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Access Accounts

ASYST International is the authorised distributor for Access Accounts, the UK’s fastest-growing PC-based accounting package. As a Microsoft Solution Provider, Asyst offers a total solution to your networking and accounting needs.

Hall 2 K4 (011) 334-0280

ACE Marketing & Publications, Inc

ACE Marketing & Publications, Inc. is a member of the ACE Group. The company was established in Taiwan, January 1983. We publish CompuTrade International a computer related publication and act as an international trade show representative.

Hall 2 A5 +8862 2392 6960

ACTADAS Document Management

ACTADAS operates a scanning service interfaced with an electronic document management system. This system facilitates electronic storage, archiving, document workflow and allows easy retrieval and viewing of documents and drawings.

Hall 4 D8 (011) 967-1300

Action Group

Importers and Exporters of office machines ie Shredders, Binders, Laminators, Spirit Duplicating machines, Consumables, Toners, Guillotines and Trimmers.

Hall 1 B13 & 15 (011) 838-7281


Barcode printing and scanning equipment - UBI Agents for the past 10 years.

Hall 2 A6-8 (011) 792-7154


Adobe Systems offers a market-leading line of application software and type products for creating and distributing visually rich communication materials and offers integrated software solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Hall 4 E1 & 2 (011) 444-0225

Adroit Technologies

Adroit Technologies are the developers and marketers of the Scada Package "Adroit". They also market and distribute the HASP software protection system.

Hall 3 A18 (011) 886-4704

Aerial Empire

Aerial Empire (Pty) Ltd, part of the listed Paradigm Group, is the largest distributor of satellite and terrestrial equipment in Sub-Saharan Africa and is the exclusive agent for a number of product brands.

Hall 2 G7-12 (011) 402-1168


AfriGIS specialises in providing general and application specific Geographical Information Systems (GIS) solutions. The AfriGIS team consists of Civil Engineers, Agricultural Planners, graduates in statistics, software developers and land-use planners.

Hall 4 D9 (012) 342-0285

Alien Technologies

Alien Technologies, distributors of multimedia products to corporate resellers, offer MPEG, Laptop video conferencing, desktop video and audio surveillance products, DVD cards and Web site construction and editing products.

Hall 3 D19 (011) 882-1735

Allyson Lawless Systems

Allyson Lawless Systems offers civil engineering design and CAD software (eg AllyCAD, AllyMAP, etc) along with maintenance, support and training. Data capturing, draughting, plotting and scanning services are available.

Hall 4 A8 (011) 476-4100

Ambassador Training and Development

Ambassador Training and Development are leaders in Microsoft end user and technical training. Our philosophy and success in the corporate environment is based on the belief that quality always comes before volume.

Hall 1 A31 (011) 447-6726


AMT provides "intelligent" and highly integrated management systems that are geared towards the requirements of the aviation, petroleum and transportation industries, through the use of full online, or terminal based, communication technologies.

Hall 2 G7-12 (011) 314-7077

Anstek Computers & Communications

Importers, distributors and dealers in Telephones, Cell Phones, Accessories and Computers. Agents for Asus, Compal, T.M.C., Yeong-Yang, Viewsonic.

Hall 1 G10 & 12 (011) 792-2242

Apple Computer

Apple Computer Inc. ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Apple is now re-committed to its original mission - to bring the best personal computing products and support to students, educators, designers, scientists, engineers, business persons and consumers in over 140 countries around the world.

Hall 3 E29-32 (011) 234-0922

ARES Technology

ARES Technology, a professional manufacturer of uninterruptible power supply, was founded in 1988 and consists of 85 employees and 10 departments. With 10 years experience, we devote ourselves to high quality and service. High performance of our products has brought us great success and made ARES become one of the leading UPS manufacturers in Taiwan.

Hall 2 A24 +886 2 2695 4788


Autodesk is the World leader in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Software. Autodesk products carry the "Designed for Windows" certification. Autodesk provides software solutions for Architects, Civil and Mechanical Engineers, Town Planners, Designers as well as animators.

Hall 4 ABC (011) 315-3102

Avery Office

Avery is recognised throughout the world as a quality label manufacturer. Being synonymous with adhesive products labelling, Avery produces an optimal label sheet for printing with Laser and Inkjet printer technologies.

Hall 1 D9-12 (011) 472-4749


AXIZ is an official distributor for Intel, Kingston, TI, Toshiba, LG Semicon and New Media. AXIZ products include Networking, Motherboards, PC Cards, Hard Disk Drives, Memory and Processors.

