Networking, Telecommunications ALLMICRO S.A. AMPKON ATS-DATA EASE ATTACHMATE AXiZ BARCAPE BOOK FACTORY, THE BORLAND INTERNATIONAL BSW-CHANNELS CLEARLINE PROTECTION SYSTEMS CMS COMPU-BYTE COMPUSERVE COMPUTER SUPERSTORE CONNECTED MAGAZINE COOPERS & LYBRAND CORE APPLICATIONS CORE BUSINESS, THE CSS NETWORKING CSS OPEN SYSTEMS CSS WORKSTATION TECHNOLOGIES DATA SPEC DAX DATA DELL COMPUTER DIGIFONE DSM DISTRIBUTION DYNAMIC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS ELITE COMPUTERS ENGINEERING DATA SYSTEMS SA EPI-USE SYSTEMS EXPERT TECHNOLOGIES FASTNET FIRSTCALL FIRST NATIONAL BANK FIRSTNET FULL ENTERPRISE CORPORATION FUTURE SIGHT GEM INTERNET CO, THE GOALDATA GOLDTRON LIMITED S.A. HRK POINT OF SALE SYSTEMS IBM SA INCREDIBLE CONNECTION INTELLIGENCE MAGAZINE LeCLUB INTERNET ACCESS ALLMICRO S.A. AllMicro is considered one of the largest worldwide manufacturers and distributors of PC diagnostics, trouble-shooting tools and utilities exclusively for the professional PC repair technician. The company's strategy to maintain its competitive edge in the marketplace, in addition to developing new products, is its commitment to the continual upgrade of existing products. In this way, as new technology and its inherent problems are introduced to the PC market, customers are provided with fast and workable solutions. The company's gross sales annually increase more than 35%, distributing in Europe, South America, africa, Asia and Australia. Tel: 011 - 823 - 5121 Fax: 011 - 826 - 7238 PO Box 1641 Boskburg 1467 AMPKON Ampkon supplies Novell, Microsoft NT and Windows 95 networking. The company also provides for wide area networking, bridges, routas, modems, internet access and e-mail. Tel; 011 - 315 - 1000 Fax: 011 - 315 - 1569 PO Box 2387 Halfway House 1685 ATS - DATA EASE ATS supplies Persoft Teminal Emulation that provides micro computer users with access to information and applications on local or remote systems. The company also supplies text and graphics emulation software for DOS, Windows, NT and Windows 95, ICP/FTPLAT protocols, VT, DG and 32 70 emulaation as well as Internet Netscape. In addition, the company supplies wireless remote bridges between Ethernet and Token RIng LANs up to 15 km apart. Tel: 011 - 886 - 1740 Fax: 011 - 886 - 1786 PO Box 52 Randburg 2125 ATTACHMATE Attachmate offers award-winning host access products, application development tools, collaborative groupware, remote access products, management tools and software for the Internet. The company's products universally support a comprehensive range of desktop operating systems, connectivity protocols and communication gateways. In addition, the company has Personal Client, multi-host access for Windows desktops that places information at the fingertips of the clients and presents the information in the way that the client wants it. Tel: 011 - 784 - 0414 Fax: 011 - 784 - 0519 PO Box 56055 Pinegowrie 2123 AXiZ AXiZ is a distributor of upgrade products including memory, processors, hard drives, PC cards, CD-ROMS, graphics cards and network cards. Brand names supplied by the company are: Apex, Boca, Cyrix, Intel, Kingston, IBM, New Media, Transcend, Goldstar, Texas Instruments, Motorola, Toshiba and Western Digital. The company has country-wide representation with offices in Johannesburg and Durban and a distributor ICD in Cape Town. Tel: 011 - 803 - 8706 Fax: 011 - 803 -8708 PO Box 2794 Rivonia 2128 BARCAPE Barcape installs high speed bar code scanning networks with up to 255 scanning stations over 1,2 km. Tel: 021 - 45 - 6135 Fax: 021 - 45 - 5935 PO Box 13028 Sir Lowry Road 7900 THE BOOK FACTORY The Book Factory, a division of one of South Africa's leading bookshop group, Facts & Fiction, specialises in the widest range and depth of new and discounted books. Brand new books, often on the shelves at The Book Factory for the first time in South Africa and occasionally for the first time in the world, retail on average 15% below the published recommended retail selling price. In line with this philosophy, the bookshop will be retailing computer books at 20% off the publishers recommended retail price. Also on display will be the bookshop's latest inroad into the multimedia market. Tel: 011 - 802 - 2662 Fax: 011 - 802 - 2610 PO Box 1687 Gallo Manor 2052 BORLAND INTERNATIONAL Borland International, founded in 1983, has its headquarters in Scott's Valley, California. It is one of the world's leading suppliers of developer and client/server tools for personal computers. The company is focused on delivering products and services that help developers and corporations. Its award-winning products are supported through programmes and services for developers, value added re-sellers, systems integrators, corporate customers and computer software retailers. Products include: Visual dBase, Paradox, Interbase Scaleable SQL Server, ReportSmith, Borland C++ and Delphi. Tel: 011 - 622 - 1635 Fax: 011 - 622 - 1534 PO Box 2102 Bedfordview 2008 BSW - CHANNELS BSW-Channel's Test Equipment and instrumentation programme includes a broad range of products that address telecommunications test and measurement needs, datacommunications testing, optical fibre testing and analysis, voice enunciating equipment, subscriber billing systems, ISDN base band modems and network surveillance systems. All equipment is supported by full in-house service and calibration facilities to NCS standards. Tel: 011 - 315 - 0610 Fax: 011 - 805 - 2148 Private Bag X35 Halfway House 1685 CLEARLINE PROTECTION SYSTEMS Clearline Protection Systems, a leading supplier of surge protection products to industry has launched some products for the LAN and domestic markets. Recently released are the 10 Bar 2 and 10 Base T isolation protectors which combine short circuit and isolation protection for various applications. These devices are extremely cost-effective where fibre solutions are considered. For the computer user and home market, a range of plug and play protection devices have been released for complete protection of computers, TVs, appliances and alarm systems. These products are blister packed, come with full installation instructions and carry a two year warranty. Tel: 011 - 314 - 3875 Fax: 011 - 314 - 3880 PO Box 5985 Halfway House 1685 CMS CMS is the distributor for a family of highly advanced digital switches from the Israeli based Telrad. The advanced Telrad Meridian systems enable the company's customers to add functions as their needs