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Cyberia Four


The Story

Cyberia Four attempted to celebrate the current pinnacle of affordable home consumer technology.

While digging through old and obsolete technology, the ridding of dated media, leaving behind past passions and hobbies, the reasons and roots of how we came to be where and who we are became apparent. Another time of turmoil began -- another period of personal re-invention; the re-definition of borders, responsibilities, and permissives. The sexual messiah had finally been tamed.

The exits had been sealed.

A waning customer base and several obstacles had to be overcome before this edition could see the dark of night -- hence Against The Odds (Phil Collins was in no way associated with this album).

Furthermore, the Cyberia Four compilation explored new territory:
1. It is a double album.
2. It was the first album to utilise the new 80-minute media.
3. It was the first album released under the 8007L36 R3C0RD5 banner.
4. The music was selected to feature a specific theme.
5. It featured the first usage of ripped DVD Audio.
6. It featured the first usage of an embedded MP3.
7. It included some of the first true mash-ups (one of which is exclusive to this album).
8. It was the first to include a hidden/unlisted track.

Blurb: "Whew! Six months... six long and bloody arduous months is what it took to produce and eventually release this double album, from initial concept to final completion! It was a real labour of love... blood, sweat and tears - plagued by constant power failures (the substation eventually burnt down), hard drive crashes, memory leaks, corrupted files, scratched discs, a ludicrous workload and personal schedule, the dog chewing up audio cables, car trouble, changing track listings, as well as a restless and tired mind all contributed to the fine result you are now holding!
As usual, gratitude must be extended to the unnamed DJ for supplying most of the music and much of the inspiration, and an apology goes to the missus for putting up with the many hours spent tanning behind her CRT, wearing headphones - and sometimes nothing else.
Enjoy this compilation and keep on raving..."

The Music

DISC ONE - WHITE features, again, mostly commercial and radio-friendly tunes which -- by their
very nature -- are difficult to beatmatch, forcing several train wrecks and other imaginative methods
to ensure some form of continuity.

0001    Introduction...    00:55
0002 Like this (Clubbed version) - Technotronic feat. Monday Midnight 04:51
0003 The G-Train - Technotronic feat. Monday Midnight 03:27
0004 You see the trouble with me (We'll be in trouble extended mix) - Black Legend 05:29
0005 2 Times (Mark's Beachball mix) - Ann Lee 03:54
0006 All or nothing (Almighty definitive mix) - Cher 07:35
0007 Just be good - SOS 03:07
0008 Hammer to the heart - The Tamperer feat. Maya 04:29
0009 Better off alone - Alice Deejay 03:16
0010 Back in my life - Alice Deejay 03:12
0011 Sha Lala Lala (Alice Deejay remix) - Vengaboys 04:24
0012 Toca me / Toca's miracle (CyberEdit) - Fragma 06:14
0013 My heart goes boom (la di da da) (X-tended Club version) - French Affair 04:53
0014 Don't call me baby - Madison Avenue 02:31
0015 Who the hell are you (John Course & Andy Van remix) - Madison Avenue 03:06
0016 Sway (Mucho Mambo) (Johan S Toxic Club mix) - Shaft 05:49
0017 Spank! Spank! (Jaydee's Radio edit) - Jaydee vs. Jimmy 'Bo' Horne 03:04
0018 Shake your bum - Oriel Clarke 03:11

DISC TWO - SILVER, conversely, is the more "intelligent" -- albeit shorter -- of the two discs,
focusing on the rather transcendental and instrumental aspect of the musical palette.

0001    Introduction...    00:27
0002 Escape from the Blue Planet - Earth 2150 04:00
0003 Science Fiction (ATB remix) - Taucher 02:42
0004 Join me - Anastasia 03:02
0005 Every day, every moment, every time - Agnelli & Nelson 04:14
0006 Saltwater - Chicane 03:38
0007 Swim with the dolphins - Pure Bliss 03:24
0008 Under the water (Deep Dish Club mix) - Brother Brown feat. Frankee 03:18
0009 It's my turn - Angelic 03:08
0010 Ayla (DJ Taucher remix) - Kosmonova 05:21
0011 Out there (Lange remix) - Friends of Matthew 01:36
0012 Between 2 Fires (Armin Van Buuren's Rising Star mix) - Vincent de Moor 04:06
0013 Pitchin' (in every direction) (Celine Diablo mix) - Hi-Gate 05:46
0014 Sandstorm - Darude 03:03
0015 The summer (Cyberian re-construct) - ATB 02:45
0016 Acid Freak (Saturday Nite mix) - Heatseeker 05:56
0017 Infinity (Kunnen & Vantjik remix) - Cassini 01:27
0018 Elektrofunk (Atlantis Club mix) - Space Penguins 01:41
0019 It feels so good (Serious mix) - Sonique 05:54
0020 Push the limits (ATB remix) - Enigma 02:50

The Artwork

Appearance and associated artwork of the final product were attaining such increasing importance that even specific paper was purchased for the covers. The basic design direction from Cyberia 3 was maintained.

The Data

Total Running Times: 78:29 + 68:20

Compiled: June to November 2000

Released: November 26th, 2000

Recordable Media: [BLANK] + Verbatim

Disclaimer: Although all reasonable efforts have been made to reduce spurious noise and spikes prevalent on the source music carriers, some may remain audible at times.

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