Hall 2 D11-16 (011) 803-8706


BEADS - Autodesk

BEADS, founded in 1984 for the purpose of selling, servicing and supporting CAD solutions to the Business. Engineering, Architectural communities. Fourteen years of supplying Design Solutions.

Hall 4 ABC (011) 869-7097

Bellows Heat Pack

Bellows have been manufacturing Heat Pads for 5 years. They have expanded into the export market and have been very successful. Heat Pack is a medical product for muscle stress and injuries, great for any lower back pain or neck pain. Just press a button and it reaches 57C degrees in 10 seconds - great for whilst you are working in front of the computer.

Hall 1 A13 (011) 624-2953

Bentley Africa

Bentley Africa, part of Bentley Systems Inc. is a worldwide leader in engineering software for large-scale projects and serves professionals in the building/plant engineering, geoengineering, civil structural and plant and process industries.

Hall 4 C3-6 (011) 482-3262

Beswick Machinery

Beswick Machinery (Pty) Ltd - exclusive S.A. import agents since 1976 for: GBC (General Binding Corporation - U.S.A). Powis Parker (fastback binders - U.S.A) - NEW!! Quality range of Binding, Laminating and Shredding systems.

Hall 1 A22 & 23 (011) 433-2686

Billcad Holdings

Billcad concentrates on developing leading edge software for the construction industry providing users with effective tools to streamline and professionalise their operations. Billcad has twice won the Standard Bank Technology Top 100 accolade for excellence.

Hall 4 B1-4 (012) 665-0000


Manufacturer of Binding, Laminating equipment and PVC products. Supplier of office equipment and labour saving devices. Reproduction centre with full colour printing, binding and laminating.

Hall 1 F5-8 (012) 546-2306

Booz-Allen & Hamilton (South Africa)

BAH is one of the top global management and technology consulting companies. The South African office has a particularly strong Intranet MIS development team.

Hall 3 B23 (012) 362-3620

Borland International

Borland is a software development company providing Rapid Application Development tools, languages, Intelligent Middleware and databases for application development scaling from the desktop to the enterprise thus allowing applications to be developed on time and on budget.

Hall 2 I& J9-12 (011) 622-1635

Brilliant Business Systems

Brilliant Business Systems (BBS), a division of Softline Limited, is a financial software company, which focuses on the development and implementation of financial software and support services. BBS is able to provide focused financial software solutions, as well as a broader range of value added services to its current and future user base.

Hall 2 F5-10 (011) 321-2700

Business Connection

Business Connection’s main function is to provide its’ customers with high-level Microsoft development as well as professional Microsoft solutions and support services. Development division consists of highly qualified MCSD professionals and will assist you with latest development skills for all Microsoft development tools and products. Our solution division system engineers and professionals will serve you with the best enterprise solutions in a Microsoft Environment and help you to support your Microsoft systems on a day-to-day basis.

Hall 3 BCD1-14 (012) 346-3000


Businessland formed in 1984, is a long established and respected dealer in high technology equipment stocking a wide range of well known brands. Printers offered include Hewlett-Packard. A visit to this dealer is highly recommended.

Hall 2 K21 (011) 788-4715


Cad/Cam Systems - Autodesk

Cad/Cam Systems is a provider of turnkey Cad/Cam Solutions. CAS has been in business since 1979 and offer Product Data Management Solutions, Reverse Engineering, Integrated Cad/Cam products as well as consultancy, installation, training and bureau services. In addition plotting and scanning solutions are also available.

Hall 4 ABC (011) 444-4620

Cadd Management Services - Autodesk

Leading suppliers of CAD/CAE,

Manufacturing/Mechanical Design Software and Document Management solutions. Caddman also provides Professional Technical Staffing services and has one of the best Training Centres in Africa with full Engineering Support.

Hall 4 ABC (011) 455-5402


CADline are the sole and exclusive distributor for DataCAD Architectural CAD software for SA. Gary Segal, founding member of CADline is a qualified Architect and offers dedicated support and training and has developed customised add-on libraries for Architects, Interior Designers, furniture and kitchen manufacturers.

Hall 4 D6 (011) 883-0553

Careerline Group

The Careerline Group offers the Information Technology industry professional, flexible and cost effective resource solutions. We are a people company with shared values and goals that aspire us to attain the highest levels of Service.

Hall 3 E3 (011) 475-7650

Casio P.I Division

Casio’s P.I. Division offer a varied range of computer accessories to a wide range of dealers throughout Southern Africa. Products include Digital cameras, Multimedia Products, Handheld PC’s of the latest technology.

Hall 3 D15-18 (011) 266-7324

CD Technology

CD Technology’s premier product is the ALR range of computers, which are configured along with complementary products in the networking arena, operating systems, UPS’s and Multimedia. All are offered on a built to order basis, offering ease-of-purchase and convenience.