grow and add users as their operations grow. The Meridian digital switch is based on the state of the art digital and ISDN technology. The architecture is fully redundant, filed upgradeable and easy to integrate into existing business and data systems. Tel: 011 - 789 - 2505 Fax: 011 - 886 - 2843 PO Box 784013 Sandton 2146 COMPU-BYTE Compu-Byte has a fully trained staff that has been involved in networking PCs for the past decade. The company provides service and installation for metworks under Novell, Microsoft, D-Link and Lantastic. Tel: 011 - 728 - 6164 Fax: 011 - 728 - 1684 PO Box 1975 Houghton 2045 COMPUSERVE CompuServe is the world's largest and most user-friendly online service. With access available from 15 countries around the world, you can remain in constant touch. The company offers more than 3 000 services, loads of free software, hardware and software support, an easy, user-friendly e-mail service and instant Internet access. Toll free: 0800 112252 PO Box 395 Pretoria 0001 COMPUTER SUPERSTORE Computer Superstores, a division of the Pinnacle Group whoosh was nominated as the top PC distributor in South Africa for 1995, has been established at the Hill Fox Power Centre, Weltevredenpark, in December 1994. Owing to vast expansion and demand, the company is now able to offer services in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Bloemfontein, Welkom, Vanderbijlpark and will be opening branches in Pretoria, Boksburg and Randburg. The company supplies and supports systems such as Proline, Compaq, Aopen, ICL, Packard Bell, Altima and all the known computer brands available. The company also stocks prominent product lines from Hewlett Packard, Panasonic, Epson, Canon, Brother and Citizen as well as various software products such as Microsoft, Pastel, Lotus and CorelDraw. Focused technical divisions with well equipped workshops supply all types of services such as repairs, upgrades and support as well as networking. Tel: 011 - 475 - 0311 Fax: 011 - 475 - 0356 Hill Fox Power Centre Hendrik Potgieter Roodepoort PRIMEDIA PUBLISHING (CONNECTED) Connected magazine your a practical guide to today's communication technology. Connected is offering a substantial discount on subscriptions to visitors to this year's Computer Faire. Visitors to the stand could also stand in line for exciting special offers. Tel: 011 - 884 - 3857 Fax: 011 - 884 - 4677 PO Box 784698 Sandton 2146 COOPERS & LYBRAND COMPUTER SERVICES Coopers & Lybrand Computer Services offers a full service on the supply, installation and support of network systems. The company are also a Novell authorised education centre. Tel; 011 - 802 - 2182 Fax: 011 - 802 - 2611 PO Box 786691 Sandton 2146 CORE APPLICATIONS Core Applications publishes PC Magazine Southern Africa and PC Week Executive Edition Southern Africa. Tel: 011 - 807 - 1294 Fax: 011 - 807 - 1299 PO Box 501 Rivonia 2128 CORE BUSINESS, THE The Core Business distributes Asante Technologies networking products. Asante develops and manufactures a full line of high performance networking products. Asante has recently introduced a broad family of products including adapter cards, hubs, bridges, network management and a switch which are designed to make the clients' migration to Fast Ethernet easy and cost-effective. As this new standard (100 BASE-T or Fast Ethernet) is expected to be adopted as industry standard because of its ability to accommodate the requirement for greater bandwidth over LANs and because of its integration into existing 10 BASE-T networks, The Core Business has the products to ensure a smooth transition. Tel: 011 - 476 - 8114 Fax: 011 - 476 - 8261 Unit 1 Bagely Office Park Bagely Terrace Northcliff 2115 CSS NETWORKING CSS Networking specialises in the provision and installation of total solution networks to the general computer market. It is the sole importer and distributor of the full range of D-link and Whittaker Communications Networking Hardware and Software products. The company was appointed an Intel Advanced Network Reseller. It operates a registered Novell training and test centre in Gauteng with branches in the Cape and Natal. Installations include the following: complete design, supply, installation and commissioning of large and small Novell/NT/Unix TCP/IP applications distributed networks involving numerous fileservers, hundreds of workstations and kilometres of cabling. The company is capable of supplying complete back-up and support for all its installations. Tel: 012 - 661 - 4970 Fax: 012 - 661 - 4983 Private Bag 8212 Hennopsmeer 0046 CSS OPEN SYSTEMS CSS Open Systems specialises in the provision of Unix and NT-based multi-user business systems to the South African corporate market. It holds the sole distributorship for Data General and has established itself as one of the Unix suppliers to government, local authorities, the automotive industry and hospitals in Southern Africa. Data General Corporation manufactures Midrange of large mission critical enterprise servers and storage systems with high availability features for medium to large installation where continuous system availability is critical. Systems are Intel Pentium and Pentium Pro based. Tel: 012 - 661 - 4970 Fax: 012 - 661 - 1982 Private Bag 8212 Hennopsmeer 0046 CSS WORKSTATION TECHNOLOGIES CSS Workstation Technologies is the master distributor for Hummingbird and is sub-distributor for SunSoft in South Africa. The company is focused on Intranet/Internet solutions. The company is also the sole distributor for Tatung's 100% sun-compatible machines. Hummingbird specialises in PC-Unix integration software. It software is divided into three categories, namely: Exceed, the worldwide market leader in X Server; Maestro, a range of NFS and TCP/IP products for Microsoft products; and Columbus, a second generation Internet Browser with integrated management and Web publishing capabilities, aimed at corporate Intranets. SunSoft, the Internet Software Company and a $600 million pa software company, specialises in developing solutions for large companies. The company has a wide range of products, ranging from Internet (sophisticated Firewall and Java, Netscape's Webserver as OEM) desktop Unix operating system market wit Solaris, network and software management development products. Tel: 012 - 661 - 4970 Fax: 012 - 996 - 841 E-mail: Private Bag 8212 Hennopsmeer 0046 DATA SPEC Data Spec, established in 1988, is and importer and distributor of computer