Acer Africa and Spartan Computers Acer Africa, the company: History Branches Acer Africa, the products: ACERMATE ACERPOWER ACERALTOS FILESERVERS ACERNOTE ACERVIEW MONITORS AcerOOBE ACEROPEN ACERCARE Spartan Computers History of Spartan Computers Industrial Achievements Infrastructural Solutions Purchasing Options Support Service Offerings Training Offerings Rental Offerings Acer Africa, the company: ACERAFRICA, one of South Africa's largest PC vendors, is a clear demonstration of how true joint ventures between South African and foreign investors can benefit all stakeholders involved. AcerAfrica's success can be attributed to the company's philosophy of building on the Acer brand's inherent qualities with innovative marketing strategies, careful positioning and unswerving loyalty to its dealer channel. Acer Africa's History Since its formation in late 1994, AcerAfrica - a joint venture between JSE-listed computer conglomerate Persetel Holdings and the $3,2 billion Acer Corporation - has experienced significant growth. The company which was voted one of South Africa's "Most Admired" IT companies in 1994 holds sole distribution rights for Acer computer products in Africa. Today, Acer is the leading international brand in the local workstation market and is also the top selling international notebook and monitor brand in South Africa. The company is also making significant gains in the fledgling home and multimedia markets in the country as well as in the powerful multiprocessor server arena. The company recently entered the retail market with its OOBE range of multimedia computers and it is well on the way to becoming the leader in this sector too. Acer Africa Branches JOHANNESBURG: (011) 315-3335 or (011) 315-1032 PE: (041) 559-345 or (041) 558-564 CT: (021) 510-5960 or (021) 510-2838 DURBAN: (031) 579-1331or (031) 579-1712 BLOEMFONTEIN: (051) 476-373 or (051) 476-4390 ACERMATE Acer's new AcerMate 486 has been hailed as Acer's Super Green flagship PC, and is a star performer within its price range, incorporating essential computing technology with energy-efficient features for value-conscious users. Key features include: Its high performance 33 MHz VESA and PCI interface which is compatible with both double and triple-clocked CPUs. This reduces I/O bottlenecks and boosts overall system performance for better throughput and flexibility. * The E-IDE local bus supports four high performance E-IDE devices for better I/O connectivity; * Its low-cost, energy-saving performance; * The new model utilises Acer's ChipUp technology to facilitate easy system expandability through its flexible, hassle-free processor upgradability. The AcerMate 486 is therefore easily upgradable from SX33 to DX4/100, by simply installing the new processor without having to re-set the system. Onboard memory is fully expandable from 4MB to 256KB write-back second-level cache. The latest in the AcerMate stable is the Pentium Processor Unit. This enhances the latest technology ranging from PCI BUS to Pentium 133 processing. ACERPOWER The fast pace of business today demands a system which can cruise along with the speed with which decisions are made. This means no buckling under large loads, no dragging feet when high speed graphics are to be executed, and adaptability to all sorts of software and hardware. The AcerPower/M meets these demands. This high powered, flexible and affordable business workstation with exceptional CAD/CAM, DTP and graphics capabilities, is among the most flexible and expandable workstations available today. ACERALTOS FILESERVERS AcerAfrica recently introduced two new SMP versions of its highly rated AcerAfrica 7000 mid-range servers and has preconfigured them with a complete package of network and system management tools for critical business solutions. Designed for medium and large network environments, the new AcerAltos 7000 V and the multimedia-ready AcerAltos 7000 P continue the Acer tradition of bringing complex, yet flexible technologies to the market at affordable investment levels. ACERNOTE The AcerNote 7601 series features a top quality 9,5-inch screen display utilising either monochrome, dual colour scan or TFT (Thin Film Transistor) technology and supporting a video local bus for faster video and graphics. In terms of hard disk capacity, the series offers a hard disk choice of 250MB and above, as well as an integrated 3,5-inch 1,44MB floppy disk drive. It also offers versatile processor choices, ranging from Intel DX2/50 to DX4/75, and memory expandability from 4MB to OMB. AcerNote 706i comes with PCMCIA expansion capability, which supports PCMCIA one Type III slots, and accommodates a 1,8-inch hard disk or two Type II PC cards. In addition, the limited three-year ITW provides users access to more than 20 Acer Authorised ITW support service centres spanning countries in Asia, Europe, Oceania and the United States. ACERVIEW 14", 17" AND 21" MONITORS AcerAfrica has a range of 14-inch, 15-inch, 17-inch, and 21-inch monitors to suit all environments. Recently screen size has become increasingly important at the higher resolutions required for graphical environments like Windows and OS/2. Despite the