Personal ad


The Metro Times in the Detroit, MI area runs a competition for the best
Personal Ad, and gives a $15 gift certificate to a local music store as 
the prize. This one won in the "latest" issue.


I am black and a woman. With children being slaughtered in Rwanda, 
what difference does it make how big my breasts are, how long my legs 
are, or how much money you or I make?  To hell with long walks, holding 
hands, candle lit dinners, and all of that other crap that people never 
continue doing after the first date anyway; that didn't even take place 
in Cinderella (I've seen the movie).

If there is a man out there who:

-   isn't a crackhead or crack dealer,
-   isn't an alcoholic,
-   doesn't have any kids,
-   doesn't smoke,
-   doesn't beat women,
-   isn't wearing women's underwear as you're reading this ad,
-   isn't a liar,
-   isn't looking for fun behind his wife's back,
-   isn't into being hit, peed on, or tied up while having sex,
-   doesn't want to hit, pee on or tie me up while having sex,
-   likes having sex,
-   CAN have sex,

 is not
-  in jail,
-  on probation,
-  has a court date pending,

 isn't a
-  misogynist,
-  racist,
-  classist,
-  elitist,
-  lawyer,
-  politician,
-  member of the military,
-  policeman (Malice Green, Rodney King),
-  bible boy, or
-  a pompous ass.

Call me!!

What you have to be is HONEST, HONEST, HONEST!!! If you're out there, 
if you exist, call me. Please don't make me give up on men.


[Contributed by Peter]