components. The company's product range includes the following: Astra mainboards (486 VESA, 486 PCI, Pentium); CPUs and memory products; VGA cards, network cards, monitors and keyboards; casing, multimedia, hard drives and stiffy drives; and modems amongst others. Tel: 011 - 395 - 1840 011 - 395 - 1732 Fax: 011 - 395 - 1732 PO Box 9578 Brentwood Park Benoni 1505 DAX DATA Dax Data is dedicated to the marketing and support of the Rumba family of connectivity products. These products provide host connectivity within a graphical environment. This allows users to access information and application resources and make use of information by downloading or pasting it into Windows applications and even linking it to a Windows application so that it can be updated automatically. Rumba Office provides simultaneous access to multiple host systems from a single point with a single Ul. Host systems supported include IBM Mainframe and AS/4000, HP 3 000/9 000, Digital VAX and Unix systems and servers. Tel: 021 - 683 - 3861 Fax: 021 - 611 - 392 PO Box 5 Rondebosch 7700 DELL COMPUTER As one of the world's top computer manufacturers, Dell has the knowledge, product and structure necessary to design, support and implement multi-level customised networking solutions. Every Dell server is tailored to meet the customers' exact networking requirements and custom-built to the customers' specifications at the company's European Manufacturing Facility in Limerick, Ireland. The company has forged alliances with some of the industry's leading innovators, including Intel, Novell, Banyan and 3Com and as server architectures evolve, the combination of technologies from companies such as this, matched with the company's own design skills, deliver a new generation of scaleable and flexible servers. Tel: 011 - 447 - 7567 Fax: 011 - 447 - 7459 PO Box 3317 Parklands 2121 DIGIFONE Digifone was formed four years to address the transaction automation market. It is said to be the only company of its kind on the continent that deals exclusively in this area and because of this, currently has fourteen banks and financial institutions as its regional customer base. Digifone's product range consists of the following distributorships: Tandem Non-Stop OLTP Servers and Integrity Unix servers; Verifone Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Service (EFTPOS) Products; Applied Communications Incorporated (ACI) Financial Systems (Level 2); Ungermann-Bass Networking and Communications Products; and Gemplus Smart Card Distributor. In addition, the company is a member of the Smart Card Society of southern Africa. Tel:263 - 4 - 700 - 781/4 Fax:263 - 4 - 792 - 336 E-mail: 11th Floor Causeway Building Central Avenue PO Box CY1549 DSM DISTRIBUTION DSM Distribution distributes a wide range of quality computer hardware and accessories, media products from Verbatim and Mitsubishi including tape cartridges, magneto optical disks, 100% compatible toner cartridges and CDR products. Computer hardware products include: the full range of NEC products from the notebooks and personal computers to the GDI laser printers and CD-ROM drives; Asus and Aopen mainboards and add on cards from 486 to Pentium Pro; Mag Innovision monitors and Accton networking products including processors, memory products and disk drives from Seagate, Conner and Western Digital. Tel: 011 - 444 - 9434 Fax: 011 - 444 - 9493 4 Apple Road Kramerville Sandton DYNAMIC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS Dynamic Identification Systems offers off-the-shelf PC-based software, hardware and labels for identification of components, sub-assemblies, enclosures and final products. Specialised materials designed for performance under extreme conditions are available for the electronic, telecommunications automotive and most industrialised sectors. Materials include white and metallised polyester, vinyl, cloth, paper and high temperature Kapton plus tamper evident polyester, vinyl and holograms. Material choice is application specific and expert advice is available. Text, graphics and symbology is clear without smearing, erasing or fading under adverse chemical and environmental conditions including humidity and UV light. The company also supports a wide range of scanning equipment. Tel: 011 - 886 - 0307 Fax: 011 - 789 - 3913 PO Box 4581 Randburg 2125 ELITE COMPUTERS Elite Computers, established in 1986, is a retail company that targets the corporate market. The company specialises Topware, an alternative network system. Tel: 011 - 849 - 7127/43 Fax: 011 - 425 - 2676 PO Box 1398 Northmead 1511 ENGINEERING DATA SYSTEMS SA Engineering Data Systems SA was formed in 1983 with the sole purpose of specialising in the sales and services of Uninterruptible Power Supplies. With the biggest range of UPSs in the country, the company can provide solutions to all power problems from the smallest home PCs to the largest factory machinery. With the optional available software for the UPS, data will never be lost. Tel: 011 - 496 - 1402 Fax: 011 - 496 - 1047 Corner Northern Parkway and Gold Reefs Roads Ormonde EPI-USE SYSTEMS EPI-USE Systems is involved in network management systems and ATM consulting. The company has been involved in network management systems since 1985. It has participated in international research and product-development for IBM's NetView for AIX family of products since 1989. The company also consults on behalf of HiPerformance Systems, the South African Hewlett Packard distributor, on the Hewlett Packard OpenView network management platform. The company maintains an experienced development team for building integrated network and systems management applications. The company is also involved in ATM consulting and is in a position to advise on state of the art technology, various products and the deployment and integration of this new technology in existing networks. Tel: 012 - 348 - 2700/1 Fax: 012 - 348 - 2700/1 PO Box 36453 Menlo Park 0102 EXPERT TECHNOLOGIES Expert Technologies was founded in 1993. The company distributes quality yet low-priced computer equipment. This year, the was awarded the sole agency for Logix computers. Logix is a computer branch of the large Korean conglomerate Luck Goldstar. The Logix product range includes: mainboards, VGA cards, CD-ROM drives, PC's and monitors. The company also distributes Forefront monitors and Teramars monitors. There is a two year warranty on all products, except CD-ROM