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Hits of the Year

During the eighties it became customary for Radio 5 and Radio 702 to revisit the greatest singles of the year.

Two Golfs dicing along Pretoria Street...

Here's the countdown of most of them, presented in gloriously remastered HTML.

Radio 5's Hits of the Year 1982

702's Top Forty Songs of 1984
Radio 5's Top Singles of the Year 1984

702 Top 30 of 1985
Radio 5's Top Songs of the Year 1985
Radio 5's Top Hits of the Year 1986

The Radio 5 Top 150 of 1987
The Radio 5 Top 150 of 1988
The Radio 5 Top 150 of 1989

The Radio 5 Top 150 Hits of the Decade
The 702 Listener's Choice Top 150 Songs of the Past Ten Years

The Personal Top Songs of 198x

Bonus item: (Part of) the "Regional Radio" schedule from November 14, 1988

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