (Troy, New York) was founded in 1986 and has shown consistent profitability and revenue growth for 31 consecutive quarters. It became a public company is February 1994. MapInfo software has been recognised for excellence by InfoWorld, PC Magazine, Windows Magazine , MacUser Magazine and American Demographics. Its products are available in 58 countries and 16 languages and are sold though multi-channel distribution involving direct sales, resellers and distributors. Tel: 011 - 807 - 3807 Fax: 011 - 807 - 0010 PO Box 343 Rivonia 2128 SPECTRA SOLUTIONS Spectra Solutions is an Apple Authorised Reseller, Service Provider and Developer specialising in the graphic pre-press market , with specific emphasis on ISDN communications networking. The company is also the exclusive reseller of ARAP networking solutions and offers 4 Sight ISDN and ADS software for the advertising industry. The company is also a developer of software and hardware solutions to the video and artwork retouching industry. Tel: 011 - 884 - 7344 Fax: 011 - 783 - 5740 PO Box 652100 Benmore 2010 STANDARD BANK The Standard Bank is the leading southern African financial services group ranked by profits and by market capitalization. Through its range of subsidiaries, the Group provides the full spectrum of domestic and international commercial and merchant banking services. The Group was listed under the name Stanbic on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1967. Stanbic's largest subsidiary is The Standard Bank of South Africa with a network of over 1 000 points of representation. The Standard Bank was the first bank to install automatic teller machines, first to offer corporate access terminals, first to offer home banking and electronic transaction accounts and first with voice-response banking. In a survey conducted by a leading European consulting group, The Standard Bank was selected as one of the world's most innovative financial institutions. Tel: 011 - 636 - 4599 Fax: 011 - 636 - 6299 PO Box 61690 Marshalltown 2107 STOCK MARKET SOLUTIONS Stock Market Solutions has been involved in the stock market services since 1989. The company has a staff who provide back-up and support for its Stock market Charting and education programmes. The company is a distributor of the Stock Market Investors Club course which educates investors on how to invest actively in the Stock Exchange. The charting programmes offered by the company are Windows-based and are designed for both the stock broker and the private investor. The packages vary from entry level (Quickcharts), intermediate (Wall Street Analyst) to one of the most advanced technical analysis programmes in the world (SuperCharts). All these programmes are on-line to the JSE and are updated on a daily basis via a modem and supplied with a nine year database. Tel: 011 - 615 - 2020 011 - 615 - 3520 Fax: 011 - 615 - 1986 PO Box 2339 Bedfordview 2008 SUNNYLINE SA Sunnyline SA, a new company based in Johannesburg, was launched on 1 September 1995. The company is the sole distributor of Sunnyline computer products and Zweckform labels in Africa. The company's head office is based in Germany. The company caters for every market from SOHO to the corporate environment. Its products range from storage boxes, mouse pads, mouses and computer cleaning kits amongst others. The company's dedication to quality is what makes its product range one of the world leaders in its field. All products have passed the requirements of the European EC standards. Included in the company's range is a range of inkjet, laser and copier ;labels and clay-coated paper known as Zweckform. The Zweckform label range carries a full guarantee should the printer be damaged while using the Zweckform product. The Zweckform Win Label Software product label will be demonstrated at the company's stand. Tel: 011 - 618 - 4197/8 Fax: 011 - 618 - 2684 PO Box 34535 Jeppestown 2043 SUNTECH COMPUTERS Suntech Computers is involved in the areas of software, services and training. The company provides the following services: upgrades; repairs - all repairs undertaken; modem installation; CD-ROM installation; installation of networks; and training on the Internet. (Call out fee: R30 + R20 per hour - labour only: no fix, no pay basis). In the software area of activity, the company installs and sells Microsoft Windows and DOS, Novell groupware and Lantastic as well as CD game packs. Tel: 011 - 472 - 3388 Fax: 011 - 472 - 2263 E-mail: 22H The Highway Road Florida SUPER DIAMOND COMPUTERS Super Diamond Computers, the sole authorised distributor for Singapore-based Creative technology, supplies a full range of sound, graphics and communication applications