T-shirts for girls

But virginity can be cured...

Why would I wanna do that?
Men only need a place...

Men always have the time!
...or you could just be nice!

So be mean to me...
Wishful thinking

Kwaai poes

Ain't that the truth!
Hooray for boobies

...where it smells funny.
Good. Bring your friend along!

Supposedly a warning...
Bleeds for days without dying...

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
She has had too much...

Bitch Manifesto

The Bitch's Manifesto
Apprentice Bitch

Apprentice Bitch
Queen Bitch

The Queen Bitch
Britney the virgin

Must be an old t-shirt...
Hooray for boobies

Britney Federline

Definitely a new t-shirt!
Revenge of the nerd girls

Just fine as it is...

Your picture on the internet

Criteria met... off to Vegas!

My kind of women!
Go away...

Not interested either...
White trash

Britney? Is that you?
Proof that God is a guy!

Black widow

...but what's the catch?
The mountains of Florida

Blondes have more fun

Common misconception
Healthy chest

As you wish...
Me been very naughty

As you wish, part II
Jetzt wird gepoppt!

What you get for ten dollars...

...a German?
What you get for ten dollars...