AN INNOVATOR IN THE RETAIL MARKET IN SA The Software Connection An Industry Leader Committed to Value-Added Service Outlets The Software Connection is the solution to all your software and hardware requirements. Software Connection is South Africa's leading retailer of local and imported software titles. We specialise in: * PC software * Apple Mackintosh product range * Notebooks * Portable printers * Multimedia CD-ROM * Computer games * Computer books and magazines. AN INDUSTRY LEADER * Software Connection services the goverment and consumer markets via its national network of eight retail outlets. * Most of the top 100 companies in South Africa are serviced by Software Connection's specialist corporate division, supplying both generic and specialist packages. COMMITTED TO VALUE-ADDED SERVICE * Software Connection offers its customers specialised advice, prompt service and competitive pricing. * While operating in one of the most dynamic and volatile industries in the world today, Software Connection provides the most up to date products and technical service. Contact Software Connection- SA's premier software outlets - for all your software needs, at: * Incredible Connection: (011) 804-3510 * Sandton City: (011) 883-5790 * Eastgate: (011) 616-1944 * Braamfontein: (011) 403-3633 * Pretoria: (012) 320-4660 * Cape Town: (021) 419-6644 * Durban: (031) 265-0474 * Bloemfontein: (051) 48-0677 * Nelspruit: (01311) 22-761