The holocaust on your plate


PETA is known for its use of outrageous antics to publicise its radical animal
rights agenda. On February 24, 2003 PETA issued a press release unveiling its
"Holocaust on Your Plate" project.

According to the press release, the display, which was being launched on the
West Coast as part of a national tour, consists of eight 60-square-foot panels,
each showing photos of factory farm and slaughterhouse scenes side by side
with photos from Nazi death camps.

The text of the campaign was even worse. In a section entitled "The Final Solution,"
PETA made this astonishing assertion: "Like the Jews murdered in concentration camps,
animals are terrorized when they are housed in huge filthy warehouses and rounded
up for shipment to slaughter. The leather sofa and handbag are the moral equivalent
of the lampshades made from the skins of people killed in the death camps."

For two years, PETA presented the "Holocaust on Your Plate" Campaign throughout the
United States and much of the world. In almost every city and country where PETA
activists turned up to promote "Holocaust on Your Plate, Jewish groups and others
angrily protested. But PETA doggedly stuck to its propaganda.

Then, unexpectedly, on May 5, 2005 PETA issued an "apology for a tasteless comparison."


[Text lifted off various websites, pictures from the personal archive]

"I'm the bad guy? How did THAT happen?" - D-Fens in FALLING DOWN