drives on which there is a one year warranty. Tel: 011 - 805 - 0937 Fax: 011 - 805 - 2925 PO Box 2442 Cresta 2118 FASTNET FastNet, South Africa's first radio data communication network, facilitates data communication without the frustrating restrictions often imposed by telephone lines. FastNet is doing for data communication what cellular telephony did for voice communication. Superior speed and reliability makes Fastnet indispensable to bankers, retailers, engineers, fleet managers and security companies amongst others. Developed by British communication giant, Racal Electronics, FastNet is fully operational in South Africa. Swiftnet, a South African company co-owned by local investors, has established the infrastructure to service the growing demand for wireless data communication. Tel: 012 - 663 - 1820 Fax: 012 - 663 - 1525 PO Box 10311 Hennopsmeer 0046 FIRSTCALL FirstCall is a cellular telephone service provider for both Vodacom and MTN Tel: 011 - 353 - 2600 Fax: 011 - 353 - 2719 PO Box 3658 Johannesburg 2000 FIRST NATIONAL BANK First National Bank provides multi-faceted financial services from its more than 620 branches throughout Southern Africa. A world leader in the application of IT to banking, it was named by Computer World as one of the Top 100 IT using companies in the world. It is also a cellular telephone service provider for both Vodacom and MTN. Tel: 011 - 353 - 2600 Fax: 011 - 353 - 2719 PO Box 3568 Johannesburg 2000 FIRSTNET FirstNet is involved in the following: electronic trading services - nationwide VAN infrastructure, software and consulting services (technical and business); domestic managed data networks; global managed data networks; and connectivity between First National Bank and corporate clients. Tel: 011 - 884 - 9256 Fax: 011 - 884 - 1844 PO Box 3818 Randburg 2125 FULL ENTERPRISE CORPORATION Full Enterprise Corporation, a professional manufacturer and exporter of LAN products, computer peripheral accessories and telephone accessories, has 950 m2 plant with 30 employees in the suburb of Chung Ho in Taipei. In 1984, the company started producing telephone accessories for the USA, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, the UK and Holland amongst others. In 1986, the company started producing computer peripheral accessories such as SCI I 7 II, terminators, cable assembly, data switches, auto switches, adaptors and connectors. In 1988, the company started producing LAN products such as Token Ring products, Voice Connector, Patch Panel, Link Tester and Fullnet. The turnover of the company has almost doubled annually and the company prides itself on its quality products, competitive prices and prompt delivery service. Tel: 886 - 2 - 223 - 9211/3 Fax: 886 - 2 - 225 - 3552 PO Box Chung Ho 1 - 281 Taipei, Taiwan Republic of China FUTURE SIGHT Future Sight is a distributor and systems integrator. The company specialises in the utilization of ISDN to provide low cost wide area networks to a variety on industries. With specialists on all major platforms including Macintosh, PC and Unix based stations and expertise in Novell, Apple, Unix and OS2. The company has supplied the ISDN Uplink from the Novell stand and will be demonstrating ISDN Access to the Internet through the exhibition. The company also distributes Xante printers, 4-Sight Remote Printing Solutions, SCII ISDN solutions and Euronis Video Conferencing. It provides a one-stop shop for anyone requiring a low cost wide area network. Tel: 012 - 663 - 1628/9 Fax: 012 - 663 - 6350 PO Box 7815 Hennopsmeer 0046 THE GEM INTERNET CO GEM prides itself on service excellence and product quality. Networking ie the company's speciality incorporating IntraNet solutions across multiple platforms. This allows the company's clients and customers to network their remote offices from anywhere in the world, permitting access to network resources such as hard drives and printers. The company has a wide variety of leased line products to suit any needs from as little as R485 per month with no traffic charges. The company also provides complete hardware and software solutions and is a certified reseller for the CISCO range of routers. In addition, the company has 28.8 Microcom modems that it maintains at 20 to 1, user to modem ratio that ensures fast, hassle free connections. The GEMScape Internet kit provides two months free Internet access and a licensed copy of Netscape 2.0 for only R199.00. Tel: 011 - 792 - 6083 Fax: 011 - 792 - 6763 PO Box 651119 Benmore 2010 GOALDATA Established in 1988 as a distributor of connectivity products, Goaldata holds official distribution contracts for a select range of popular local and wide area networking telephony products. Brooktrout Technologies, a new product range, allows Goaldata to market and distribute multi-channel processor voice fax boards and the stand-alone multi-port Quadrafax Fax. Goaldata also distributes LANtastic, a peer-to-peer network solution that is complemented by the range of Pheenet network adaptors, hubs, PCMCIA and portable range of products. With distribution rights for Delrina, the company offers network and stand-alone solutions and with Cyberjack, the company offers an Internet solution. Voicefax/Modems in the company's range includes Phoebe and Supra ranging from 14400 V.32 through to 282800 V.34 transmission speeds with V34 plus 33600 bps soon to follow. Windows NT fax solutions are available as well as fax on demand, telephony and document automation applications. Tel: 011 - 883 - 1025 Fax: 011 - 783 - 9015 PO Box 55466 Northlands 2116 GOLDTRON LIMITED S.A. Goldtron was established in September 1994. The company is a widely-based computer company that manufactures and distributes its own proprietary products. The company has brought in the Venus 2000 (9000 mhz cordless phone) and the Proteq 900 security and home automation system, that have been approved by Telkom and been tested by the SABS. The Venus 2000 can have one base unit with a maximum of six handsets. Included in the company's product range are the new Goldtron pagers that offer tone, numeric and alpha-numeric features. Tel: 011 - 708 - 2535 Fax: 011 - 708 - 2501 PO Box 3841 Randburg 2125 HRK POINT OF SALE SYSTEMS HRK's software department writes point-of-sale software and back office systems. The company has developed point-of-sale equipment that is totally PC-standard technology and utilises security and operational features not available on any other