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Cyberia Version 2.01


The Story

Whereas sibling and numerical predecessor The Radio Mixes featured primarily radio-friendly material, the poorly subtitled The HardCore Material was the real catalyst into an electronic mindset consisting of hard, thumping monotony -- played at such repetitious rates to result in headaches and involuntary visits to Cyberia that it often wasn't possible to differentiate between the real world and this new, largely unexplored domain. At times it became more real than reality itself, and somehow -- for reasons that made no sense at all -- it felt better. It felt good. It felt right.

What was real? What actually existed, and what was imagination, fiction, or pretence?

How is it that deejays wield this much power and influence?

How could humans who do marginally more than just play the music produced by people with little or no traditional musical skills affect the shape of neural connections still to be formed?

Are they humans at all, or are they the twisted gods of a ubiquitous eclectic tribe that gathers in the small hours of a conventional day only?

The Music

Intro: They say that deejays are brainless; that we're empty-heads, we're suckers. We're just no-goods. Our music sucks. Well, I'll show you different: Listen what's going on... on a deejay's mind!"

Blurb: "Cyberia (The HardCore Material) constitutes the second half of a double entrance into what will invariably become a series of the best club mixes this CJ (Computer Jockey) can get his paws onto. Featured on this disc are excerpts from and CyberMixes of..."

0001    Introduction...
0002 Paffendorf's Double CyberMix, featuring:
- Smile (US mix 1) - Paffendorf
- Ruf mich an (club mix) - Paffendorf
0003 The horn (El tren) (killer horn mix) - DJ Deró
0004 Inside of me (roadrunners underground mix) - Milk Incorporated
0005 Real (radio mix) - Fever 39
0006 Your woman (radio mix) - Mistral
0007 Water Verve - C4
0008 9PM (till I come) - ATB
0009 Storm (Rollercoaster's pumped-up mix) - Storm
0010 Let me show you (original mix) - Camisra
0011 Pulverturm (radio edit 1) - Niels van Gogh
0012 Pipe dreams - DJ Dizzy
0013 Twisted (original mix) - Twisted
0014 Discostepper (extended mix) - Clubsukkas
0015 (Waiting for) instant moments (Marino's happy moederoverste radio mix) - r.o.o.s.
0016 Beachball (Tall Paul 7" remix) - Nalin & Kane
0017 Oxygen (extended vacuum mix) - Natural Born Deejays
0018 House time is any time - KK System
0019 Deejay's mind (retrofit crashtest club mix) - Natural Born Deejays

The Artwork

The final product's covers and labels were kept relatively simple due to schedule pressure, a disappointing Lexmark printer, and lack of any existing basis to build on -- commonly referred to as "experience". Not much thought and effort were exhausted on this aspect of the product... yet!

The Data

Total Running Time: 72:01

Released: March 31st, 1999

Recordable Media: Verbatim

Anecdote: The title paid homage to Garbage's current album.

There was no pre-determined or finite production run. Additional copies were made as and when requests poured in, with around 30 official discs having been produced.
How many of the originals remain in existence or pirate copies have since been made is anybody's guess.

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