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What is Cyberia?

Cyberia is a frame of mind, a state of being. It is a point of view, an abstract of reality, and a degree of insanity. Cyberia is a method of madness, a point to ponder, the question to answers, a menace to society, and the means to an end. It is as real as it is surreal.

Most of all, it is an alternate look at sentient existence.

Cyberia is the place an ordinary citizen goes to during a phone conversation -- the same place a shamanic warrior goes when traveling out of body, and the place an acid house dancer visits during the bliss of a techno-acid trance. Cyberia celebrates the digital realm and all things virtual.

Cyberia is a compilation of music, thoughts, art, and sounds.

It follows the lives and translates the experiences of the first few people who realised that culture was about to take a leap into the vast unknown. The Cyberia compilation series is a private, non-commercial and ambitious flagship project of questionable legalities, dubious purpose, and debatable skill. attempts to justify its existence and describe its history. No more. No less.

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