PC-based system of its type. The technical division, manned by an experienced and highly qualified staff, installs, maintains and services the company's systems country-wide. Tel: 011 - 444 - 8505 Fax: 011 - 444 - 8322 PO Box 65119 Benmore 2010 IBM SA Although wireless communications will always lag behind wired communications in terms of pure throughput, convenience is starting to rand highly. Cables and wires restrict users to pre-determined locations, whereas wireless LANs allow "anytime, anywhere" communication. IBM Wireless LAN, the only product that can be described as completely wireless, will be featured, displaying ease of use, quality of reception hen roaming and straightforward installation and configuration are straightforward. Wireless networking can provide all the facilities of the office for users away from their desks. It is ideal for creating temporary networks and can be used in place of a wired system. Toll free: 0800 - 130 - 130 Fax: 011 - 320 - 9334 Private Bag X9907 Sandton 2146 INCREDIBLE CONNECTION Internet Connection, whose theme for Computer Faire is The Best of the Best, will introduce its dedicated operation, Internet Connection. Internet Connection provides users with dial-up connectivity to the Internet via The Internet Solution, one of South Africa's largest national Internet service providers. With an Internet Connection, users have immediate and easy access to information on the Internet using award-winning Internet Chameleon software. In addition, companies, professional and home users are increasingly using Internet Connection for e-mail communication with suppliers, customers, associates, friends and family nationally and internationally, all at the cost of a local phonecall. Tel: 011 - 804 - 3510 Fax: 011 - 804 - 7211 PO Box 76521 Wendywood 2144 INTELLIGENCE MAGAZINE Intelligence is one of South Africa's leading magazines in the information age. It is the award-winning monthly guide to what is happening on the information superhighway and how it is changing the way we live, learn and work. It examines, in depth, the social, political and business issues at the heart of the digital age and reports on the new technologies that are shaping business and society. Intelligence readers are early adopters of technology. They are decision-makers at the highest level in corporation or owners of business who have a vested interest in the digital revolution. Special subscription offers are will be available from the magazine's stand. Tel: 011 - 442 - 6006 Fax: 011 - 442 - 5655 PO Box 2917 Parklands 2121 LeCLUB INTERNET ACCESS LeClub Internet Access is offering full Internet access ranging from simple e-mail accounts, dial-up Internet access via modem or ISDN to permanent connection for corporate customers. The company also specialises in the design of commercial Web pages and the rental of Web space. The company has branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Secunda, Newcastle, Durban, Cape Town and Windhoek. Head office Tel: 011 - 315 - 3475 Fax: 011 - 315 - 0399 E-mail: PO Box 2260 Midrand 1685 Networking, Telecommunications MAXTEC PERIPHERALS MICRO 2000 EUROPE NASHUA NOTE-IT TECHNOLOGY NOVELL PACIFIC CABLES P.C. DEVELOPMENTS PHD-POCKET HARD DISK POSTEC PRO-EM ELECTRONICS PROLOCON PRO-MECH PROSCAN/STANDARD COMPUTING RADIOSPOOR SA DYNAMIC COMPUTER SOLUTIONS SCANTECH SERVUTRON SILTEK DISTRIBUTION DYNAMICS SOUTHERN MICROSYSTEMS SOYO ELECTRONICS SPECTRA SOLUTIONS SUNTECH COMPUTERS SUN UP TECHNOLOGIES SUPER DIAMOND COMPUTERS SYSTEMS PUBLISHERS TAINET COMMUNICATION SYSTEM CORP. TELKOM THRASHER TECHNOLOGIES ULTRA TECHNOLOGY DISTRIBUTION VAN SCHAIK BOOKSTORE WORLDNET AFRICA XCEL CD SOLUTIONS Maxtec Peripherals was appointed as the sole authorised for Specialix in 1987. Specialix was founded in 1986 to focus specifically on the fast developing multi-user PC market. Today, Specialix is one of the leading suppliers in the data communications industry world-wide. Maxtex peripherals and Specialix already have over 100 000 serial ports in South Africa. The company distributes Specialix serial and ethernet connectivity for WANS and LANS under Unix and also provides multiple serial ports and ISDN equipment for remote access services. Specialix products are widely used in the AIX, SCO, Unixware and Windows/NT environments. Tel: 011 - 803 - 6635 Fax: 011 - 803 - 4668 PO Box 69938 Bryanston 2021 MICRO 2000 EUROPE Micro 2000 Europe is the sole supplier of the Universal Diagnostic Toolkit that comprises the Microscope V6 and Postprobe as recommended by Byte, PC Upgrade, Service News, leading manufacturers and maintenance organisations as well as for upgrading and repairing PC's. The toolkit can be used with XT, 286, 386, 486, Pentium, Compaq, Micro-channel ISA, EISA, VESA, local-bus and PCI. It is Bios and operating-system independent and 100% accurate on all IRQ and DMA. Users can test all memory: base, cache and videos to games as well as doing low level formats on drives including IDE. Free on-line technical support is available. The toolkit is also associated with Census, Client and 911-Recover. Tel: 44 - 1462 - 483 - 483 Fax: 44 - 1462 - 481 - 482 PO Box 2000 Letchworth Hertfordshire SG6 1UT UK NASHUA Since its arrival in South Africa more than twenty years ago, Nashua's quest has been to provide total office automation solutions - the office of the future is moving towards a fully integrated sneakerless environment with digital connectivity between peripheral products. With this philosophy, the company will display products that support a fully integrated office, making extensive use of the latest multi-functional machines. It will display products from world leaders in the IT industry such as Ricoh, NEC, Kodak and QMS. Head office Tel: 011 - 313 - 4138 Fax: 011 - 805 - 3619 PO Box 39524 Bramley 2018 NOTE-IT TECHNOLOGY Note-It Technology is the official distributor of the dual range of computer notebooks and PCMCIA networking and fax/modem cards. Notebooks range from entry level to top of the range Pentium 133MHZ notebooks. The Pentimedia II with double speed CD-ROM drive won the award for the Best of Byte at CeBIT Faire in Hanover as well as an award at the computer faire in Taiwan during 1995. The company's latest product, the Pentimedia III, offers the following: PCI bus, built-in quad speed CD-ROM drive, MPEG, TV/PC video capture and HP infra-red interface. There is a selection of four different docking stations