Hall 2 G7-12 (011) 885-2051


Distributor of M.Y.O.B. helping you to mind your own business.

350 000 users worldwide enjoy the ease and usefullness of M.Y.O.B.

Hall 2 A29 (011) 465-5372


Cell-F-Service in association with ABSA and Vodacom develop and supply multimedia terminals that facilitate electronic commerce, third party payments, electronic prepaid cellular recharging and a host of other convenient products.

Hall 2 G7-12 (011) 465-5964

Centro Electronic Systems

Centro specializes in supply, sales and maintenance of Digital Design Systems with exceptional technical service and advice. Visit our showroom for hands on demo’s at Shop 9 Lenchen Centre, Cnr. Lenchen & Jakaranda Streets, Centurion.

Hall 3 D27 (012) 653-5584

Chameleon Technologies

Chameleon Technologies design and manufacture an innovative range of computer cabinets for home or office use. The company is continuously expanding and so is our range of computer furniture.

Hall 3 A20 (011) 887-9408

Charter Computer Training

Charter Training Group of the Educor Holdings Group -

one of the largest training organisations in S.A. Charter is a registered Microsoft certified solution provider based in Sandton with branches in Durban and Cape Town.

Hall 3 A11 (011) 444-2887

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems is the leading global internetworking supplier of end to end connectivity to both the corporate and small to medium size enterprise markets. Cisco’s product range consists of routers, branch and dial up access, LAN switching as well as wide area technologies such as ATM and Frame Relay.

Hall 2 F12 & 14 (011) 807-4444


Clearline specialise in Surge and Lightning Protection for Electronic systems.

Hall 2 A22 (011) 314-3875

Club Internet

Club Internet (a division of the communictions giant Radiospoor) is one of the largest Internet Service Providers in Southern Africa, dealing with all aspects of Internet (IP) connectivity. Club Internet is represented by some 28 indivudally owned franchises in South Africa and Namibia that offer a professional and friendly connection to the internet with on-going personal service.

Hall 3 C40 (011) 402-1678


Cognos is the world’s leading supplier of business intelligence software. Our complete business intelligence solution gives enterprises the key to survival in today’s competitive landscape, easy data access, analysis, reporting and data mining turn data into valuable information, improving business performance.

Hall 3 BCD1-14 (011) 784-9784

Comega - Autodesk

Comega is an authorised industry accredited software specialist company, focusing on Civil engineering, Mechanical, Architectural and Data Management solutions. Our aim is to offer our customers the best solution mapped to their specific needs.

Hall 4 ABC (012) 346-1970

Compact Disc Technologies

Established in February 1991, Compact Disc Technologies, an ISO 9002 listed company, is the Leading Manufacturer of Music and Multimedia Compact Discs, from Glass Master through to packaged product.

Hall 3 B42 & 44 (011) 315-4061

ComputaExcellence Staffing Services

ComputaExcellence belongs to the oldest recruitment agency in Gauteng and now is listed on the JSE within the Adcorp Group. Its’ main focus is the I.T. industry having established preferred supplier agreements with leading vendors and VARs.

Hall 2 F16 (011) 880-4433

Computer & Telephone Valet Services

Computer & Telephone Valet Services specializes in the preventative maintenance, cleaning and hygienic services as well as manufacturing a full range of automation and electronic cleaning products, including technical and maintenance products for the electronics industry. Member of the NCCA.

Hall 1 A10 (011) 484-2696

Computer Consulting Services Corporation

CCSC has Head Office located in Atlanta, Georgia. Network of offices spanning 5 continents. Client list including some of the most respected corporations in the world. Offers


Hall 3 F11 (011) 315-6169

Computer Foundation Autodesk

Computer Foundation is an Autodesk GIS systems centre which supplies the range of Autodesk GIS products as well as trading, development and support for the above mentioned.

Hall 4 ABC (012) 672-0100

Computer Things

The African leader in the manufacture of innovative mouse pads. Other related products include coffee mugmats, insert mouse pads, wrist rests, counter mats and the brand new "Flat Pot" - a robust pen and pencil holder that comes flat packed for easy distribution and takes a few seconds to assemble.

Hall 1 A3 (011) 708-1356

Computing S.A.

Computing SA incorporating ComputerWorld is South Africa’s highest circulated IT newsweekly with an audited circulation of 14 979. Providing local and international news, features and product information to local IT users and suppliers. This publication is Free of Charge to I.T. Professionals only.

