Evolution of the English language


Unbelievable! THIS is in the Dictionary?

This is how you can tell the English language is alive and well on 
Planet Earth: We're creating new words. A lot of them. So many that 
the venerable Oxford English Dictionary has added 3,000 new words to 
its pages. Read just a sampling of these and update your vocabulary. 
And be happy that the English language is so much FUN! 

A sampling of some of the new words:

* bada bing (also bada bing bada boom): An exclamation to emphasize that 
  something will happen effortlessly and predictably.

* blog: Shorthand for Web log.

* bootylicious: Thanks to Destiny's Child, this is a description of 
  exceptional booty. The song lyrics that changed the dictionary: 
  "Cause my body too bootylicious for ya babe."

* bubkis: Nothing, as in zilch.

* cantopop: Asian pop industry featuring Cantonese lyrics and western 
  style music.

* cyberslacker: Someone who uses his or her company's Internet 
  connection during work hours to surf the Net for personal use.

* data smog: The impenetrable amount of facts available online.

* Eeyorish: Refers to the character Eeyore in "Winnie the Pooh," who was 
  known for his gloomy outlook on life.

* egosurf: Someone who searches the Internet for references to himself 
  or herself.

* lovely jubbly: An expression of delight that originates from the 
  British TV comedy "Only Fools and Horses."

* muggle: A person without magical powers.

* muppet: A foolish person.

* turntablist: A DJ proficient at spinning records.

* robata: A type of charcoal grill used in Japanese cooking.

* shotgun cloning: The insertion of random fragments of DNA.

* shovelware: Low-priced games or other programs packaged into 
  higher-priced collections.

* prairie-dogging: Office workers in cubicles who raise their heads 
  above the partitions surrounding their desks to see what is going on.

[Yep, they're really in there... I've seen the new edition! -Ed.]


[Lifted off netscape.com]