available. The company offers a three year warranty on its notebooks while Technicare provides country-wide support. Tel: 011 - 440 - 9367 011 - 786 - 4365 Cell: 083 - 377 - 4349 Fax: 011 - 440 - 8339 Accfin Place Cnr Louis Botha Ave and 6th Ave Highlands North Johannesburg NOVELL Novell is the world's leading network software provider. The company provides the infrastructure for a networked world, enabling its customers to connect with other people and the information they need, anytime, anyplace. The company partners with other technology and market leaders to help customers make networks a part of their everyday lives. Tel: 011 - 884 - 4404 Fax: 011 - 884 - 4472 PO Box 1840 Rivonia 2128 PACIFIC CABLES Pacific Cables is and importer and distributor of cable, connectors and accessories for the instrumentation, telecommunication and networking industries. The company's range of products are LAN Networking cables, instrumentation and control cables, communication and telephone cables, file alarm cables, fibre optic cables, moulded printer cables, patch panels, cards, hubs and concentrators, printer protection equipment, 19" modem cabinets, 19" wall mount enclosures, trunking, tools and accessories. Tel: 011 - 792 - 9100 Fax: 011 - 792 - 4516 PO Box 1161 Randburg 2125 P.C. DEVELOPMENTS P.C. developments provides a complete solution with advice, installation, hardware, software and support for Novell, Microsoft and OS/2 networking solutions. Networking two PC's can cost as little as R1 000 for cards, software and installation. Fax/modems provide external connectivity to the Internet, e-mail, Compuserve, Beltel and many other services now available from under R500 including software. PO approved 14, 400 and 28, 800 bps fax/modems with Voice Mail, error connection will be available at special prices. Tel: 011 - 789 - 4328 Fax: 011 - 789 - 4329 30 Paris Avenue Bordeaux 2194 PHD - POCKET HARD DISK Nureef Technology will be exhibiting PhD, the advanced portable hard disk. The product is easy to use - simply plug it into the parallel port of virtually any desktop, laptop or portable PC and it will integrate with the existing system without docking bay, hardware changes or additional interfaces. The product has the following features: weighs 360 g; holds data 250 MB, 340 MB, 528 MB to 1 GB; portable; versatile - compatible with MS DOS, DR DOS, PC DOS, Novell DOS, Windows, OS/2, Unix-SCO and Novell Netware; and rugged - easily handles shock up to 300 Gs. The product is the answer for the growing demands of new software, graphics and data where millions of PC users worldwide will have to be upgraded to provide extra storage space. The product holds three international awards. Tel: 011 - 362 - 2777 Fax: 011 - 362 - 1672 PO Box 434 Springs 1560 POSTEC POStec was established inn 1989 as a separate business division to focus on the reading and communication of barcode information, generally referred to as scanning. the division has grown by 200% over the past three years. The company concentrated specifically on point of sale solutions which have major applications in markets like automation of retail, distribution and warehousing environments as well as industrial manufacturing process. The division specialises in providing wireless networking, laser and CCD scanners, handheld and penbased computers with associated peripheral networking components. The company is run by a dedicated team with its own specialised and marketing personnel, technical support group, service and logistics staff. The company's suppliers include: Welch Allyn, Spectra Physics, Magtek and the Telxon Corporation. Tel: 011 - 444 - 3344 Fax: 011 - 444 - 2233 16 Desmond Street Kramerville Sandton 2146 PRO-EM ELECTRONICS Pro-Em Electronics manufactures the Pro-Rack cabinet which can be used to house modems or network patching panels and connectors. The company also manufactures wall mount 19" frames, wall mount boxes and wall mount swing boxes. For the telecommunications market, the company has a factory that manufactures a large range of telephone cables. Tel: 011 - 462 - 4286 Fax: 011 - 704 - 3713 PO Box 826 Jukskei Park 2153 PROLOCON ProLoCon was founded in 1988 as the exclusive South African supplier of Bernecker and Rainer Programmable Logic Controllers, Motion Controllers, Programmable Computer Controllers, Panelware man machine interfaces and Provit industrial computers and terminals. The company provides an extensive range of industrial communication drivers for the integration of Bernecker and Rainer Programmable Logic Controllers, Programmable computer Controllers, man machine interfaces and industrial computers and terminals with third party and industry standard protocols such as Novell, Arcnet, Ethernet, RS485, RS232, CAN bus and ProFibus amongst others. The company is also the South African distributor for the SoftwareWedge range of DOS and Windows user-configurable software drivers. These products enable information from serial devices such as Programmable logic Controllers, laboratory equipment, analysers and other devices to be brought directly into any other DOS or Windows application in real-time. Tel: 011 - 706 - 2896 Fax: 011 - 463 - 6455 PO Box 130658 Bryanston 2021 PRO-MECH Pro-Mech is a Pretoria based company manufacturing the Horizon range of uninterruptable power supplies, inverters, DC/DC converters and lightning protection equipment. Off-line standby UPSs are available in a range from 350 VA to 1 500 VA. On-line sine wave units from 600 VA to 3 KVA will be available shortly and will be launched at the Faire. The company also manufactures UPSs with extended back-up facilities for switchboard installations. The DC/DC converters are available in a range of 12/24 voltage settings from 3 to 15 Amps. These units were designed specifically for the supply of clean, regulated power to computers, radios and cellphone installations in commercial vehicles. Tel: 012 - 804 - 1780 Cell: 082 - 490 - 8517 Fax: 012 - 804 - 1247 108 Mosaic Road Silvertondale Pretoria ProScan/Standard Computing specialises in Novell, Windows NT and Unix networking solutions. Implementations are based on providing a platform ready for application software. Tel: 011 - 624 - 3242 Fax: 011 - 624 - 1036 PO Box 5624 Johannesburg 2000 RADIOSPOOR Radiospoor, with over twenty years of experience in the mobile communication business, offers its customers a commitment to service excellence. The company has branches and dealers