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The Internet

The Internet


Internet Basics

The Internet is a global public access network, linked by cables and telephone lines. This network enables an Internet connected computer to 'talk' to another Internet computer anywhere in the world.

It allows you to transfer files, to send email, and to use the resources on another computer. Not to mention the marketing and commercial potential of the World Wide Web, a function of the Internet which is rapidly becoming an essential research, education and business tool.

The Internet is about communication, time saving and convenience. It enables you to exchange documents, files, programmes and ideas with Internet users all over the world.

It puts you in touch, keeps you informed and gives you access to global resources at the cost of a local telephone call.


E-Mail is the low-cost transfer of messages between Internet users. The versatility of e-mail allows you to include pictures, graphs, software and any digital file in your message to any other e-mail user. Communication between users incurs no charge beyond the flat rate of the service provider, no matter where in the world the message is sent or the amount of data the message contains.

File Transfer

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allows you to copy a file from one computer on the Internet to another.

This can be done regardless of where the computers are located, how they are connected or whether they share the same operating system. You can transfer a spreadsheet, an MS-Word document, or even a video.

You can transfer any file, from any other Internet Computer, whenever you want.


Telnet allows you to sit at one computer and remotely log into a machine in the room next door, down the road or in a distant corner of the world.

Your keyboard is connected to that remote computer and you have access to the services it provides, from library catalogues and stock exchanges to the most powerful information databases in the world.

Telnet is global collaboration regardless of geographical location.


Usenet news consists of over 20 000 hierarchically organised discussion groups and forums.

A news reader provides orderly presentation of topics and keeps track of the items you want. Topics range from scientific debates, recreational discussions, computing tips to off-beat articles.

A full commercial news feed is available in South Africa only from TIS, including news reports from Reuters, the Associated Press and Dow Jones. The latest stories instantly categorised for focused access.

World Wide Web

The Web is a unified information space consisting of hypertext documents and links between documents.

WWW browsers such as Mosaic and Netscape allow you access to documents including text, graphics, sound and video from global resources. A corporate presence on the WWW is now essential for any organisation serious about marketing, electronic sales and delivery over the largest commercial network in the world.

You can access and print financial graphs from the NYSE. Watch the nominated clips from the Academy Awards. Visit the Louvre. Browse through the Weekly Mail and Guardian on-line. Book a ticket on-line. A new resource every 10 minutes, anywhere.

The Internet Solution

The Internet Solution

The Internet Solution's background

The Internet Solution (TIS) is South Africa's leading Internet Service Provider. Founded in October 1993, TIS has since played a crucial role in the incredible growth in Internet usage by South African business.

TIS provides high quality Internet access and technical support to South Africa's leading corporations, ensuring that usage of the Internet increases both their productivity and profitability.

South Africa is currently the 15th most connected country in the world and over 75% of businesses with Internet domains are connected through The Internet Solution.

The Internet Solution offers a holistic service covering all aspects of registration, configuration, customisation and training. The skilled TIS personnel provide in-depth security consultation and aid in the development of tools which enable clients to become sophisticated information providers in the global "market space".

Points of presence

Having originally established an Internet POP (Point of Presence) in Johannesburg, The Internet Solution has recently established POPs in Cape Town and Durban. These hubs have been established to facilitate cost effective Diginet access beyond the PWV. The establishment of 2 further POPs is planned for late 1995.

The company has a number of dial-up accounts from commercial and government organisations beyond South Africa operating primarily in Mozambique, Botswana and Zimbabwe. The establishment of a hub in Botswana is envisaged within the next year.

The Internet Solution also provides a direct circuit into Uninet - the South African University network. This facilitates local access for its clients to Southern African academic resources.

International Connectivity

The primary link is the Telkom owned SAT-2 undersea fiber optic cable which links directly from Rosebank, Johannesburg to SprintLink in Washington DC. Current international bandwidth is 768 Kbps with an upgrade to 1Mbps planned for November 1995.

The Internet Solution is the first SA Internet Service Provider to partner with AT&T on an international data half circuit. TIS has contracted to AT&T for the use of this additional circuit as a second growth path as well as a redundant link. The link will initially be a 128 Kbps link, with an upgrade planned for early 1996.

Areas of operation

The Internet Solution covers all areas of Internet access and related project management. This includes:

* co-ordination of Telkom leased line installation on behalf of clients
* official IP number allocation and Internet domain registration
* full host configuration including Mail & DNS
* security consulting & implementation
* recommendation and installation of client software
* development and installation of WWW servers
* development of WWW home pages
* value added services including the Clarinet commercial news feed 
  (Associated Press, Dow Jones and Reuters) and a hypertext Internet 
  yellow pages
* technical and user support hotline
* training in system administration   

More information

Please contact The Internet Solution for more information:

Toll free       : 0800 119 477
Telephone       : (011) 447 5566
Fax             : (011) 4475567

If you are Internet connected: email

Please contact us for a copy of the White Paper on 'How to choose an Internet Service Provider'.

Easy Info On-Line

Easy Info On-Line

General Information

Easy Info is now available online on the Net and on Bulletin Boards!! You can also download the latest update off these services. (See Easy Info Online Addresses)

We offer the entire Gauteng Directory, divided into the various guides - General Business, Computer, Wheels, Getaway and Restaurants.

We also house the official SA Restaurant Guild National Restaurant Guide. This guide contains over 11 000 different restaurants! From Italian restaurants in Phalaborwa, to Malaysian restaurants in Cape Town, and everything in-between!

If your company would like to advertise on our very popular Net sites or would like home pages developed, please call Jimi Lutz on (011) 789-1199

Easy Info Online Addresses

Easy Info Online-Main Page:

National Restaurant Guide:

Internet Solution

Easy Info's premier Internet site is situated on The Internet Solution's World Wide Web server (Webco).
This service can be found at :

Online Welcome (Internet)

The service at Online Welcome is soon to be moved to the Gauteng Mall which is still under construction.
This service can be found at :

Bulletin Board Services

The Online Welcome Bulletin Board Service provides Easy Info Online in dos emulation. This can be accessed by typing "smart", at the main message board.
It also provides Easy Info for download. Do a zippy file search for "easy*.zip".

SA Internet Directory

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