If dis here plane goes down...


Three black ladies were about to board a transatlantic flight.

The first lady said: "I don't know 'bout y'all, but I'm gonna wear me 
some hot pink panties before I gets on dat plane."

"Why you gonna do dat?" the other two asked.

The first lady replied: "Cause, if dat plane go down and I'm out der' 
layin' butt-up in a corn field, dey can find me first."

The second lady says: "Well, I'm a-gonna wear me some fluorescent 
orange panties."

"Why you gonna wear dat?" the others asked.

The second lady answered: "Cause if dis here plane is goin' down and 
I'm floatin' butt-up in the ocean, dey can see me first."

The third lady says: "Well, I'm not gonna wear no panties at all..."

"What? No panties?!" the others said in disbelief.

"Dat's right. I'm not wearin' no panties," the third lady explained, 
"cause if dis here plane be goin' down, da' first thing dey' be lookin' 
for is da' black box!"


[Submitted by Peter]