seemingly small difference in size between a 14-inch and a 15-inch screen, users who move to a 15-inch screen, actually gain 17 percent display space. And in response to growing user demand from those in the CAD/DTP/DIP market sectors, there will soon be a massive 21-inch monitor. The new 21-inch monitors offer higher resolution monitors with less flickering, more accurate graphic and colour representation, and more screen space to allow multiple windows to be viewed simultaneously. AcerOOBE AcerAfrica recently opened new worlds to home PC users with the introduction of OOBE - its revolutionary "Out of Box Experience" PC. AcerOOBE is a range of computers designed and packaged specifically for the burgeoning home and educational markets. The range gives users the benefits of internationally branded technology, backed by a three year warranty, at an affordable price with no extras required. But OOBE is more than just a multimedia machine: it's an experience to be enjoyed and shared by people of all ages and all levels of technical skill. AcerOOBE provides users with unprecedented access to information, an interactive cosmos of entertainment, lifeskills and home management skills. AceOOBE comes standard with a quad-speed CD-ROM drive. ACEROPEN AcerAfrica recently launched a new strategy to take on the clone market directly with the introduction of AcerOpen. This move enables AcerAfrica dealers to sell PCs in component format and to configure their own PCs using Acer's guaranteed, high quality motherboards. All Acer motherboards - including those in the AcerOpen range - are manufactured under the same stringent ISO regulations and meet the FCC's international quality standards. AcerOpen PC's carry a one-year warranty. ACERCARE ACERAFRICA's training programme improves service and support for Acer users throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, and is designed to met the specific needs of Acer distributors in Africa and dealers in South Africa. The course - a 7-day hands-on technical support, warranty and repair programme - empowers distributors to deal with basic technical queries and upgrade their ability and repairs in their own countries. It also improves their service to end-users by and helps them deal with basic technical queries and upgrade their ability to handle installations. Spartan Computers Spartan's marketing strategies and structures are aimed at and developed primarily for the corporate market. We have a focused marketing strategy whereby we form business partnerships with some of the leading corporate accounts in South Africa. Spartan is currently the leading IBM and Acer dealer in South Africa. During 1993 Spartan signed an HP dealership for Hewlett Packard printers and peripherals and also secured a dealership for the Compaq range of PCs and servers Spartan is highly respected by both hardware and software suppliers and thus receives sound levels of aftersales service e.g. in-depth technical knowledge, warranty back up etc.,which can ultimately be passed on to our corporate clients. History of Spartan Computers Spartan Computers was founded in 1978 by Chris Leal, who was spurred by the pleasure of building his own microcomputer from a kit. With the assistance of his brother, Anton, Chris opened an Apple dealership from his home. After the introduction of the PC, Spartan Computers became one of the first IBM dealers and shifted its focus to the corporate sector. In 1987 clones started to dominate the local market and Spartan formed a joint venture with Trencor called Trencomp, It also entered the networking market, getting the Banyan Vines dealership from Tallgrass. Neil Michelson, a charted accountant, was initially brought into consult and was soon asked to take a permanent position to get the financial and administrative side of the business in order. In October 1987, Spartan was spotted by JSE-listed ABS which was interested in acquiring some of Spartans business. In 1986 Spartan introduced Short Term Rentals of PC's and related equipment and today is the largest PC rental company in South Africa. In order to enhance the overall offerings to the PC market, Spartan's training division has trained over 7 000 people. Since 1988, Spartan's business has been rebuilt from 13 people to close on 100. Spartan's Industrial Achievements The achievements and accolades that have been awarded to Spartan are proof of our dedication to excellence and service ability: 1991 * Dealer of the Year 1991-TSD/ISM * Most Admired Company 1991-Computer Week "Most Admired Company" 1992 * Service Excellence Award 1992-ISM * Dealer of the Year 1992-TDS * 2nd Overall Customer Care 1992-Computer Week "Most Admired Company" 1993 * Dealer of the Year 1993-TSD * Most Admired Networking & Communications Company-Computer Week 1994 * International Dealer of the Year-Acer Computer International Infrastructural Solutions Spartan re-entered the network market in 1991 as an information infrastructure provider, which essentially encompasses everything between the user and the resources that the user needs to access i.e. information and peripherals. There are 4 layers that form the foundation for this