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Cyberia 12


The Story

Religion is the Antichrist

An Opinion Piece
by Valerie Hewitt Green

"Religion is the antichrist and it has been with us as long as there has been religion. Religion has never united mankind in the 'brotherhood of man'. Instead, it has been used to classify, justify, divide, destroy and conquer in the name of the Creator of us ALL. What better way to destroy a family than by dividing it? How much blood has been shed and lives lost over whose version of God is right?

How much is that same question costing us still, today, in the blood of Christians, Jews and Muslims?

Religion is a weapon of mass destruction that has polluted the world for thousands of years. Religion has nothing to do with our Creator and spirituality and everything to do with whose might makes which version right. In every religion, man is perceived as flawed and seeking to attain divine perfection of self and oneness with our Creator; yet we persist in believing that we, as self-admittedly flawed creations, belong to the one club with the right answer. It doesn't seem to matter how many times that answer changes, somehow we always feel qualified to judge other people's relationship with our mutual Creator.

There are really only two rules to follow; the rest is between the individual and our Creator. The first rule is to honor our Creator above all others. The second is 'to do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. This translates into teaching job skills rather than giving a handout. It means to be as gentle and kind to others less fortunate as you would hope some one would be to you in similar circumstances. It also means remember that no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. The key is to forgive yourself, as well as others, when mistakes do happen. It's a pity we cannot all agree on even these simple principles.

Religion dictates otherwise. Religion says that there is only one way and everyone else's way is wrong. Religion says that, even though your neighbor would qualify for sainthood by his behavior, your neighbor is going to some kind of Hell because his relationship with our Creator is not the same as yours. It seems unbelievable that our Creator could listen to souls screaming in burning agony for eternity. We are made in His image and no normal parent could endure his child going through that kind of torment, no matter what he did. What makes us think we are more compassionate than our Creator?

We are like petty children squabbling in the schoolyard over who is right and whom the teacher likes best. Since we are not perfect, it is logical to think that everyone is right and everyone is wrong. In other words, no one has it all right. Religion is the creation of mankind, not our Creator. No other force on earth has been the single cause of more death and destruction than religion. No other force has so consistently kept peace at bay, including events happening right now. From the Inquisition to the Holocaust to Jihad, all in the name of religion, the blood keeps flowing and hatred and prejudice rule. These are the products of religion and the definition of the antichrist. What better way to destroy the Creators creations than by playing one against the other? It is time for religion to stop being a weapon and a shield against a relationship with our Creator and each other."

The Music

A god came forth and attempted to corrupt our mind with ideas and concepts of purity, responsibility, cleanliness, honesty, and their version of a truth. This devil was cast out, for the truth lies within. A few months later the pope had died.

Belief and religion are matters personal; morals cannot and should not be documented in a book. The real bible is the genetic code within our very soul and moral fiber, not what is forced upon by the sheep who pretend to know the truth whilst committing heinous crimes against themselves and humanity in the name of their supposed god and imaginary friend.

Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful.
There is no religion higher than truth; and the truth is out there.

Hail to the gospel of Cyberia!
Remain faithless. Just be yourself.
The theme of this edition attempts to reflect such.

0001    Introduction...  01:10
0002 Insomnia (Darkboy's 2002 Trance Dub mix) - Faithless (2002) 08:01
0003 I've been thinking about you (Extended Vocal mix) - Damae feat. Londonbeat (2004) 05:57
0004 Missing (DJ Uber Jacques & Fosh Main mix) - Everything But The Girl (2003) 07:53
0005 Right on! (Steve Lawler Inside Space mix) - Silicone Soul featuring Louise Clare Marshall (2001) 05:51
0006 Beachball (shortened Level K mix) - Nalin & Kane (2003) 03:23
0007 Anomaly (Calling your name) (Quivver remix) - Libra presents Taylor (1999) 08:16
0008 She does (Quivver's Alternative remix) - Stoneproof (1999) 03:42
0009 I feel love (Jason Nevins Big Room remix) - Blue Man Group featuring Venus Hum (2003) 07:29
0010 Interlude: Mucho cohones 02:54
0011 Mass Destruction (shortened Tom Middleton Cosmos mix) - Faithless (2004) 05:02
0012 Interlude: The story of Job 00:59
0013 A Forest (Original mix) - Blank & Jones feat. Robert Smith (2003) 06:37
0014 Cruising (Beachballin' again) (Steve Murano Club mix) - N&K vs. Denis The Menace feat. Alex Prince (2003) 04:38
0015 Just be - TiŽsto feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw (2004) 06:48

The Artwork

Continuing the successful layout from previous chapters, this is our most professional layout thus far. It remains in angelic and pure white.

The Data

Total Running Time: 78:40

Compiled: December 1st to 31st, 2004

Released: December 31st, 2004

Recordable Media: Maxell

Salutation: "Gratitude and salutations are extended to the usual unnamed DJ, the loving missus, our loyal fans and followers, Peter Weller, and www.discogs.com. This 12th episode in the continuing adventures in Cyberia was conceived and committed to disc for future generations during the month of December in the year of our lord 2004 for official release on December 31st, 2004. Pray for more in 2005Ö"

Disclaimer: Cyberia 12 © 2004 8007L36 R3C0RD5. The copyright of this compilation and artwork is owned by 8007L36 R3C0RD5. Individual tracks may or may not be owned - partially or in full - by their respective copyright holders. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance, broadcasting or resale of this work is strictly prohibited by the recording industry. Enjoyment in any form by private individuals is, however, highly encouraged by 8007L36 R3C0RD5. Although all reasonable efforts were made to reduce vinyl scratches, phase shifts, transmission errors and other noise prevalent on the source music media, some may remain audible at times. Constructive criticism is welcome. Snide remarks are frowned upon. Music Piracy remains illegal. Made on Planet Earth.

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