to the South African SOHO and business markets. The company's product line-up includes a broad set of audio and video cards, multimedia kits, video and telephone conferencing systems - including PhoneBlaster, ModemBlaster and ShareVision PC3000 - as well as a variety of bundled software titles. The company is also the sole South African distributor of AVnet Technology, a Taiwanese offshoot of Creative Technology, as well as a representative for US-based Nu-Reality's Vivid 3D audio enhancement solutions and Oregan-based ThrustMaster's range of PC entertainment controllers. Tel: 011 - 887 - 2766 Fax: 011 - 887 - 2456 PO Box 39878 Bramley 2018 SYMANTEC CORPORATION Symantec Corporation is a leading software company with award-winning application and system software for Windows, DOS, Macintosh and OS/2. Founded in 1982, the company has grown through the success of its products and a series of seventeen acquisitions resulting in a broad of business and productivity solutions. It has been a public company since 1989, posting revenues of $334.9 million in fiscal 1995. The company markets products for business in three areas: utilities, development tools and productivity applications. Popular products include the Peter Norton range, the Network Series and applications like the new-acquired Delrina range, ACT! and pcANYWHERE. Tel: 011 - 444 - 0225 Fax: 011 - 444 - 0233 PO Box 2067 Gallo Manor 2052 SYNEL SYSTEMS Synel Systems produces intelligent data collection terminals and integrated for effective access to information throughout an organization. Applications include time and attendance, access control, shop floor systems and integrated packages and are proven in tens of thousands of installations worldwide. Synel will be launching a self-installed time and attendance package for small and medium sized businesses. Known as TimeLOG, the package comes complete with an innovative, user-friendly Windows software and more. Tel: 723 - 649 - 8282 Fax: 723 - 649 - 6506 E-mail: 7 Ha'arad Street Tel Aviv Israel 69710 SYSPRO Syspro is a leading innovator of accounting, manufacturing, distribution software named IMPACT. The latest Windows version Encore was reviewed in a leading USA publication, PC Magazine, in October 1995. "Six hundred and sixty products were possible contenders for the original review. Encore's reporting capability was rated as excellent. Known for its comprehensive manufacturing software, Syspro's IMPACT Encore, Version 1.0 holds its own in this review of financial accounting modules. Its overall features and on-line inquiry capabilities are very strong". Tel: 011 - 807 - 4961 Fax: 011 - 807 - 4962 PO Box 77 Rivonia 2128 SYSTEMS PUBLISHERS / COMPUTER FAIRE ONLINE IN a project involving Telkom ISDN lines and Novell SA, the entire Computer Faire will be networked with high speed links in the one of the most ambitious technological setups the Faire has ever seen. Co-ordinated by Systems Inter@ctive, a division of System Publishers, Computer Faire Online will provide numerous services including an online daily newspaper, Best of Computer Faire, a list of all exhibitors with maps showing their location and products as well as a public messaging system and live chat shows. The editors and journalist at ComputerWeek, Computer Reseller News SA, Communications Week SA and Information Week SA will join forces to deliver expert analyses of the new products shown at Computer Faire. Tel: 011 - 789 - 1808 Fax: 011 - 789 - 4725 PO Box 41345 Craighall 2024 TECHNIKON SA Technikon SA offers courses for students wishing to be computer users, competent managers, programmmers and systems analysts amongst others. Amongst the courses on offer, are the following: computer literacy courses, a one year certificate course and a three year diploma course. For the financial specialist, there is a financial diploma course in financial information systems. The Technikon also offers study by means of distance education. Tel: 011 - 471 - 2582 Fax: 011 - 471 - 2537 Private Bag X6 Florida 1710 TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER technology transfer represents US and European multimedia software manufacturers seeking direct and exclusive republishing and master distribution relationships in overseas markets. The company hopes to establish such relationships in South Africa. Current products represented include: Multimedia Dogs and Multimedia Cats from Inroads Interactive; Dr Schueler's Home Medical Advisor from Pixel Perfect; Safari from Alpenglow; The Holiday Language Trainer from MultiTec Verlag; recreational products such as Sci Fi battle SelectPac, Action Arcade SelectPac, Jet Set SelectPac; the MusicRom Series from