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The Story

Out of the ashes of primitive and crude prototypes obtained and sourced through outright extortion; in the midst of a near-lycanthropic lifestyle dominated by personal and professional chaos, social hecticism, emotional upheaval, and insomnia tending towards self-destruction and professional burnout, the invention of the Cyberia compilations attempted to capture and absorb that kiss of fresh air that had appeared to have re-awakened the slumbering dance music scene.
Not unlike Cher, Kylie and Madonna, it was the time to explore a re-birth and the re-invention of one's self and one's musical direction. It was a time of maturity and age, a time of wisdom steering us into a new beginning and a new frame of mind racing towards the uncertainty of the next millennium. Through the observation of fellow carbon-based life forms whose sexual perversions had affected our own ravenous appetite, it was pounding music that again provided the escape tunnel through which the state of Cyberia could be reached -- whether voluntarily or not!

Indeed, many a girl has removed her clothes to the sounds of Cyberia.

If you heard this album your life could be better.

The Music

Although The Radio Mixes consists of primarily radio- and consumer-friendly material along with external samples and similar acts of audio piracy, it provided a training ground plus the fanbase for possible future editions. Thus started a time when entire albums were purchased for mere 1.2-second snippets. The three featured medleys (crude mash-ups) reminded of previous projects, and by virtue of the type of material presented, "mixing" was as crude and amateurish as current skills allowed then.

Intro: Every self-respecting dance compilation album has an introduction of some sorts.
It's a law cast in vinyl, and it's exactly 14 seconds of that you hear first.

"We have begun."

Blurb: "Cyberia (The Radio Mixes) represents the first in what we expect to be a series of scorching mixes, featuring the best club music doing its rounds at the time of its compilation. This album is complemented by Version 2.01, a collection of the more hardcore stuff. Included here are versions of and excerpts from..."

0001    Introduction...
0002 If you could read my mind - Stars on 54
0003 Ray of light - Madonna
0004 These boots are made for walking (stompin' toecap metalzone maxi mix) - Foot-C Foot-C
0005 Rain (radio mix) - Brainbug
0006 If you buy this record your life will be better (extended mix) - The Tamperer featuring Maya
0007 Broken bones (groove station radio mix) - Love Inc.
0008 Believe (almighty definitive mix) - Cher
0009 Da ya think I'm sexy? - N-Trance featuring Rod Stewart
0010 NYCC DMC Medley, featuring:
- It's like that (drop the break radio edit) - Run-D.M.C. vs Jason Nevins
- Fight for your right (to party) (extended version) - N.Y.C.C.
- Highway to hell - N.Y.C.C.
- Feel it - N.Y.C.C.
0011 Pop Muzik (radio version) - Discorama
0012 Somebody scream (radio edit) / Ma Baker (extended radio edit) - Horny United vs Boney M vs Sash!
0013 The Sleepless DJ Medley, featuring:
- Insomnia (moody mix) - Faithless
- God is a DJ (album version) - Faithless
0014 YaNaUmShayin' (woman 2 woman mix) - The Gillmaniacs
0015 Big big girl (TNT's big phat radio edit) - Emilia
0016 Breathe (Tee's radio edit) - Kylie Minogue
0017 Plastic dreams (vinyl version) - Jaydee

The Artwork

The first final product's covers and labels were kept relatively simple due to schedule pressure, a disappointing Lexmark printer, and lack of any existing basis to build on -- commonly referred to as "experience". Not much thought and effort were exhausted on this aspect of the product... yet!

The Data

Total Running Time: 71:55

Released: March 31st, 1999

Recordable Media: Verbatim

There was no pre-determined or finite production run. Additional copies were made as and when requests poured in, with around 30 official discs having been produced.
How many of the originals remain in existence or pirate copies have since been made is anybody's guess.

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