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Cyberia 14


The Story

The air is stale... old! The smell of ghosts, the scent of the familiar, and the stench of unoriginality permeated throughout. The forgotten remembered and new life breathed into the deceased... ah, the fresh breeze of death! The marriage of old and new, and the rape and pillaging of the old by the young...

The Music

Bridging the gap between the trance/house of Cyberia 13 and the electro of the upcoming Cyberia 15, the 14th edition of the series was created as "a brand new bastard of a compilation, with nothing but old music, rehashes, remixes and recycled mashups." Anything that had been done before was done again. Although some mistakes were repeated, many new approaches were taken, resulting in a rollercoaster ride full of surprises and revelations.

0001    Introduction...  01:05
0002 Hey we will rock ya (DJ Prince mix) - OutKast vs. Queen (2004) 01:14
0003 We will rock you (Fatboy Slim remix) - Queen (2004) 01:39
0004 My Sharona (GAMEOVER mix) - The Knack (2004) 01:46
0005 Everyday I love you less and less (GHP Chew Dub And Spat Out Remix) - Kaiser Chiefs (2005) 01:07
0006 Garbage vs. Grace - GAMEOVER (2004) 01:36
0007 Can't get Blue Monday out of my head (part 1) - Kylie Minogue vs. New Order (2002) 01:02
0008 Kylie is flawless (Mersey Mashup Sin Bin mix) - Kylie Minogue vs. The Ones (2003) 01:14
0009 Can't get Blue Monday out of my head (part 2) - Kylie Minogue vs. New Order (2002) 02:45
0010 Like you do (Extended mix) - Philippe B. (2003) 04:36
0011 Hung up (SDP Extended Vocal) - Madonna (2005) 05:34
0012 Impressive, I'm out of instant love (Kevin Roen's Bitch Fight mix) - Madonna vs. Anastacia (2003) 02:26
0013 Frozen Passion (2002 White Label remix) - Madonna vs. Gat Decor (2001) 04:01
0014 Flashdance (Original Club mix) - Deep Dish (2004) 01:23
0015 Funkytown Man (Monster Mash 2003) - DJ Zol vs. Lipps Inc. & A Cast Of 1000's (2003) 05:06
0016 Double Satisfaction - Benny Benassi vs. The Rolling Stones (2003) 02:24
0017 Benny vs. D. Mode (DJ Unknow mix) - Benny Benassi vs. Depeche Mode (2003) 05:15
0018 Club Satisfaction - Benny Benassi vs. 50 Cent (2004) 02:38
0019 California Dreamin' 2004 (DJ Steff remix) - Royal Gigolos (2004) 02:27
0020 One night in Bangkok (Vinylshakerz XXL mix) - Vinylshakerz (2005) 01:58
0021 The Power (Original Chicflowerz mix) - Chic Flowerz feat. Muriel Fowler (2005) 02:18
0022 Punky Groove - Venice Bitch (2005) 03:45
0023 Owner of a lonely heart (Max Graham's Sidechain remix) - Yes (2005) 01:53
0024 Call on me (Eric Prydz vs. Retarded Funk mix) - Eric Prydz (2004) 01:15
0025 Call on me - DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter (2003) 01:13
0026 To the clouds above - The Mashup Kids (2003) 01:32
0027 Take me to the clouds above (Radio edit) - LMC vs. U2 (2004) 01:38
0028 Out of touch (Extended mix) - Uniting Nations (2004) 02:42
0029 This is the world we live in (SoundFactory Club Anthem) - Alcazar (2004) 08:23

The Artwork

29 tracks - more than had ever been assembled on a single disc!
The track listing needed to be moved...

The Data

Total Running Time: 75:55

Compiled: November 1st to December 24th, 2006

Released: December 28th, 2006

Recordable Media: Platinum

Salutation: "Gratitude and salutations are extended to our mentor, the usual unnamed DJ; the loving and patient missus; TigerSpirit; our fans, followers, and listeners; and www.discogs.com. The present chapter in the continuing adventures in Cyberia was conceived and committed to compact disc for future generations during the months of November & December 2006 and made available for release on December 28th, 2006. See ya next year!"

Disclaimer: Cyberia 14 © 2006 8007L36 R3C0RD5. The copyright of this compilation and artwork is owned by 8007L36 R3C0RD5. Individual tracks may or may not be owned (but in all likelihood not) - partially or in full - by their respective copyright holders. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance, broadcasting, or resale of this work is strictly prohibited by the recording industry. Enjoyment in any form by private individuals is, on the other hand, highly encouraged by 8007L36 R3C0RD5. Although all reasonable efforts were made to reduce vinyl scratches, phase shifts, transmission errors and other noise prevalent on the source music media, some may remain audible at times. Constructive criticism is welcome. Snide remarks are frowned upon. Music Piracy remains illegal. Made on Planet Earth.

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