nationwide. The company is a dual service provider offering an extensive range of quality products. In addition, the company has experienced operators at Radiospoor Paging who ensure that messages are received accurately and instantaneously while the company's Fleet Management offers effective tracking and trunking products. Cellular: 0800 - 015 - 225 Paging: 0800 - 021 - 020 Fleet: 0800 - 033 - 663 PO Box 5591 Halfway House 1685 SA DYNAMIC COMPUTER SOLUTIONS The most sort after commodities in the computer industry today are support and after-sales back-up. SA Dynamic Computer Solutions prides itself in its support and back up. The company has been providing high quality products and support for the past eight years and is the only computer dealer to maintain successfully a 30 day money back guarantee. To emphasise the company's commitment to support, it remains open until 7pm on weekdays with a fully equipped workshop to deal with almost all PC-related emergencies. The company also spaceless in the setup, installation and maintenance of Novell/Windows networks. Tel: 011 - 791 - 0805 Fax: 011 - 791 - 0728 9 Petersdale Street Ferndale Ext 3 SCANTECH Scantech provides RF2,4 Ghz network-using industry standard protocols. Tel: 011 - 823 - 3312 Fax: 011 - 823 - 3321 PO Box 10260 Fonteinriet 1464 SERVUTRON Servutron specialises in complete technical after-sales service and support of PC compatible products, operating systems, a wide variety of applications, all peripherals, networks and upgrading of systems on a national basis. The company enjoys the full technical support of some of the world's leading manufacturers: Tatung, Data General Corporation, WYSE Technologies and STAR Micronics and has direct access to their vast technical resources. Support facilities comprise the following: workshops for repairs down to board level; a national team of roving field and specialist technicians; a technical staff placed on-site in multi-disciplinary, multi-tiered S&M contracts that are tailored to suit individual client requirements; and client log-on facilities on an advanced, computerised fault tracking systems, latest technology standby equipment and support desk. Tel: 012 - 661 - 4970 Fax: 012 - 661 - 1982 Private Bag 8212 Hennopsmeer 0046 Hewlett-Packard, locally represented by Siltek Distribution Dynamics, offers a complete family of networking components in its AdvanceStack network line. Products include PC cards, hubs, bridges, switches and routers as well as remote access and network management products. Hewlett-Packard has also paved the way to high-speed Ethernet and Token Ring networking for the new breed of complex, data-intensive applications running on PC networks with its 100VG-AnyLAN technology. Supporting migration products enable users to shift economically from 10 Mbits/s to 100 Mbits/s PC LANs. Hewlett-Packard's networking products are recognised for their ease of design, use and management; their distributed networked management architecture; their built-in device and traffic management; their adaptability to the full variety of connectors and cabling schemes; their expandability for add-in bridging, routing; and their SNMP management or connection to a high-speed backbone. Tel: 011 - 233 - 6168 Fax: 011 - 233 - 6103 Private Bag Wendywood 21442 SOUTHERN MICROSYSTEMS Southern Microsystems is a broad based distributor of a wide range of hardware and software products for the Windows and Macintosh platforms. In the networking arena, the company distributes the Dayna range of networking devices. Dayna is the leading manufacturer of networking products for the Macintosh platform. From Ethernet cards to internal modems to 10/100 Base-T Hubs, the Dayna range is said to be an industry leader. All Dayna products are sold in South Africa with a full one year warranty and covered by Southern Microsystem's 30 day swap-out policy. Tel: 011 - 789 - 2877 Fax: 011 - 789 - 8038 PO Box 4476 Randburg 2125 SOYO ELECTRONICS Soyo Electronics is the appointed distributor of the D-Link range of network interface cards. These are high quality Ethernet cards from ISA to PCI Bus and PCMCIA. In addition, GVC has appointed the company as its distributor of fax modems. The range includes internal and external modems for PC's as well as modems for notebooks. The fax modems are approved by Telkom. The company is represented nationwide with branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. A full sales and service facility is available at each branch. Tel: 011 - 444 - 8858 Fax: 011 - 444 - 8131 PO Box 76480 Wendywood 2144 SPECTRA SOLUTIONS Spectra Solutions is an Apple Authorised Reseller, Service Provider and Developer specialising in the graphic pre-press market. With specific emphasis on ISDN communications networking. The company is also the exclusive reseller of ARAP networking solutions and offers 4 Sight ISDN and ADS software for the advertising industry. The company is also a developer of software and hardware solutions to the video and artwork retouching industry. Tel: 011 - 884 - 7344 Fax: 011 - 783 - 5740 PO Box 652100 Benmore 2010 SUNTECH COMPUTERS Suntech Computers installs networks to the customers' configurations and needs. This includes: cabling - ATM, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and UTP; hardware brands - IBM, Cisco, 3 Com and IBM compatibles; software - Novell, Lantastic and Windows NT; as well as other hardware - bridges and routers. Tel: 011 - 472 - 3388 Fax: 011 - 472 - 2263 E-mail: 22H The Highway Road Florida SUN UP TECHNOLOGIES Sun Up Technologies, established in 1991, has a policy of importing and distributing computer accessories to its clients at competitive prices. In the filed of networking, the company provides connectors for the networking process. Tel: 011 - 475 - 2889 Fax: 011 - 679 - 4237 PO Box 586 Ferndale 2160 SUPER DIAMOND COMPUTERS Super Diamond Computers, the sole authorised distributor for Singapore-based Creative technology, supplies a full range of sound, graphics and communication applications to the South African SOHO and business markets. The company's product line-up includes a broad set of audio and video cards, multimedia kits, video and telephone conferencing systems - including PhoneBlaster, ModemBlaster and ShareVision PC3000 - as well as a variety of bundled software titles. The company is also the sole South African distributor of AVnet Technology, a Taiwanese offshoot of Creative