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Cyberia 10


The Story

"To survive, we collectively and unconsciously know that we must neurograft, bioweld and hypermorph into the most intimate of symbioses with the industrial and electronic world; become as living quicksilver able to take on any form or pseudophysiognomy -- the contours of body, mind, and spirit flowing with the swiftness of mega-amplified imaginative cognition and will into any biomould required. Humanity would become the most creative and stunningly transmutational unicognate ocean of superintelligent cyberprotoplasm, alive and in flux continually with the most wrenching, astonishing boiling biochangeability. But our need is inadmissible -- it is too grimly cruel and colossally oppressive a future to grasp.

We must leave our soft and spongy carbonaceous flesh shells behind, as well as the principles that governed that semiliquid form. To challenge the deeps of space and the planes of infinity we have no choice.

We must become unyielding bio-metal and take on a heartless spirit of survival in which morality and mercy shall be frighteningly deflected as we struggle to master and stabilize our new biomechanical state of being. Earth itself, so increasingly hostile to us and reactionary against our pollutions and outrages of it, will incubate this new and shocking order of life. That which survives will grasp the stars.

I have walked, alone and hideously affrighted, past the biomorphs and devastators and quasimutants and huborgs and cybots and iron golems and grotesque hulking biomechanoids that prowl Cyberia's smoking gunmetal wastelands.

The lands of the future are filled with these weird and novel new archetypes. We approach a crucial ignition point in our evolutionary history -- one totally unprecedented in the life of this planet. The great streams of consciousness and psychic energy that spiral around our lives and existence have never been closer to our comprehension. We are on not merely a biological frontier but an even profounder spiritual one. The biomechanical chrysalis will open the collective consciousness as well as multiplying physical and sensory potentials beyond levels of considered possibility. Astral and etheric dimensions of existence will become dynamic and immediate parts of our sentience and play unknowable parts in the conduct of our daily lives. New concepts of time and causality and spirit-organism and mortality will revolutionize our destructive relationship with our planet, perhaps even allow us to touch its ancient unhurried consciousness and comprehend its wisdom despite our maddened cybermentalic hyperactivity.

For the human order will vanish in the cybergenetic typhoon and its earth-shattering subsidiary storms. The race will become a living mass of dream-infested mercury, leaving behind a fixed shape of body and mind. The human ecology will evolve into such a complex and differentiated thing that every rule and law and axiom of civilization will be rendered meaningless or must dramatically realign to accommodate new orders of being, mind, spirit, and cyberpsyche.

Cyberia is where humanity confronts and emerges from its larval and pre-foetal, grub-like state. Where we erupt painfully from the swarming biomechanical cauldron, all the Earth will become the ultraviolent and cataclysmic overture to the true emergence of the superhuman species -- and that fresh new phylum will be born into a world remorselessly intent on its eradication."

The lands of the future are Cyberia. It's a machine's world now!

The Music

Loud. Hard. Uncompromising. Violent. Repetitive. Metronomous. Synthetic. Cold. Lethal.
Never send a human to do a machine's job.

0001>    Introduction: Rise of the Machines...    02:07
0010> Pornostar - Zerotonine (2001) 06:08
0011> Pipemode (shortened) - Bitmonx (2000) 07:11
0100> Krieg gegen die Maschinen (Baced mix) - DJ Mark la Cruz (2000) 05:32
0101> Terminate (Rage mix) - L'Age Synthetique (2000) 07:11
0110> Godd (Original mix) - Marco V (2002) 05:03
0111> Koea 954 (Heart of Steel mix) - DJ Supernova (1997) 04:39
1000> Mizbehavinit (Gizelle's Mizbe'ere We Go Again mix) - Rebel Yelle (1996) 02:22
1001> Lethal Industry (Svenson & Gielen remix) - DJ Tiesto (2001) 06:05
1010> Bassmachine (Y.O.M.C. mix) - DJ Overdog (2000) 05:45
1011> The Fifth Colour - Authentik (2001) 05:06
1100> s.t.o.p. - X-Dream (1998) 04:09
1101> Acid Phase (Kai Tracid mix) - Emmanuel Top (2002) 05:48
1110> Man = Drug (Peter Rauhofer Toxic mix) - Lula (2000) 09:35

The Artwork

Black on white -- the complement of Cyberia 9... Simplicity at its finest!

The Data

Total Running Time: 76:47

Compiled: December 16th, 2002 to January 23rd, 2003

Released: February 1st, 2003

Recordable Media: MMORE

Disclaimer: Cyberia 10 © 2003 8007L36 R3C0RD5. The copyright of this compilation and artwork is owned by 8007L36 R3C0RD5. Individual tracks and/or samples may or may not be owned, partially or in full, by their respective copyright holders. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance, broadcasting, or resale of this compilation is strictly prohibited. Enjoyment in any form by private cybernetic organisms is highly encouraged by 8007L36 R3C0RD5. Although all reasonable efforts were made to minimise vinyl scratches and other analogue noise prevalent on the source music carriers, some may remain audible to the human frequency receptacle at times. Optimisation enhancements are welcome. Snide verbal remarks are frowned upon. Music Piracy and P2P sharing remain illegal. Made in a digital world.

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