Microsoft WINDOWS 95 OVERVIEW Easier and faster. An open door to doing more. Instead of working at it, enjoy it. Find out more !!! Features Accessibility Features Technical Specifications Business Matters Return on investment. Productivity gains from Windows 95. OFFICE FOR WINDOWS 95 OVERVIEW Focus on work, not on your software. Applications share information easily Build better business solutions Why Upgrade? Making it easier to get work done. A more integrated environment. With the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system, you can unlock the potential of your computer. So you can work even easier and faster. Explore exciting new possibilities. And make it all more fun. For years, millions of people worldwide have relied on MS-DOSฎ, Windows, and Windowsฎ for Workgroups operating systems to help them work better and accomplish more. Now and for years to come, people will go even farther with the next-generation successor to these systems Microsoft Windows 95. For computer users everywhere, it's a giant leap forward. With the Windows 95 operating system, the things you do now are easier and faster. The things you've always wanted to try, from electronic mail to Internet connections, are now possible. And Windows 95 makes computers more friendly and accessible, so whatever you do, you enjoy it more. The first thing you'll notice is a redesigned graphical interface that's not only dramatically simpler to use, but more efficient and more customizable as well. Plus, configuring Plug and Play compatible modems, CD-ROM drives, and other peripherals isn't just easy, it's automatic with new Plug and Play technology in Windows 95. You also gain easy access to a whole new world of possibilities. Windows 95 offers enhanced multimedia, more powerful features for laptop users, integrated and seamless networking, and support for traveling the "infobahn." And because Microsoft Windows 95 is made to run the new generation of 32-bit programs, you can take advantage of powerful new features such as preemptive multitasking and multithreading that let you perform several actions at the same time. Windows 95 also runs your current MS-DOS based and Windows-based programs in a more stable environment. Did we mention fun? Windows 95 offers larger, smoother video and enhanced support for fast action games. And every day, an easier, more efficient way of working takes the frustration out of computing. And puts back the satisfaction. All of which makes Microsoft Windows 95 one of the biggest improvements ever to come to PCs in general and to your PC in particular. * The Start button is always visible. Click it anytime to use the full power of Windows 95 for opening programs, file management,system maintenance, and far more. * The taskbar makes switching between multiple programs simple. Each time you start a program, a button for it is placed on the taskbar. When you want to use any program, just click its button. * Plug and Play can free you from manually setting up hardware devices.Windows 95 detects and configures Plug and Play compatible devices automatically. * Long filenames make it easy to find what you're looking for. Names can be up to 250 characters. * Windows 95 works with the hardware and software you already have, so you can get the most from your current applications for the MS-DOS and Windows operating systems. * Increase your productivity with faster disk and file access and faster printing. * Windows 95 virtually installs itself you select a few on-screen options and the rest is automatic. * Customize and use resources efficiently. Just click the right mouse button anywhere, and a menu appears with the most common commands to use with the object at hand. * Even network installation is simplified with built-in client support for NetWareฎ, Windows NTTM Server network operating system, and Windows for Workgroups. Windows 95 also supports all major network transport driver standards. * Windows Explorer makes your system remarkably easy to navigate by giving you a graphical view of everything on your computer.And that makes information easy to find. * Accomplish several tasks at once. Running 32-bit programs, Windows 95 offers preemptive multitasking and multithreading and runs programs in their own memory space. * With built-in Microsoft Exchange Inbox, you can send and receive e-mail and faxes via one universal inbox. * Sign on to The Microsoft Network,* the exciting new online service that gives you Internet access,e-mail, the latest news, reference information, and more. * Easily connect to your organization's network from anywhere. Built-in Dial-Up Networking takes the complexity out of remote computing, so you can connect one simple way, no matter where you are. * Make your laptop computer even more convenient. Windows 95 equips it with a wealth of helpful features, including Briefcase for automatically updating files between two PCs, Plug and Play support for PC cards (PCMCIA) and docking stations, and Battery Meter. * Windows 95 takes the frustration out of computing with its improved interface, wizards to assist with common tasks, and a more powerful Help system. * Faster, smoother