Technology, as well as a representative for US-based Nu-Reality's Vivid 3D audio enhancement solutions and Oregan-based ThrustMaster's range of PC entertainment controllers. Tel: 011 - 887 - 2766 Fax: 011 - 887 - 2456 PO Box 39878 Bramley 2018 SYSTEMS PUBLISHERS / COMPUTER FAIRE ONLINE In a project involving Telkom ISDN lines and Novell SA, the entire Computer Faire will be networked with high speed links in the one of the most ambitious technological setups the Faire has ever seen. Co-ordinated by Systems Inter@ctive, a division of System Publishers, Computer Faire Online will provide numerous services including an online daily newspaper, Best of Computer Faire, a list of all exhibitors with maps showing their location and products as well as a public messaging system and live chat shows. The editors and journalist at ComputerWeek, Computer Reseller News SA, Communications Week SA and Information Week SA will join forces to deliver expert analyses of the new products shown at Computer Faire. Tel: 011 - 789 - 1808 Fax: 011 - 789 - 4725 Private Bag x8 Craighall 2024 TAINET COMMUNICATION SYSTEM CORP. Tainet Communication System Corp, established in 1990, is a technical-based worldwide marketing, manufacturing and systems integration company. The company is dedicated to various telecommunication/datacommunication equipment and tests instruments throughout the world. The company's range of products for networks includes the following: T-288C - V34 high performance V34 network modem with LCD; T-288ND - V34 28.8Kbps (dual port modem card) for ISP Solution; DT-128 - 2/4 wire network termination unit (NTU) up to 128KBPS for DDN networks; TAISPAN 2000 - E1 HDSL that uses CAP for long distance transmission; and the three-in-one Tainet manager NMS for Windows with SNMP capability (modem + NTU + HDSL). In addition, the company's research and development department is engaged in new products such as TSP-208, Multiprotocol PAD, TS-316 Advanced Terminal Server and cable modems amongst others. Tel: 886 - 2 - 658 - 3000 Fax: 886 - 2 - 658 - 3232 E-Mail: PO Box 10-08 Net Hu Taipei, Taiwan Republic of China TELKOM With the global economy now a reality, Telkom is exploring advanced new technologies that overcome the constraints of time, place and distance. ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is fast becoming the preferred telecommunications medium for companies around the world. A natural evolution of the digital telephone network, it support service such as speech, video conferencing, data and image transfer over a single digital line. Through its South African Internet Exchange (SAIX), the company offers a total Internet solution with full connectivity for Unix-based computers of local area networks. The company's customers also have access to Concert, an advanced fully-managed global network jointly run by MCI and British Telkom. Tel: 012 - 311 - 3191 Fax: 012 - 311 - 4031 PO Box 925 Pretoria 0001 THRASHER TECHNOLOGIES Thrasher Technologies offers a complete solution for any networking need. From a two station network to a nationwide area network, the company is able to provide all hardware and installation thereof as well as support for existing installations. The company's expertise is cross-platform with the emphasis on PC-based networks. The company offers Internet solutions including dial-up access or router access as well as Web page design and applications that interface with the Internet. Products supported by the company include: Microsoft Networking & BackOffice applications, Novell Netware, Artisoft LANtastic and IBM OS/2. Tel: 011 - 447 - 1649 Cell: 083 - 601 - 1382 Fax: 011 - 447 - 5837 PO Box 50159 Randburg 2125 ULTRA TECHNOLOGY DISTRIBUTION Ultra technology Distribution was established in February 1988 to operate in the top end of the PC and networking markets. Through its extensive range of products, the company is well-positioned to offer a comprehensive set of business tools and services that exist in the industry today. The company is dedicated to providing service excellence. Its commitment to the local industry is demonstrated by a nationwide presence with a large investment tin support facilities and skills including Novell, Microsoft NT and Windows 95. Product and services offered by the company include: ten and 100Mbit/s networking solutions, multimedia systems, file servers and PCs, short and long term rentals and service and support. Tel: 011 - 786 - 2041 Fax: 011 - 786 - 2062 203 Wynberg Park Wynberg Sandton VAN SCHAIK BOOKSTORE Van Schaik Bookstore is the largest academic bookseller in South Africa. Established in 1914, the bookstore has been part of the book trade for over 80 years. Through 19 branches country-wide, the bookstore serves students, universities, technikons and colleges as well as businesses, libraries and the general public. The bookstore deals in both local and imported academic and general books, including a comprehensive range of computer and business books. Customers are invited to make their selections form the stock available on the shelves or to place special orders. The bookstore also stocks newspapers, periodicals and stationery. Tel: 011 - 339 - 1711 Fax: 011 - 339 - 2767 PO Box 31361 Braamfontein 2017 WORLDNET AFRICA Worldnet Africa is a value-added Internet service developed by the CSIR Informationtek for use by South African businesses of all sizes as well as for use by individuals, communities and governments. For the sophisticated Internet user, it offers direct Internet access, while the first-time user or busy executive is offered structured access. The greatest value-addition is its growing collection of local information. Together with business partners in various sectors, the company continuously updates and adds to its information base, covering topics such as business, training, media, governments, the environment, tourism, legal information and sport. Toll free: 0800 112252 PO Box 75885 Linwood Ridge 0040 XCEL CD SOLUTIONS Xcel CD Solutions provides service and support in the CD-ROM networking environment. The company's CD-ROM networking product range supports all popular operating systems and is focused to maximise information availability. CD-ROM is the most cost-effective solution for archiving and the company has developed image-aXcess to facilitate the process to replace traditional microfiche archiving. Tel: 012 - 348 - 8825 Fax: 012 - 348 - 5125 PO Box 20355 Alkantrant Pretoria 0005