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Cyberia 5


The Story

Not unlike its numerical forerunner, Cyberia 5 was produced in an individually-numbered and strictly limited edition of twenty discs -- signifying the end of an established fan base in a brave new world and heralding the beginning of a new challenge in an old world that has lost its own cultural identity by trailing behind the Jones's -- despite some of the broadest information superhighways where charred cadavers lay stranded in the emergency lane.

Blurb: "Yeah! Cyberia 5 brings with it a new concept, a somewhat radical departure from its predecessors by way of the inclusion of snippets from a certain movie... a theme is born! Although this is a fully-functional prototype of a future concept, we have endeavoured to correlate the added movie snippets with the current selection of music. Blatant copyright infringement this may be, but hell... I should be paid for promoting both the songs and the snippets! Shit, I ain't gettin' rich from this...
Gratitude is extended to the usual unnamed DJ for providing the music, and to the missus for painstakingly and perfectly recording the Blade soundtrack while I was out playing DJ elsewhere! Sorry, Babes...
Also thanks to you for your continuous support in the Cyberia concept."

The Music

With Cyberia 5 began the staple tradition of a particular theme -- as defined by specific sound effects and snippets as well as certain "key feature" tracks to suit a mood and setting. This compilation is filled with elements of the Wesley Snipes actioner Blade, this decision -- in turn -- influenced primarily by the release the Xplicit track by Heatseeker -- an inspired emulation of New Order's Confusion, as featured in one of the more light-hearted scenes in the film.
Largely underrated, serendipity played a vital role in the final result, but not without (purposely) including two of the most irritating tracks ever. Cyberia 5, in its own bloody way, remains a personal classic.

0001    Introduction...    01:18
0002 Blow ya mind (Cyberian Blade edit) - Lock 'n Load 08:06
0003 Luvstruck 2000 (Extended version) - Southside Spinners 02:33
0004 Awaiting sunrise - Spindazzle 02:44
0005 Xplicit (Confused and Double-Edged Sword mix) - Heatseeker 04:27
0006 64 units till the hour (Phazen Club mix) - William Scott 03:23
0007 Disko Biskut - Pare 04:06
0008 Good shot - Hands burn 03:26
0009 Everybody - Progress presents the Boy Wonder 03:30
0010 Communication (somebody answer the phone) - Mario Piu 03:22
0011 Eleven Asako - DJ Avalon 05:38
0012 Read my lips (DJ Screw mix) - The Beatshop 02:26
0013 Drop it - Scoop 02:43
0014 Jo & Lisa (Untidy dubs) - Chopper 03:46
0015 Can U feel - SQ 1 02:10
0016 The Whistle Song - DJ Aligator Project 03:43
0017 Zombie Nation (Cyberian extension) - Kernkraft 05:11
0018 Better off alone (DJ Jam X & Dumonde remix) - Alice Deejay 02:25
0019 Disko Biskut (Streeetch mix) - Pare 01:57

The Artwork

The artwork followed the basic template of previous editions -- with black text on a (blood)red background: Simple. Effective. Appropriate. The inclusion of a hazard warning symbol became an increasingly established format.

The Data

Total Running Time: 71:00

Compiled: June to November 2000

Released: November 26th, 2000

Recordable Media: Verbatim

Disclaimer: Although all reasonable efforts have been made to reduce spurious noise and spikes prevalent on the source music carriers, some may remain audible at times.

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