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Sounex 9363 Stereo

Here's the short story about a crappy stereo. And it wasn't even mine.

From the box of the boombox...

Sometime in the early nineties my little sister got her first stereo boombox. It was a typical cheap and nasty device that had a radio, a double tape deck and a CD player. There were no additional or otherwise remarkable features. It sounded like crap but did what it was supposed to -- as far as the requirements for a teenage girl go. And that's all there was to it.

Somehow, sometime the thing eventually fell into my possession where it spent most of its time in storage because there may always be the need for a spurious burst of music when you're doing something, somewhere.

After we moved house in 2013 the Sounex boombox actually found a permanent home in my basement. By that time the CD player's lid had broken and I occasionally listened to the radio or a few of her old tapes when I did something down in the dungeon. Recently the tapes began to warble, too.

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Large views: Main controls | CD player controls | Speakers | Nameplate | Side view of box

In April 2019 it had to give way to other stuff. I took a few pictures and threw the thing out.

The end.

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