Hall 3 Exhibitor Lounge (011) 789-2144

Computing Services & Software Association

CSSA is the trade association for the UK based software, IT Services and Information Industries. With over 500 member organisations, CSSA represents 80% of the Industry by turnover, more than 110 000 employees and a UK and overseas market size of over 12bn Pounds Sterling.

Hall 3 E33-44 +44 1 622 754200

Corel Corporation

Corel Corporation’s product line includes CorelDRAW, Corel WordPerfect Suite, Corel VENTURA, Corel Print House Magic and Corel WebMaster Suite, ships in over 17 languages through a network of more than 160 distributors in 70 countries worldwide.

Hall 2 I & J13-1 + 613 728 8200

Corporate Distribution

We are an IT Distributor specialising in security and hardware products.

Hall 2 K6 (011) 805-2005

Creative Labs

Creative Labs Africa is the African subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd. Creative Technology is the world’s leading provider of advanced multimedia products and solutions for personal computers, including sound, graphics, communication and video conferencing products.

Hall 3 A & B34-40 (011) 804-6555

CSS Group

The CSS Group is a major supplier of internationally known brand IT equipment to Corporates, OEM’s and Value Added Resellers. We

strive to establish long term relationships by being

customer driven.

Hall 3 BC15-22 (012) 661-4970

CTX International

By offering a varied selection of high quality state-of-the-art products including High-End Monitors, LCD Monitors, CTX International has become a leading supplier in the computer industry.

Hall 2 F11 &13 +886 2 2971 5055


D-Bit Systems

D-Bit Systems specializes in development of packaged software for the PC environment. In particular our focus is on vertical markets linking to branded financial systems.

Hall 2 E F1-4 & Hall 2 K9-12 (011) 454-3400

Data Comm & Fiber Cables

Data Comm & Fiber Cables is a division of National Cables who are very well known and respected in the supply of electrical cables. We are well known for our service and variety of stock at all times.

Hall 2 K20 & 22 (011) 824-4747

Data Spec

For more than 10 years Data Spec has been importing and distributing Quality computer products to the computer industry. The Astra brand has earned its place in the industry as a high quality product that can be relied on. Our main products being complete system integration as well as mainboards and components to serve all computer requirements.

Hall 3 A22 (011) 425-5734

Data Video Communications

Importers and distributors of LCD based Data/Video Portable Projectors. Also TLS Technical Learning System for computer training.

Hall 2 B7 & 8 (011) 462-3231

Datadeal Technologies

Datadeal Technologies was established in 1993 as a supplier of portable computers. The company markets its own notepad brands, POWERNOTE and SMARTPAD as well as brands such as Toshiba, Compaq and IBM. The company has also expanded its services to include the supply and installation of hardware platforms, network operating systems,.application software and peripherals and the provision of training, system maintenance and support.

Hall 3 E15-18 (011) 463-7951

De La Rue

De La Rue supplies cash handling equipment to banks and retailers, as well as currency, security documents, identity systems, electronic payments and smart card systems to governments and commerce worldwide.

Hall 2 H5-12 (011) 803-6703

Dell Computer

Dell Computer is the world’s leading direct marketer of computer systems. It designs and customises notebooks, desktops and servers to end-user requirements and offers an extensive selection of peripherals and software. All Dell products may also be ordered direct from the company’s web site

Hall 2 G & H13-18 (011) 709-7700

Deltalink Consulting

Deltalink Consulting is a distributor of market leading state-of-the-art imaging (Onbase) and archiving (Alchemy) software and related products, including document scanners (Visionshape), CD-Rom mass storage and CD-Rom Discs (Mitsui).

Hall 4 E15 & 16 (011) 782-5680

Designtech Technology Furniture

Designs Unlimited - Computer Furniture. They are well known for their innovative furniture designs and quality finishes. They cater both for domestic and corporate clients.

Hall 1 A29 (011) 672-9426

Deutsche Magnetics

Deutsche Magnetics are the official importers and distributors of BASF data recording media and associated products. In an ever changing industry it is important that you have a proven brand you can rely on.

Hall 3 A6 (011) 888-1055

Dexterous Developments - Great Plains Software

Hall 2 K9-12 (011) 884-4757

Different Angle

Creators of truly unique and innovative digital publishing software. The fundamental principle behind all our products: "Simple is Always Best". Actively seeking partners in Southern Africa.

Hall 3 E33-44 +44 1 812 009980

Digital Interactive Solutions

UK design and manufacturers of high performance, SCSI, Tape and security products. Remote, mirrored and fault tolerant solutions. Solutions for a wide range of host systems. No special software required.

