Images of the moment

These images of past moments have appeared on the Main Page
at some point and for a certain period over the years. They are
presented here in chronological order and with their original comments.

But seriously... why even bother?

But seriously...
'Hot', as in 'stolen', right?

We are the knuckleheads (and in reality, they're old college buddies!)

More knuckleheads... Cokeheads? Towelheads!

His and hers...

Stick that between your buns!

Truth in advertising
In reality, that's a dolphin.

Oh shit!
Wankers of the world unite!

Unser neuer Führer!

Five nice XXXmas presents...

Jingle bells...
Saddam Claus?

Why kids really are afraid of Michael Jackson...

If that were true, then why are blondes so dumb?

Cerebrally disadvantaged, part 692...

As seen on Cannabis News Network...

NY or Amsterdam?
Hidden on the main page...

Dogs vs. cats...

Coming soon to a theatre near you: Invasion of the brainy slugs from outer space!

Coming soon...
How the tsunami really started...

South African warning against moving violations...

SA warning
Papa Ratzi... or rather: Das Imperium schlägt zurück! (Seeking Death Star to swap against VW Golf...)

Papa Ratzi...
Flying dog...

Get out!!!
One for the 'priceless' collection...

Amateur photographer
Naked babies pull in lotsa traffic, you know?

Hmmm! My wife and I had Nokia phones when we met...

Of course not! Some are for cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing...

Make-up won't help!

GOLF: Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
Ever feel like you've woken up on the wrong side of the head?

Arse about face!
Wanted dead or alive

Western Digital vs. HMVH

Some images lost


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
The perfect woman?

The perfect woman?
Santa's little helpers...

Merry XXXMas!
Clearly not an Afrikaans-owned restaurant!

Poe's place?
All set for New Year's Eve...

Sourzzzz, yes!