She wore lace


A woman walks into a pharmacy, strolls over to the counter, and catches
the pharmacist's attention. "Can I please get some arsenic?" she asks.

"Arsenic? What do you want arsenic for?" asks the pharmacist.  
"It's for my husband," she replies.

"You husband?" exclaims the pharmacist, "I hope you don't mean what I
think you mean!" She just nods. "Well, lady," he replies, "I'm an honest
man. I can't sell you arsenic, I wouldn't if I could, and I don't know
what made you think you could just stroll into a respectable store and
expect me me to sell you arsenic!"

She doesn't say a word. She just reaches into her purse, fishes out a
photograph, and then hands it across the counter. It is a picture of 
her husband, in bed with the pharmacist's wife.

Slowly the pharmacist looks up, over the counter, and then straight at
her. "Lady," he says, "why didn't you tell me you had a prescription?"


[Selected by Jim Griffith@rec.humor.funny.]