Selectware Technologies; and In Pursuit of Greed from Softdisk. Tel: 303 - 499 - 3112 Fax: 303 - 499 - 3122 E-Mail: 505 Euclid Avenue Boulder, Colorado 80303 USA THOMAS INTERNATIONAL Thomas International supplies software that identifies behaviour of people and enables them to improve their effectiveness both individually and corporately. The software can be used in selection, team-building, management, succession planning, organizational redistribution, conflict resolution and customer service. Tel: 011 - 269 - 8811 Fax: 011 - 269 - 8818 PO Box 652395 Benmore 2010 THOMSON KRUMMECK AND ASSOCIATES Thomson Krummeck & Associates is focused on providing a range of products and services to the treasury departments of various institutions. Over the last five years, the company has addressed the changing treasury needs of both the South African and international markets. The company's established base of local and international blue chip clients is evidence of the company's success. The range of services offered varies from general consulting to providing that unique piece of equipment that is usually found on dealing rooms. For a dealing room requirement - be it a multi-channel voice recorder, a dealing desk, a specialised software application, a multi-screen display requirement or the construction of a new dealing room, Thomson Krummeck and associates will be able to assist. Tel: 011 - 337 - 7128/9 Fax: 011 - 337 - 7128 Suite 1405 14th Floor Glencairn Building 73 Market Street 2001 THRASHER TECHNOLOGIES Thrasher Technologies offers a wide range of expertise in software development and support for Windows products. The company's expertise lies in the development of management information systems using Excel, Visual Basic and Access. The company has written custom applications for customers ranging from large corporates that operate nationally to small office users who require a specific result from their data processing. The company's software base range from old DOS applications to high end CAD packages. It is able to offer technical and basic support for almost any package on the market. Quality training is also provided on request. Tel: 011 - 447 - 1649 Cell: 083 - 601 - 1382 Fax: 011 - 447 - 5837 PO Box 50159 Randburg 2125 TIDY FILES Tidy Files is a specialist in office filing systems. The company's product range covers both live and archive filing applications and the Tidy Files systems are suitable for both small and large companies. The company's philosophy is to offer a complete filing solution, not merely the provision of a cabinet and files. Qualified consultants will offer advice, overcome problems and train the user to achieve the maximum benefits from the system. In these days of computerisation, the Tidy File Tabquik programme uses the power of the computer to produce labels that can be designed to the users' specific needs in terms of layout and colour, for example. Tel: 011 - 943 - 4210 Fax: 011 - 943 - 1516 PO Box 990020 Kibler Park 2058 Software, Services && Training TOWER STIKATAG STATIONERY LABELS TRACSIS ULTRA TECHNOLOGY DISTRIBUTION VAN SCHAIK BOOKSTORE VERIMARK VIP PERSONNEL & PAYROLL SYSTEMS XCEL CD SOLUTIONS XTEC TOWER STIKATAG STATIONERY LABELS Tower STIKATAG manufactures and supplies the most extensive range of self-adhesive stationery in southern Africa. Tower sill be launching its label design software, Label Map 2000, which is unique in the southern African market, by using the software custom-designed labels, incorporating barcodes, variable information, imported images and pre-set and programmable layouts, can be printed on laser label on a laser printer at a touch of a key. Toll free: 0800 - 220 - 488 Fax: 021 - 511 - 2413 PO box 16393 Vlaeberg 8018 TRACSIS TRACSIS is a substantial long-established UK based software house that has developed a number of vertical market software packages based on the Sage Sovereign accounting system. The company's major product and that which it is launching in South Africa, is its highly successful Electronic Point of Sale system - TRACS. The system uses standard PC architecture to provide electronic Cash Register, complete retail stock control and accounting functions in one complete package. The system is sold in two version - standard TRACS and BRATS. Standard TRACS is fully featured and is able to handle most retail environments and is particularly suited to larger single site and small to medium sized chains. BRATS is an entry level system and is aimed at the budget-conscious smaller retailer who wants to start down the EPOS trail. It is data file compatible with its TRACS bigger brother which means that BRATS can be upgraded without even the need