video makes Microsoft Windows 95 awesome for multimedia programs and games. * Multimedia titles of all kinds are easy to use with AutoPlay. Just pop in an AutoPlay CD and it runs automatically. There’s a lot more to know about Microsoft Windows 95 for starters, check into any or all of the following online sources: ** Worldwide Web (Mosaic) HTTP://WWW.MICROSOFT.COM ** Internet FTP://FTP.MICROSOFT.COM/PEROPSYS/ WIN_NEWS ** CompuServeฎ GO WINNEWS ** ProdigyTM JUMP WINNEWS **America Onlineฎ Use keywords WINNEWS **GEnieTM Download files from the WinNews area under the Windows RTC. **To get on our bi-weekly Windows 95 Update List, send mail to: ENEWS@MICROSOFT.NWNET.COM As the only text in your message write: SUBSCRIBE WINNEWS FOR WORKING EASIER AND FASTER จจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจ * Start button * Taskbar * Great support for existing MS-DOS and Windows-based applications * Plug and Play * Long filenames * Better MS-DOS support without MS-DOS * Faster file and disk access; faster printing * Easy installation * Right click for pop-up command menus * Out-of-the-box compatibility with NetWare and all major networks * Supports all major network transport driver standards * Windows Explorer enhanced file management tool FOR MORE POSSIBILITIES จจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจ * 32-bit preemptive multitasking and multithreading * Microsoft Exchange Inbox * The Microsoft Network * Dial-Up Networking * More convenient laptop computing FOR MORE FUN จจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจ * Faster, smoother video * AutoPlay * Enhanced support for fast action games FOR MORE USE BY MORE OF US จจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจ * Customizable fonts, sizes, colors, and mouse pointers for people with low vision * StickyKeys, MouseKeys, FilterKeys, and SerialKeys for people with limited dexterity * ShowSounds and SoundSentry for people who are deaf or hard of hearing * Accessibility features easily adjusted through the Control Panel and taskbar * User profiles and time-outs make these features safe and convenient for public and multi-use machines To Upgrade To Windows 95 you need: จจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจ * Personal computer with a 386DX or higher processor running the MS-DOS operating system version 3.31 or later and Microsoft Windows version 3.0 or later or OS/2ฎ version 2.0 or later * 4 MB of memory (8 MB recommended) * Typical available hard disk space required: 35-40 MB (actual requirements will vary based on features you choose to install) * One 3.5" high-density disk drive or CD-ROM drive * VGA or higher-resolution graphics card Options: จจจจจจจจจจจจ * Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device * Modem/fax modem * Audio card/speakers for sound To access Microsoft Exchange and Network: จจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจ * 8 MB of memory * 20 MB of additional hard disk space * Modem required for The Microsoft Network* NOTE: จจจจจจจจจจ * System requirements for Windows 95 based programs may exceed system requirements described above for Windows 95. * To get the full benefits of preemptive multitasking requires exclusive use of 32-bit, Windows-based programs such as those products bearing the Designed for Windows 95 logo. *Migrate. Gartner Group believes organizations running Microsoft Windows should migrate to Windows 95"if only to run 16-bit applications for Windows on a more stable, easier-to-use platform." *Plan ahead. Through prior planning, particularly in the installation process, an organization could upgrade to Windows 95 for less than the average cost of upgrading from Windows 3.0 to Windows 3.1.* *Source: Personal Computing Costs: a Chicago Model, August 1994 * Reduced cost of ownership.Gartner Group found that the reduced total cost of ownership of Windows 95, including support and training, far outweighs the cost of migrating-$1,180 less per year, per user.* *Fast payback period. Gartner Group study estimates that a typical organization will recoup the cost of migrating within three to six months.* *In a controlled test, Usability Sciences Corporation found that PC users, on the third repetition of a common set of tasks, were nearly twice as fast with Windows 95 than with Windows 3.1. Office for Windows 95 gives you easy access to the full power of next-generation integrated tools. Office 95 enables you to derive more of the full capabilities of an office suite by making product features more discoverable and product usage more intuitive . Productivity breakthroughs such as the AnswerWizard and the OfficeBinder make computers work like people do, and not the other way around. No matter what your task or experience level, Microsoft Office 95 offers a flexible and versatile set of tools to help get the job done. Office 95 frees you to focus on your work and not your software. Helping you get your job done is an essential requirement of any office suite. With innovative technologies such as IntelliSense, Office for Windows 95 makes it easier and faster than ever before to get work done. With IntelliSense technology, Office for Windows 