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The Gadget Graveyard

A collection of photo essays and reminiscences about dead devices, obsolete hardware, and broken toys.

Old hardware

They may be outdated now but they do have a previous life history and some stories to tell.

This is their legacy; these are personal memories and eulogies to junk.

The Sharp GX-68Z Music System (1989 to 2012/2013)
Various 16-bit ISA Cards (199x to 199x/2013)
Various old IDE hard drives (199x to 200x/2015)
The Datatronics Discovery 9632AX Faxmodem (1993 to 199x/2013)
The sad tale of a KFC 20-inch Monitor (199x to 200x/2013)
The Sharp CD-C690X Mini Component System (2000 to 2010/2013)
The life and times of a UCS Rage 500 PC (2000 to 2008/2012)
Windows Millennium Edition vs. Dell (2001 to 2007 + 2012 onwards)
The Machine: Fujitsu Siemens 933MHz (2001 to 2009/2012)
First DVD player: Cyber Home AD-L 528 (2001 to 200x/2016)
The Teledat 300 LAN Modem (2002 to 2012)
The boring tale of a Sharp 70GS-64S TV set (2008 to 2017)
The IBM 560N ThinkPad that became a Playstation (2009/2011 to 2018)
The AST Ascentia 900N Laptop (2009/2013)
Autopsy of a Grundig 2x4 Video 2000 VCR (2010/2014)
Adventures with a Poppstar MP20R media player (2011 to 2017)

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