Hall 3 E33-44 +441933402940

Dr Solomon’s Software

Dr Solomon’s Software, leading supplier of anti-virus software and a full range of security and management products will be exhibiting their product range in the UK Pavilion. Distributed by Dynamic Recovery Service. (011) 440-2034

Hall 3 E33-44 +44 1 296 318700

Drive Control Corporation

Drive Control is a broad based Peripheral Distributor servicing the dealer channel with many awards behind their name. Drive Control focuses on "Branded" products and endeavours to maintain the highest levels of service while remaining price conscious.

Hall 2 E11-20 (011) 887-8927


DSat is the only specialist provider of digital home entertainment. Our objective is to make available to you, at the lowest cost possible, the wonders of Digital Satellite Entertainment, today and in the future.

Hall 2 G7-12 (011) 803-9590


Easi-Bind S.A.

Binding, Presentation and Identity / Access Card Specialists.

Hall 1 A27 (011) 487-1536

EduTain Distribution

EduTain Distribution, leaders in software and peripherals, distribute an exclusive range of innovative edutainment products, games, multimedia and Internet software from the world’s leading industry manufacturers.

Hall 4A E9 & 10 (011) 882-1735

Eiki - Selected Audio Visual

Authorised importer and distributor of Eiki products in South Africa.

Hall 3 A21 (011) 432-0051

Electronic Arts Africa

Electronic Arts Africa is the largest distributor of computer software games in South Africa. They boast all Electronic Arts, MGM, EA Sports & Fox, Accolade, Origin, Bullfrog and Hasbro brands plus more. We will be launching the biggest title of the year "World Cup 98".

Hall 4A A1-9 (011) 792-7019

Emmanuels Staffing

Emmanuels is a diverse staffing and recruitment consultancy that focuses on niche markets. Relevant to the I.T. Industry is ComputaExcellence which has established itself as a major force in I.T. recruiting. We consider ourselves the official recruiting company for the new millenium.

Hall 2 F16 (011) 880-4433


EPSON SA markets a full range of high performance inkjet, laser and dot matrix printers, digital cameras, scanners and multimedia projectors via two distributors, Siltek Distribution Dynamics and Tarsus Technologies.

Hall 2 B & C1-6 (011) 320-6902

ETA Audiovisual

A fully South African owned and managed company, with over three decades of service to the audiovisual industry, recognised as the largest supplier of audiovisual products in southern Africa.

Hall 2 C7-10 (011) 624-3636

Ethniks Systems

ETHNIKS SYSTEMS is a modern computer systems integrator specialising in the design, installation and support of business oriented computer solutions which make use of the most modern and effective hardware and software products available.

Hall 3 BCD1-14 (011) 463-7514

EUC Academy

EUC Academy (Pty) Ltd is a Microsoft and A+ Training Centre with branch offices in Centurion and Randburg. We uphold three training objectives: to educate the user in Microsoft applications, to develop user skills at Help Desk level, to prepare Office and A+ users for international exams.

Hall 3 F9 (012) 663-5247

Expert Technologies Holdings

Importers and distributors of quality computer hardware such as the Teramars monitor, Servex mainboards, Acer modems and scanners. You will be surprised at our very competitive prices - we will help you beat your competition.

Hall 3 A4 & 5 (011) 314-3949


Filenet Solutions

Filenet Solutions is one of South Africa’s leading solution providers of corporate-wide, production-style, integrated document management, imaging and workflow software.

Hall 3 BCD1-14 (011) 463-5777

First National Bank

A leader in the use of banking technology First National Bank will be highlighting some of the latest innovations in banking - including the delivery of financial services through the Internet, smart cards, cash handling technology and other forms of electronically delivered services.

Hall 2 GH1-4 (011) 371-3711

Forge Ahead BMI-T

Market Research company in I.T. and Telecommunications specialises in high level research, consultancy and networking facilitation through conferences and workshops in I.T. and Telecommunications.

Hall 2 B20 (011) 803-6412

Francotyp-Postalia S.A

Research and development, manufacturing and sales of mailroom machinery and equipment. Subsidiaries in USA,. Canada, Austria, Belgium and Great Britain - now in S.A. Dealers in over 80 countries world wide.

Hall 1 C18-20 (011) 973-1880

Frontier Electronics

Frontier Electronics are importers and distributors of high

quality Motherboards, VGA Cards, Network Peripherals and CATS Data Cable as well as most other Hardware Peripherals and MAX Computer Systems.

Hall 3 D20,22 & 24 (011) 807-3004


Hi-Technology Supply Co is a Computer Hardware Distributor established in 1988. Suppliers of Fujitech Motherboards, Components, Fujitech Notebooks, PC’s and Servers. Branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Namibia and Pietersburg.