95 senses your intent and then intelligently delivers the desired result. Office 95 offers many new enhancements in IntelliSense technology. AutoCorrect now learns from you and shares entries throughout Office applications. AutoFormat formats your document as you type, automatically adding the correct style to fractions, character symbols, ordinals, borders, and headings. Spell-It instantly tag misspellings. AutoComplete finishes your list entries on-the-fly. And the Database Wizard creates a relational database from scratch in a few easy steps. With IntelliSense, routine tasks are automatic while complex tasks are simple. Office 95 also features a revolutionary breakthrough in IntelliSense technology the AnswerWizard. The AnswerWizard, which is found in all Office applications, allows you to ask for help in your own words and then guides you through task completion. The AnswerWizard is based on three years of natural language processing and decision theory research at Microsoft. As competitors begin to copy first generation IntelliSense features such as AutoCorrect and Wizards, the Answer Wizard establishes a new paradigm in interactive user assistance. Office 95 is also designed to take full advantage of Windows95. You will enjoy true multitasking, multi-threaded operations within applications, and greater stability and systems resources for multi-application use. Integration with Windows 95 is evident throughout. From basics such as long file names, screen tips, and tabbed dialog boxes, to more advanced integration in the form of file viewing and launching from the desktop, drag and drop to the task bar, and Access Briefcase replication, Office 95 enables many of the key benefits of Windows 95 in your everyday productivity applications. Office 95 gives you greater control over your software and reduces your need to understand your computer's vocabulary. If you are upgrading from previous versions of Office applications, new IntelliSense features help you discover untapped potential in your software. If your are new to Office, IntelliSense makes product usage more intuitive to help you start getting your job done with minimal training. For organizations, IntelliSense helps reduce training and support costs as end users become more self reliant. Together with Windows 95, Office 95 lets you start accessing the full power and potential of your PC for getting work done. Providing you the flexibility to share information across applications is one of the primary benefits of Office for Windows 95.With the latest enhancements in Microsoft's OfficeLinks tools, creating and combining Office documents is now more intuitive and comprehensive. To start with, all Office applications share the same look and feel. Common toolbar buttons, menu commands, and dialogs enable you to utilize your experience with one part of Office across all Office applications. And that's just the beginning. New OfficeLinks tools also enable easier information sharing between applications. For example, with the Table Analyzer Wizard, Access can convert an Excel flat file list into a full relational database; Excel PivotTables can be used to analyze Access database tables; Word can insert an address from the Schedule+ Contact Manager; and PowerPoint can write up a presentation in Word. These are just a few examples of how Office allows you to work with complex documents that combine text, data and graphics without thinking about how each separate application works.You can focus on documents and data rather than applications and process. But that's not all. Office's all new OfficeBinder allows you to assemble and publish multiple document types together as a single document. Open it and have all the applications it uses launch at once. Print it and have all pages numbered consecutively. Based on an innovative extension to OLE 2.0, the OfficeBinder goes beyond traditional compound document creation to provide a totally new metaphor for application integration. Office 95 also extends integration by sharing more tools and technologies across applications. Shared code for such features as the File Open and File New dialogs, the Answer Wizard, and AutoCorrect, is written once and used across the Office. This insures that useful features such as content- indexing and searching are available and operate in the same way across all applications. Over 20% of Office 95 represents code that is shared, allowing more efficient use of systems resources and more effective use of all applications. Integration in Office 95 also encompasses a broad family of Office Compatible applications. Office Compatible 95 offers new opportunities for third-party software developers to more tightly integrate their applications with Office 95. Over 100 new 32 bit applications are in development.These applications can now directly access Office code and tie directly into the latest Office innovations such as the OfficeBinder. Admission to the program is free and development tools have been improved through the creation of the Advanced Development Kit. Office 95 provides next generation integrated tools, easy access to their full power, and greater flexibility