Computer Faire & BEXA '95

2nd to 6th of May 1995 at National Exhibition Centre (NASREC)

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Computer Faire and BEXA


Computer Faire & BEXA 1995 spans 30 000 m2 in five halls at the National Exhibition Centre, Johannesburg.

This is a far cry from fourteen stands in the Carlton Hotel Ballroom in 1978 - the year that Computer Faire was launched. The 1995 show promises an all time high in exhibitor support with every major supplying company being represented. This should come as no surprise as, according to the BMI Techknowledge survey of South Africa's top 200 IT users, IT expenditure is set to exceed R10 billion in 1995.

Computer Faire & BEXA provides these buyers with a one stop shop where they can do their comparative shopping and view the latest and best of products and services available.

Specialist "shows within a show" at the 1995 Computer Faire & BEXA are:

Computer Graphics
Computers in Government
People & Technology


The women behind the event

Standing, left to right: Karon Duff, Jo Melville, Lynn Flello
Seated: Ann Evans, Pat Orrell, Breda Kenealy, Gil Sclanders, Celeste Whitaker, Jeanne Mossner

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General Computer Consulting

Computers in government

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Compact Disc Technologies

Welcomes you to the exciting hi-tech world of Compact Disc Manufacturing!!!

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Compact Disc Technologies (CDT) is situated in Lanzerac Estates, Old Pretoria Road, Midrand and is the only CD manufacturing facility in Africa. CDT is the result of a joint venture between the three major music companies namely Gallo, EMI and Tusk.

Since its inception in February 1991, CDT has shown an amazing growth and now produces around 7 million units per annum which amounts to approximately 85% of all audio CD's sold countrywide. Our production of CD-ROM, which began in earnest during mid 1994, is increasing at a rapid rate.

Compact discs are manufactured in an "operating theatre" clean room environment and our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that we manufacture well within international standards. To emphasise our commitment to quality equal to that produced anywhere in the world, CDT is currently working towards obtaining an ISO 9002 listing.

CDT has a staff complement of 56 people, all of whom are proud to be part of such a unique environment. CDT's achievement of a 4-star NOSA grading in March 1994 once again emphasises our dedication and commitment to the highest standards.

With a mere click of your mouse, we would like to invite you to join us on a tour as we take you through the mastering process (currently carried out overseas) and the fascinating matricing, injection moulding, screen printing and packaging processes performed at CDT!

Once you have completed your brief insight into our manufacturing process, please give Bev Smolderen a call on (011) 315-4061 to discuss any queries you may have.

Introduction to CD-ROM

On completion of your application and data base design, you will need to capture the data and convert it into a machine-readable format. You will also need to bear in mind that the software should be easily retrievable for the user to obtain the maximum benefit.

CDT will accept CD-ROM data on CD-R (recordable discs) or on tape. If you wish to supply other media, CDT will assist in transferring any data you require into useable formats. The preferred medium for supply of data is the CD-R as the integrity of the disc is then verifiable prior to being mastered.

Please note that whilst the literature and software produced by some manufacturers refers to "Mastering a CD", the supply of a CD-R from these systems does not replace either the pre-mastering or mastering processes provided by CDT.

Manufacturing Process

The Steps CDT Takes to Meet Your Manufacturing Requirements...

The Steps CDT Takes to Meet Your Manufacturing Requirements...

Contact Details

Contact Bev Smolderen on tel (011) 315-4061 or fax (011) 315-4404 for any further information.

Physical address - Unit E
		Lanzerac Estate
		Old Pretoria Road
		Halfway House

Postal Address -   PO Box 3495
		Halfway House


Workgroup Systems

Workgroup Corporate Profile

Workgroup Holdings is the holding company of a number of companies focused on software technology and distribution. Workgroup Holdings has offices nation-wide as well as in Denver, Colorado. The group employs more than 150 people. The group is split into two main operating companies; Workgroup Distribution, focused on the efficient distribution of client-server and desktop software, and Workgroup Systems, focused on providing services to users of client-server and desktop software.

Workgroup Distribution was the only distributor of software to be ranked amongst the overall top twenty Most Admired IT Companies in SA by the 1993 Computer Week survey.


Workgroup has its roots in a software company formed by Dana Buys (Managing Director) and Ferdi Ladeira (Technical Director) in Cape Town during 1981. The company was a pure software house for the first half of its life, specializing in DOS and UNIX application development, and was the first company in South Africa to release a commercial application written in the now popular C language. The company merged with a Johannesburg based company for the period 1987-1991, and it was during this time that the relationship with Microsoft Corp. in the USA was first formed. MBM Software and Communications changed it's name to Workgroup Systems in February 1990, and moved into the distribution of software as opposed to selling directly to end-users.

The Microsoft relationship:

Workgroup Systems was instrumental in building the market for Microsoft's products during the sanctions years. Some achievements include the highest market share in the world for LAN Manager and SQL Server, as well as early success with OS/2. As Microsoft moved away from OS/2 and focused on Windows, Workgroup followed the new direction, establishing a strong market for Windows and Microsofts Windows based applications and developer tools.

During the run-up to Microsofts return to South Africa, a large number of companies (including all of the largest computer groups) bid for the agency. Microsoft rewarded Workgroups commitment and efforts by appointing Workgroup Systems as the first official Microsoft distributor in South Africa in November 1991.

In March 1994 Workgroup Systems and Workgroup Distribution formed two separate companies. The former to focus on the provision of services and the latter to continue software distribution.

Workgroup Holdings structure

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Super Diamond Computers

"Multimedia computing captivates and stimulates the total attention of users like no other invention ever created. It takes the human race on a quantum leap beyond the linear functions of today's computers, into a whole new paradigm that simulates the multi-dimensional tonalities and qualities of real life."
...Creative Technology

Super Diamond Computers logo

The multimedia market is rapidly expanding world-wide, with growing applications in corporate boardrooms and classrooms alike, in areas such as computer-based training and entertainment. With a projected global market worth US$24 billion by the end of the decade, the multimedia field is receiving increasing interest from the southern African market.

South Africa - At the Crest of the Multimedia Wave

About 20% of the money spent on PC-based solutions in South Africa is on multimedia products, a figure that is expected to grow to over 60% within the next few years. This trend is largely attributable to SA PC users' knowledge and interest in the PC market and its future directions, especially as far as multimedia is concerned. SA users are demanding the best that technology can offer to make the most of their investments. In a user-driven industry, it is therefore hardly surprising that South Africa is forging ahead of many European countries, positioning itself at the crest of the multimedia wave.

At Super Diamond Computers, we recognise the huge potential in the local market, and firmly believe we have the product knowledge and know-how to take full advantage of this. The multimedia industry is vibrant, dynamic and on the leading-edge of PC technology, and that is where we position ourselves as a company.

Our mission is to bring the promise of multimedia to reality making it available to as many people as possible, while providing a personalised service and support second to none.

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