Australian Mail Order Brides

Maria Maria is a lovely lady. Twice married, her late husbands both died in tragic boating accidents.

She truly believes the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and loves to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Maria also loves to use food while in bed, with carrots being her favourite.

Yo, momma! Gretchen is a bit of a mystery woman.

She keeps quiet about her history but it is believed she was married to a wealthy landowner in Romania before coming to Australia. Due to her mysterious background, Gretchen likes to remain a mystery to men and plays hard to get. But once you've caught her - watch out!

Her favourite sex toys are handcuffs and whips.

American Gothic? Cynthia is a good farm girl with a love of animals.

Raised by her parents (who were first cousins) on their cattle farm, Cynthia had little contact with the outside world until she attended boarding school for her final two years.

With her beautiful smile, Cynthia can get any man into bed. There her favourite position is doggie style, and she has the staying power of a horse!

Belly dancer my ass! Pamela used to be a belly dancer before she spiralled into exotic dancing and then stripping. However, she has managed to pick herself up off the floor and is making something of her life.

After enrolling at TAFE, Pamela's self esteem and sex drive have both risen dramatically.

A woman who likes to be on top, Pamela is ready and raring to go.

TJ Hooker? TJ is a party animal. She likes nothing better than to take copious amounts of drugs, drink a keg of beer, and then dance on the tables until the sun comes up or her pants go down.

After spending most of her childhood in hospital, TJ loves her freedom and does not want to be tied down by commitment.

TJ loves open spaces and public places.

Robyn or Robin? Robyn was born transgender and her parents chose the female route. She now takes hormones daily and says they make her extremely horny.

Willing to try anything once, Robyn is a partner not afraid to push the envelope.

With a liking for arse slapping and toe sucking, Robyn is great.

Mei love you long time... Mei-Ling was born in Thailand and has that exotic Asian look.

She first arrived in Australia as an internet bride, however soon divorced her husband when she found a richer man.

Currently single, Mei-Ling is looking for a good f**k and after spending her childhood in a brothel, she knows how to look after her man. If you ask nicely she might show you 'Ping Pong'.

Look at me when I talk to you! Melissa is a typical Aussie surfer chick who loves nothing more than to spend her time perving. Luckily, thanks to a birth defect, Melissa can look in two directions at once and get twice the perve in.

With a room full of teddy bears, Melissa won her high school's 'stuffed toy' competition in 2000.

Melissa loves bad boys and panel vans.