Hall 3 D33-40 (011) 444-9105

Future Media

Suppliers of presentation and communication technology solutions, including: Data Video Projectors Data, audio and Video Conferencing solutions Boardroom Control Systems Presentation Graphics Services Plasma Flat Screen Displays and Interactive Kiosks. Professional Sound Systems

Hall 3 E9-14 (011) 805-0800



Gametronix are the official distributors for the Logic 3 range of PC and Playstation accessories and peripherals.

Hall 4A E9 (011) 886-1972

Genesis Concepts

Genesis Concepts supplies turnkey desktop computer solutions for most applications. Computers are custom configured and we specialise in HP and ENCAD Plotters and printers.

Hall 4 E4 (011) 807-2220

Global Internet Access

Global Internet Access (GIA), one of SA’s leading ISPs, provides Internet access and related services to the dial-up consumer market. Global Business Solutions provides Internet related productivity solutions to the business sector.

Hall 3 C33-36 (011) 803-4024

Global Options

Specialising in the placement of IT Professionals overseas both on contract and in permanent positions. Visit Global Options Web Site at:

Hall 3 F7 (011) 462-1129


Goaldata specialises in the distribution and support of a range of network based fax products. Our company has achieved the leading position in the implementation of fax server solutions to a multitude of companies.

Hall 3 C41 & 43 (011) 883-1025


Graficomp is a Johannesburg based distributor of Hewlett Packard large-format plotter/printers and is the largest HP Designjet dealer in S.A.

Hall 4 A10-12 (011) 792-1348

Graphic Image Technologies

Graphic Image Technologies brings the power of multimedia and MPEG digital video to your desktop. Our solutions extend from our in-house bureau to our full complement of above industry-standard software and hardware products.

Hall 2 F17-19 (011)880-2168 (http;// )

Great Plains Software

Great Plains Software Inc. is a leading provider of Windows NT and Microsoft SQL server-based client/server accounting software for the midmarket. The Dynamics products and services automate essential accounting and other business functions and enhance the strategic value of financial information.

Hall 2 K9-12 (011) 807-8555



Planmaster (Helix SA (Pty) Ltd, the leading stockists and suppliers of top quality imported and local visual Communication Systems and Equipment. Our product range and consultancy service covers the need for: classic presentation, structured facilitation techniques, presentation and display systems, projection, planning accessories and services.

Hall 1 G6 & 8 (011) 793-127

Horng Technical Enterprise Co

Established in 1991, Horng Tech has grown to be the leader in the computer accessories field. With a workforce of 120 employees, we have divided our factory into four divisions. They are: Screen Filter, Optical coating, Office Accessories and Electronic Production Divisions. To be current with today’s market is one of our priorities, thus every year we invest towards developing new items. Serving our customers needs is our biggest primary objective. We are looking for opportunities to work with you.

Hall 2 A4 +8866 687 1941



IBO-DATA is a security company providing a bureau service for personalisation of ID, access control, membership and student cards. Digital imaging systems are supplied to various industries to produce their own cards. Related equipment and consumables e.g. PVC printers,laminators and consumables are supplied. A broad range of access control, time and attendance and CCTV products are available, supporting technologies like magstripe, proximity and smart cards.

Hall 2 A3 (011) 886-9888


By providing advanced C++ and Java class libraries, ILOG has become the world leader in optimisation and visualisation software components. These components are tailored to provide strategic advantages in telecommunications, manufacturing, services and transportation.

Hall 3 F12 +33 1 4908 3500

Image Scanning Technology - Autodesk

Image Scanning technology is southern Africa’s Premier large format scanning, conversion and archival bureau for black and white, greyscale and colour documents, maps and aperture cards. We supply large and small format scanners and are the authorised Autodesk Imaging Product Distributors with offices in Johannesburg, Centurion, Bloemfontein and Windhoek.

Hall 4 ABC (011) 484-3442

Intelligent Devices

Importers and distributors of computer enhancement products for Financial, CAD, DTP, Educational and Corporate IT market. Products include Multiscreen cards, Server Controller, VGA Multipliers and HiClass Training Network System.

Hall 3 A25, F19 & 20 (011) 283-3800

Interactive Electronics

Interactive Electronics (Est. 1994) has branches in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Suppliers and service of quality computer equipment. Distributors of Avision Scanners, Crystalview LCD Panels, DBTEL Fax Machines.

Hall 2 J20 & 22 (011) 640-3438

Interim Technology

The Interim Technology Consulting Group provides a full spectrum of consulting services and software solutions to business, government and commerce.

