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Cyberia 8


The Story

"Like MTV videos that substitute texture for story and quick cuts for plot points, Rose X videos work on an almost subliminal level. Meaning is gleaned from the succession of images more than their linear relationship. Viewers process information moment to moment, thus the amount processed increases with the number of cuts, even if the data is less structured. Rose X takes these techniques a step further by intentionally appealing to the viewer's ability to experience a kind of morphic resonance with the patterns and data flashing on the screen." "In a really good house experience, you want to create something like the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. You're trying to create an environment where people can get outside of themselves. There gets to be a certain point in the night where people just cut loose. The party just reaches a kind of critical mass. A synergy of shared consciousness occurs and boom. You'll know it. It'll have a certain sparkle to it. Rising above the muted grit and gristle of the British pagans, American techno junkies sparkle and buzz to the same throbbing beat." "Rather than abandoning the television aesthetic and discouraging the urge to be 'hip', club promoters use hipness as bait. Jody Radzik, who designs house clothing when he's not promoting the club Osmosis, believes that as house gets on MTV, 'a whole new culture will be created. This will be a result of it being trendy. At the bottom line, that's what makes things run: narcissism. Trendiness. I'm always trying to be the trendiest I can be. It's my job. I do design. People get into this because it's a hip new thing. Then maybe they have an opening and get exposed to new ideas. But the fuel that's going to generate the growth of this culture is going to be trendiness and hipness. We're using the cultural marketing thing against itself. They consume the culture, and get transformed. House makes the Golden Rule trendy. That's why I'm trying to create the trendiest sportswear company in the world.'"

"Comic book artists, who already prided themselves on their non-linear storytelling techniques, were the first to adopt the milieu of cyberian literature into another medium. Coming from a tradition of superheroes and clearcut battles between good and evil, comics tend to focus on the more primitive aspects of Cyberia, and are usually steeped in dualism, terror, and violence." "Four turtles, minding their own business, fall off a truck and into a puddle of ooze that turns them into human-size talking turtles. They are trained by a rat to become ninja warriors, and then they go on an interdimensional quest to the place where the transformative ooze originated. Throughout their adventures, the turtles maintain a lighthearted attitude, surfing their way through battles and chases. The violence is real and the world is corrupt, but the turtles maintain hope and cheer. The comic itself, like the Toon Town atmosphere, is a sweet self-parody, sampling nearly all of the comic-book-genre styles. But instead of creating a nightmarish panoply, Eastman and Laird use these elements to build a giant playground. Challenges are games, truly evil enemies are 'bad guys', and the rewards are simple - pizza and a party. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series offers the only optimistic response to a nonlinear and chaotic world: to become softer, sweeter, more adventurous for its own sake, and not to take life too seriously" -- despite Chapter 11...

The Music

Blurb:"...and hence there's Cyberia 8: As seen on MTV! Light-hearted fun and games, sweet pop on the dance floor, at the discotheque, and in your head - in your mind, and with a hot stake. It's about bugging people with remote-controlled mosquitoes, psychotic ducks with a peculiar French accent chasing cowardly dogs, a gerbil in a microwave, Richard Gere, child geniuses with stoopid sisters, cheating at dance competitions, and arriving at the party in a Mercedes-Benz."

.MP3 files and bootleg mixes were becoming an increasingly prominent feature of the Cyberia staple. This edition, too blatantly followed the typical style of a crappy, cheesy, tacky, funny, cartoonish, and childish compilation of the musical flavours of the "current month", aimed squarely at the dumb teenage market content with mindless garbage, broadcast over and over and over and over on the idiot box until removed from the playlist and forgotten until the next brainless act of plagiarism or moronic "classic hits of the decade" show is scheduled.
Nonetheless, it cannot be claimed that there is no sense of humour or self-irony in Cyberia.

Love, peace and unity. Cyberia: The place to be. Hallelujah!

0001    Introduction...    00:41
0002 La Passion (Medley with Rectangle) - Gigi d'Agostino 07:12
0003 Overload (Amramix Overdose 12" into Nick Faber mix) - Sugababes 06:08
0004 You don't fool me (Dancing Divaz Club mix) - Queen 04:38
0005 Missy Queen's gonna die - Toktok vs. Soffy O 03:59
0006 Get the party started - P!nk 03:08
0007 I turn to you - Melanie C. 04:14
0008 Turn the tide - Sylver 04:00
0009 Murder on the dance floor - Sophie Ellis Bextor 03:44
0010 Crying at the discotheque (Radio edit into Spacer) - Alcazar 04:26
0011 Like a prayer (Main mix) - Mad'House 04:09
0012 Androgyny (Thee Glitz mix) - Garbage 03:42
0013 Can't get you out of my head - Kylie Minogue 03:45
0014 Moi... Lolita (Hello Helli T'es a Dance mix) - Alizée 04:17
0015 Played-A-Live (Video edit) - Safri Duo 03:11
0016 Ubap (Radio/Video edit) - Re-flex 03:49
0017 Joyenergiser (On Air mix) - Joy Kitikonti 03:00
0018 Tracer (Extended version) - Alien Factory 05:24
0019 Ramp! (The logical song) (Extended) - Scooter 04:41

The Artwork

The layout simply followed the principal pattern of the previous edition -- with a childishly comical, yellow tint.
(The Cartoon Network is in no way associated with this album.)

The Data

Total Running Time: 78:21

Compiled: April 28th to May 20th, 2002

Released: May 31st, 2002

Recordable Media: BASF

Salutation: "The usual kudos and gratitude go to our favourite unnamed DJ, the Internet, Herkules, and even the ex-boss for supplying some of the music, as well as the missus' patience, and Mr. Roscoe for his insight into Disco."

Disclaimer: Cyberia 8 © 2002 8007L36 R3C0RD5. The copyright of this compilation and artwork is owned by 8007L36 R3C0RD5. Individual tracks may or may not be owned - partially or in full - by their respective copyright holders. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance, broadcasting, or resale of this audio collection is strictly prohibited by the recording industry. Enjoyment in any form by private individuals is, however, highly encouraged by 8007L36 R3C0RD5. Although all reasonable efforts were made to reduce vinyl scratches and other noise prevalent on the source music media, some may remain audible at times. Constructive criticism is welcome. Snide remarks are frowned upon. Music Piracy remains illegal. Made on Planet Earth.

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