infrastructure, and each of them have different characteristics, including refresh rate and strategic impact. It is sometimes best to outsource the planning, design, implementation and ongoing activities to information infrastructure solution providers, such as Spartan, whose role consists of: * Maintaining an awareness of market and product trends. * Applying technical solutions to business processes and requirements * Design technical solutions * Supplying the appropriate products and skilled resources * Implementing integrated solutions * Project management and the so co-ordination of contractor activities * Providing competitive product positioning * Training and developing personnel By establishing key relationships with strategic manufacturers, VAR programmes, enhancement of internal skills and the recruitment of skilled personnel, Spartan is positioned to provide information infrastructures to meet critical objectives. Purchasing Options To address different purchasing and support requirements, Spartan has introduced the "Economy Package" and the "Business Package" as supply processes. The Economy Package The Economy Package has been introduced in order to totally separate product from service, and is aimed at customers who do not require substantial added value due to their own investment in technical and operational recourses and systems. In effect, they no longer pay the Spartan's role in the scenario is to be the preferred source of technology products from multiple distributors and manufacturers. The Business Package The Business Package is the preferred method of supply to customers with limited operational and administrative resources and those who prefer to take advantage of Spartan's account and credit facilities. Spartan's role will be to provide product positioning, market and technology trend analysis, and the addition of value both pre- and post-sales. Support Service Offerings Spartan's determination to add value to customers' purchased can be seen by the implementation of "STATUS", Spartan's new call logging system, which has enhanced strong operational control in the Support Centre. All incoming calls are logged on the STATUS system and the call is then allocated to an engineer who will call on the customer, either remotely or on-site to resolve the problem. Cellular contact is maintained with the network and field engineers to ensure a quick response to customer calls within the Gauteng area. The Front Desk administrators monitor the status of the calls to ensure that they are completed and that satisfactory response times are maintained. Computer generated reports are produced for both management and customers, providing a complete range of necessary and informative statistics e.g. turnaround times, faulty analysis and call tracking. Services offered by Support Centre include: Formalised Maintenance offerings * Remote Network Support-Voice and Access * Scheduled Network Support Visits * Hardware Support * Critical Support-Disaster Maintenance and Fire Drill procedures Network installation and support Carry in service and repair of: * PCs * Printers * Monitors * Motherboards System upgrades Training Offerings Spartan Computers has established itself as an industry leader in a highly competitive marketplace by offering cost effective quality services such as our application training. Training has always been an integral part of Spartan's customer services programme and all courses boast the country's top trainers, facilities, high professional standards and a commitment to excellence. Spartan specialises in software application courses which can be customised to suit any corporate client's needs and work standards. These include the likes of: Spreadsheets * Lotus (DOS & Windows) * Excel (Windows) * Quatrro Pro (DOS) WordProcessors * Amipro (Windows) * Word (Windows) * WordPerfect Presentations * Harvard Graphics * CorelDraw Suites * Lotus SmartSuite * Microsoft Office In addition, Spartan offers other very different and beneficial options, namely: * Strategic courses and workshops * Train-the trainer * Outright course purchase * Contract training * Room hire (fully equipped and networked) Rental Offerings The essence of the Full Maintenance Rental scheme is its flexibility. Companies may rent computer equipment over periods of 12, 24 or 36 months, with a residual option which allows them to structure payments to suit various financial and cashflow requirements. Spartan's Rental Department offers you the widest range of computers and computer related equipment from world leading manufacturers such as IBM, Acer and Compaq. Short Term Rental packages, ranging from periods of a day to 3 months of longer, can be tailored to suit your individual requirements, coupled with professional advice and technical support. The benefits of renting from Spartan include: * Immediate availability of equipment * High level of support * Free on-site maintenance within 4 hours of logging a call * Buy back option * Equipment can be upgraded or swapped out during the rental period Equipment available for hire includes: * Computers * Printers * Notebooks * Accessories * Fax machines and fax cards.