Hall 3 F10 (011) 728-1532

Internet Office Parks

Internet Office Parks (Pty) Ltd, recently acquired by Paradigm Interactive Media Ltd, is a young, entrepreneurial company which has pioneered a new turnkey service which provides small and medium sized companies cost-effective, high speed access to the Internet.

Hall 2 G7-12 (011) 463-6413

IST Energy

IST Energy (Pty) Ltd is the official distributor for Smallworld, the world’s most advanced GIS software. Smallworld is designed to move customers beyond the limitations of traditional GIS products.

Hall 4 A13-16 (012) 348-8705


J.D. Edwards

J.D. Edwards develops, markets and supports enterprise software that operates in multiple computing environments, including Windows NT, Unix, IBM AS/400 and the Internet.

Hall 3 BCD1-14 (011) 236-6500

Jensen Electronics

Founded in 1985, Jensen Electronics (Pty) Ltd specialises in the field of computer peripherals. Jensen Electronics is the official distributor for the following Business Equipment Suppliers: Printronix, U.S.A. - Line, Label and Laser Printers. Kyocera Corporation, Japan - Laser Printers. Kodak, U.K. - Digital Cameras, CDR’s, Inkjet Paper/Overhead Film. Apart from the computer peripherals, the company handles a wide range of note and coin counters, sorters and other money handling equipment.

Hall 2 E5-10 (011) 444-2300


KiWi Filing

KiWi is a filing and storage system providing a place for everything eg. Diskettes, CD-Rom, Stationery and solution all the relevant paperwork for your business effeciency running.

Hall 1 A12 (011) 326-3089


LA Technology

LA Technology are the sole importers and distributors of ACCPAC Plus, ACCPAC for Windows, ACCPAC for Windows

Plus Series and ACCPAC Companion products in S.A.

Hall 2 E & F1-4 (011) 803-7327


Lechabile Technology Holdings is a Black owned and controlled organisation composed of seven highly experienced ex-IBM IT professionals and systems engineers with more than 150 years IT experience. Lechabile provides a broad range of services, education, software and hardware.

Hall 2 A14 (011) 315-4011

Legacy Software Downsizing

Legacy Software Downsizing has performed 20 successful migration projects for international clients since 1994. LSD are specialists in the migration of ICL VME to Unix RDBMS or Windows NT and Year 2000 compliant.

Hall 3 E33-44 +44 1 61236 0535


Visit the Lightworks stand in Hall 3 Stand A23, where we can demonstrate the advanced capabilities of the Distribution Liesegang range of products, or call Eugene.

Hall 3 A23 (011) 674-3912


LinkSTAR specialise in computer-based Video Editing and Presentation equipment. Special Effects and Imaging Software, PC to TV converters, Distribution Amplification and Signal Splitters. They also provide onsite demonstrations and training.

Hall 3 D21 & 23 (011) 616-5385

Logic Programming Associates

LPA is a leading supplier of advanced software and services in the areas of Knowledge-Based Systems, Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence. Its’ products now offer support for web-based activities.

Hall 3 E33-44 +44 1 81 871 2016

Logos Electronic Publishing

Logos Electronic Publishing is the world leader in publishing books on CD. Our program is multi lingual with dynamic hyperlinking. Over 100 publishers are already using, the Logos Library System. Publishers like: Baker, Cum Nelson, Kagiso, Butterworths, Christianity Today, Zondervan, Moody, Bible Society of S.A.

Hall 3 F18 (011) 782-4488

Logos Information Systems

Logos Information Systems is a world leader in distributing electronic books. The Logos library system is an electronic standard allowing publishers to share a common display, search and retrieval engine for electronic editions of their books.

Hall 1 A30 (011) 782-4488

Logotech Systems

A specialist software house with a suite of Financial Systems with more than 150 clients. Major accounts include Central, Regional and Local Government.

Hall 3 E33-44 +44 1 784 420797

Lowther Technologies

Suppliers of quality communication equipment. Multimedia projectors, home and business Video Conferencing, Promotional Trailers, Boardroom Designs. The Sales, Hiring, Leasing and Rentals of all equipment.

Hall 4 E17-20 (011) 800-5522

LVS & Associates

We are aiming to be a one-stop-shop for financial investment. We offer Stock Market education (Trading for Success) and Stock Market software (Supercharts). We are also launching an Investment Trust and hope to list the company on the JSE this year.

Hall 3 A17 (011) 314-5103



M-Web Magic - Bold, innovative marketing backed by premium infotainment, bleeding-edge technology and superior service has made M-Web the biggest Internet brand in South Africa. To be part of the magic call M-Web on 08000 3 2000.

Hall 3 A15 & 16 (021) 918-8415

M-Web Business Solutions

M-Web Business Solutions invites you to make use of our ability to tailor a dynamic business solution to match your requirements. We’ll change your mind to change your business.