for data conversion. Tel: 44 - 1865 - 882 - 220 Fax: 44 - 1865 - 882 - 238 The Barn Worton Rectory Farm Worton Cassington Oxfordshire OX8 1EB UK ULTRA TECHNOLOGY DISTRIBUTION Ultra technology Distribution was established in February 1988 to operate in the top end of the PC and networking markets. Through its extensive range of products, the company is well-positioned to offer a comprehensive set of business tools and services that exist in the industry today. The company is dedicated to providing service excellence. Its commitment to the local industry is demonstrated by a nationwide presence with a large investment tin support facilities and skills including Novell, Microsoft NT and Windows 95. Product and services offered by the company include: ten and 100Mbit/s networking solutions, multimedia systems, file servers and PCs, short and long term rentals and service and support. Tel: 011 - 786 - 2041 Fax: 011 - 786 - 2062 203 Wynberg Park Wynberg Sandton VAN SCHAIK BOOKSTORE Van Schaik Bookstore is the largest academic bookseller in South Africa. Established in 1914, the bookstore has been part of the book trade for over 80 years. Through 19 branches country-wide, the bookstore serves students, universities, technikons and colleges as well as businesses, libraries and the general public. The bookstore deals in both local and imported academic and general books, including a comprehensive range of computer and business books. Customers are invited to make their selections form the stock available on the shelves or to place special orders. The bookstore also stocks newspapers, periodicals and stationery. Tel: 011 - 339 - 1711 Fax: 011 - 339 - 7267 PO Box 31361 Braamfontein 2017 VERIMARK Verimark Corporate Gifts is one of the market leaders in promotional products and has been established in the corporate gift market for more than twelve years. The company prints company logos and messages for any occasion, conferences, long service awards, Christmas give-aways. The company caters for all needs and tastes. The company's free catalogue includes more than 200 products sourced from overseas and local suppliers. All products are of superior quality with an expert sales and management team to back them up. Please take note of the company's new telephone number. Tel: 011 - 884 - 8750 Fax: 011 - 884 - 6813 4th Floor, South Tower Sandton Square Fifth Street Sandton 2146 VIP PERSONNEL & PAYROLL SYSTEMS VIP Personnel & Payroll Systems is a supplier of integrated salaries, wages and human resources management systems that run on MS-DOS, Windows, Netbios, PC-Networks, OS-2 and Unix. The company's systems are flexible and can be tailored to the requirements of organisations from all types of industries. The company's products are used by over 7 000 organisations from all over South Africa. The company ensures successful implementation of payroll and human resources systems through a well-structured implementation programme. In addition, training and consulting services are rendered by qualified consultants nationwide. The company has branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. Tel: 012 - 998 - 6055 Fax: 012 - 998 - 6882 PO Box 38017 Garsfontein 0042 XCEL CD SOLUTIONS Xcel sells and supports the following products: Topic - full text retrieval system; aXcess - electronic documentation system; and BPR tools (software) - KBSI (activity, data and process modelling with direct interface to Witness) and Witness (visual interactive simulation software); ND Elements - integrated client/server development environment; and eXplain - artificial intelligence diagnostic system. In addition, the company supplies software for training products that incorporate the following: training definition and development, training skills and analysis, custom-built courseware, computer-based training and training products and training consultations. Tel: 012 - 348 - 8825 Fax: 012 - 348 - 5125 PO Box 20355 Alkantrant Pretoria 0005 XTEC Xtec, a member of the Systems Integration group, is a systems integrator and distributor of mass storage back-up and archiving hardware and software solutions. The company specialises in turnkey back-up, archiving, hierarchical management systems and data interchange. The company's support services provides both hardware and software support for this critical area of business, including 24 x 7 onsite hardware and software support on contract. The company is the sole representative of Legato Networker back-up solutions and specialist backup and tape products such as Open File Manager back-up solutions and Interkom 370 channel interfaces. Tel: 011 - 886 - 4040 Fax: 011 - 787 - 9765 PO Box 2566 Pinegowrie 2123