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Cyberia 7


The Story

"These kids get into hacking the same way as children of previous generations daringly wandered through the hidden corridors of their school basements or took apart their parents' TV sets. But with computers they hit the jackpot: There's a whole world there - a whole new reality, which they can enter and even change. Cyberia. Each new opening leads to the discovery of an entirely new world, each connected to countless other new worlds. You don't just get in somewhere, look around, find out it's a dead end, and leave. Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher were fascinated by a few winding caves; cyberkids have broken through to an infinitely more complex and rewarding network. Each new screen takes them into a new company, institution, city, government, or nation. They can pop out almost anywhere. It's an endless ride."

"I see the fulfillment of all that mythology and metagenesis-invoking religious mania. To survive we collectively and unconsciously know that we must neurograft and bioweld and hyper-morph into the most intimate symbiosis with the industrial and electronic world; become as living quicksilver able to take on any form or pseudophysiognomy. The contours of body and mind and spirit flow" "with the swiftness of mega-amplified imaginative cognition and will into any biomould required. Humanity would become the most creative and stunningly transmutational unicognate ocean of super intelligent cyber-protoplasm; alive and in flux continually with the most wrenching, astonishing boiling biochangeability. To challenge the deeps of space and the planes of infinity we have no choice. But our need is inadmissible - it is too grimly cruel and colossally oppressive a future to grasp. We must leave our soft and spongy carbonaceous flesh shells behind; and the principles that governed that semi-liquid form."

Once again individually numbered, this production run numbered a mere ten issues -- although other copies are bound to float around the vast wastelands of the 'net.

Blurb: "Whereas Cyberia 6 jacked off to the hairy underbelly of crass vulgarity, Cyberia 7 celebrates, almost to the day, three years since the release of the very first - albeit somewhat crude - edition with a more optimistic outlook. However virus-prone and worm-ridden Outlook itself may be, we attempt to explore positivism, safety, comfort, satisfaction, illumination, love, dreams, and memories of a happy childhood - irrespective of how deep they may be buried within our subconsciousness. Cyberia delves into your mind with a hot stake and turns your brain into a mushy mess should you think about murder on the dance floor. Body modification. Smart drugs. Bionic implants. Monsters. Machines. Plugged into the Matrix."

"Ah, what harmony!"

The Music

Not unlike Cyberia 3, this edition concentrated on the relatively recent dance/pop crossover genre pigeonholed as "vocal trance". Generally uplifting, happy and positive, the style also reflected the current pantheistic state of affairs in the title of Dreaming of a better world. This edition was also the first to be produced with the partial aid of music mixing software (tip: never emulate hardware with software) and introduced the "Primary Screamer". Finally, it even included three excellent tracks that didn't quite fit onto Cyberia Four!

0001    Introduction...    01:59
0002 Scream for more (Original Extended Cybermix) - Kate Ryan 03:57
0003 You are alive (Extended version) - Fragma 04:01
0004 Where have all the cowboys gone (Dekkard's Rancho Pepe mix) - Paula Cole 06:14
0005 Every time you need me (Above & Beyond remix) - Fragma feat. Maria Rubia 07:18
0006 Land of Dreams - DJ Mozy feat. Natasha 03:31
0007 The Path to Eternity - t r a n c e [ ] c o n t r o l 04:58
0008 Turn the tide (Airscape mix) - Sylver 05:56
0009 Silence (DJ Tiesto in Search for Sunrise Cybermix) - Delirium feat. Sarah McLachlan 08:21
0010 Silence (Vocal mix) - DJ Tomcraft 04:24
0011 As a child I could walk on the ceiling - The Delta 03:04
0012 End of Time (Lost Witness remix) - DJ Energy & Tatana 03:37
0013 It's alright (Tobacco Boys remix) - Camisra 02:29
0014 Communication (Quake remix) - Armin 04:05
0015 Ramp! (The logical song) (The Club mix) - Scooter 04:00
0016 Violet Skies (Mat Silver's Club mix) - Mat Silver & Endymon 05:45

The Artwork

Cyberia 7's layout continued the successful format of the previous edition with an earthly, blue tint.

The Data

Total Running Time: 73:50

Compiled: February 23rd to March 31st, 2002

Released: April 4th, 2002

Recordable Media: Verbatim

Disclaimer: Cyberia 7 © 2002 8007L36 R3C0RD5. The copyright of this compilation and artwork is owned by 8007L36 R3C0RD5. Individual tracks may or may not be owned - partially or in full - by their respective copyright holders. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance, broadcasting or resale of this audio collection is strictly prohibited by the recording industry. Enjoyment in any form by private individuals is, however, highly encouraged by 8007L36 R3C0RD5. Although all reasonable efforts were made to reduce vinyl scratches and other noise prevalent on the source music media, some may remain audible at times. Constructive criticism is welcome. Snide remarks are frowned upon. Music Piracy remains illegal. Made on Planet Earth.

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