to share information between all applications. While Lotus and Novell take steps to provide basic integration and OLE 2.0 support, Microsoft Office goes one step further with a new approach to application integration. Solutions built with Office 95 provide powerful tools for accessing, sharing and understanding information, allowing you to make better decisions and streamline business processes in your organization. A robust development platform for business solutions, Office 95 offers a rich set of programmable objects, a common programming environment using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), and full support for OLE automation. Office 95 provides developers the ability to build business solutions utilizing components across all Office applications. For example, Access joins Excel and Project in providing full VBA, OLE container and OLE controller support. PowerPoint and Schedule+ join Word, Excel and Access to include full support of the OLE object model. With these enhancements, Office 95 is the only office suite to provide complete solutions development capabilities. Today, more than 500,000 developers are creating solutions using Microsoft Office and over 13 million copies of Office have been sold worldwide. Companies of all sizes are deploying line of business solutions more quickly, for less money, and using the familiar productivity tools with which their employees work everyday.The result is better decisions, faster response, and a new ability to build business advantage through smart investment in technology. Since the first version of Microsoft Office in 1988, more than 12 million users have bought Microsoft Office, making it the world's most popular office suite of business productivity applications. Users have responded to the best-of-breed applications, use of innovative technology to automate common tasks, ability to share information among applications, robust environment for custom solutions, and the driving vision of quality and performance to which Microsoft adheres. Microsoft offers two office suites specifically designed for the Windows 95 operating system that also run on the Microsoft Windows NT Workstation operating system version 3.51, the newest update to the Windows NT platform: *Microsoft Office for Windows 95, Standard Edition. Microsoft's fifth-generation office suite includes full 32-bit versions of Microsoft Excel, Word, the PowerPointr presentation graphics program, and Microsoft Schedule+, each designed for Windows 95. *Microsoft Office for Windows 95, Professional Edition. Microsoft Office Professional for Windows 95 includes the same programs included in the Standard edition, plus Microsoft Access for Windows 95, our award-winning database management system for Windows. In addition, the CD-ROM version of Office Professional includes Microsoft Bookshelfr 95, the multimedia reference library that offers one-click access to eight best-selling reference books. With innovative technologies such as IntelliSense, Office for Windows 95 makes it easier and faster than ever before to get work done. IntelliSense technology senses user intent and then intelligently delivers the desired result. Routine tasks are made automatic while complex tasks are made simple. Users who upgrade from previous versions of Office applications will discover untapped potential in their software, while new users will be surprised at how simple Office makes complex tasks. Support and training costs can be reduced as end users become more self reliant and as functionality becomes more discoverable. *Everyday Tasks Automatic: "Auto" features make everyday tasks automatic, such as Spell-It in Microsoft Word, which spell checks your document as you type. Other new Auto features include AutoComplete in Microsoft Excel, AutoClipArt in PowerPoint, Filter by Selection in Microsoft Access, and AutoDial in Schedule+. *Simplified Complex Tasks: Microsoft-exclusive Wizards break down the steps of complex tasks. For example, Meeting Wizard in Schedule+ walks you through the entire process of scheduling a meeting, including choosing attendees and locations, selecting appropriate times, and sending e-mail about the meeting. Other new Wizards include Microsoft Access Import/Export Wizard, Pack and Go Wizard in PowerPoint, and Database Wizard in Microsoft Access. *Discoverablilty: Discovering the full potential of Microsoft Office for Windows 95 is easier thanks to new features like Screen Tips, the TipWizard in Microsoft Word, and improved user assistance throughout Office for Windows 95. The Answer Wizard is perhaps the most revolutionary IntelliSense feature ever, allowing you to type help questions in common language, immediately providing you with solutions and suggestions. While Office 4.x pioneered consistency and tight integration in the suite category, users expect even more integration within Office for Windows 95, including integration with third-party products. OfficeLinks is the Microsoft-exclusive technology that bridges applications and enables them to share information and tools. *Consistency: The applications in Office for Windows 95 are designed to work together.