Hall 3 C37 & 39 (011) 782-0800

M.S.S.A Distributors

MSSA is a leading distributor of Mass Storage and related peripherals including Quantum Disk Drives and DLT, STB Multimedia products and Zoom Modems.

Hall 2 A20 & 21 (011) 314-4576

Mailing & Mechanisation

For the past twenty years Mailing & Mechanisation have been world leaders in mailroom equipment and will continue to supply and service this superior range of


Hall 1 G2 & 4 (011) 789-1608

Maxtec Peripherals

Storage centric distributor offering an unparalleled range of quality products, addressing the high end PC server and mid-range markets, including HP, Sun, DEC, Compaq etc. covering capacities from 1GB - 10TB.

Hall 2 C11-16 (011) 803-6635

Maynards Office Technology

Established in 1922, Maynards Office Technology distribute and service the widest range of office machinery available throughout Southern Africa. Head Office is in Cape Town with three coastal branches as well as Gauteng. Servicing of all centres.

Hall 1 E4 (021) 24-3140

MediaForte Products

MediaForte was established in 1994 and dedicated to designing, developing and marketing innovative multimedia products. In a short span of 3 years we have become one of the preferred suppliers of multimedia solutions through providing quality-driven products that meet the computing industry’s need for performance, price and quick time-to-market.

Hall 2 A30 +65 481 2122

MGE UPS Systems

MGE UPS Systems is the worldwide UPS leader for computer and industrial protection. MGE offers a comprehensive range of CE approved products from 220VA to 4,8 MVA. ISO9001 accredited.

Hall 3 F1 & 2 (011) 616-2205

Micro House

Micro House International is a US based utility software development company who specialise in utility software International for the computer industry and IT professionals. Products include Image Cast, Micro House Technical Library, Supportsource and others.

Hall 1 A8 (012) 347-2525


Since January 1993, Microsoft South Africa has empowered the growth and development of South African businesses and communities through personal computer technology. The leader in software for personal computers, Microsoft offers a wide range of products and services for business, education and personal achievement.

Hall 3 BCD1-14 (011) 794-5800


Midcomp supplies the complete range of Hewlett-Packard PCs and Peripherals with particular focus on the Large Format Printer (LFP) range of DesignJet printers for Technical (CAD) and Graphics Applications.

Hall 4 D1 & 2 (011) 804-5590


Minolta’s principal distributor in southern Africa for copiers, printers, faxes and microfilm. As well as the OCE` distributor of their high volume copiers, laser printers and engineering system products.

Hall 1 B & C1-8 (011) 249-4000


Phototechnik is the exclusive Southern African wholesale distributor to the retail market of MINOLTA and VIVITAR photographic and digital imaging equipment. We provide complete consumer back-up service for Minolta and Vivitar photographic products in our world class service and repair centre.

Hall 2 E11-20 (011) 804-6664

MITA South Africa

MITA Industrial Co. Japan recently established MITA South Africa (Pty) Ltd, the 14th subsidiary. MITA has for many years manufactured high quality Photocopiers and Fax Machines and is respected as one of the leading producers of Office Equipment. MITA South Africa now supplies its’ products directly to the South African market.

Hall 1 E F9-12 (011) 466-3290


MTN, Africa’s foremost telecommunications company and an acknowledge world leader in cellular technology boasts a string of world "firsts". From a social communication tool to the most advanced seamless Mobile-internet technology, with MTN, it’s your call.

Hall 2 K13-18 (011) 301-6000

MTR Computers

MTR Computers have seven branches in the Gauteng area. We service both the end user and corporate companies at a highly competitive price, without compromising quality or service.

Hall 1FG13-20 & (011) 869-5250

Multi Union Trading Co

Multi Union is one of the largest compatible imaging product manufacturers in the world. All the production sites of Multi Union are vertically integrated with ISO9002 certification from BSI and HKQAA.

Hall 2 A18 +8522896 5101


Electronic Manufacturer for the past 15 years, engaged in production of TV, Game Consoles/Cartridges, Personal Alarms and Educational Computers. Main office in Taiwan with 25 employees and a factory in China with 300 employees. Keeping strict quality control, you can absolutely trust our product quality.

Hall 2 A28 +886 2 275 80688

Multimedia ‘Scapes

Specialists in multimedia based online learning solutions. Products include training titles and multimedia software development toolkits. Services include consultancy and software development, as well as training and support on all products.

Hall 4A E1 & 2 (011) 476-6846

Mustang SA

Mustang SA is the sole agent for Mustang, which generates applications in minutes directly from your database definitions. We offer sales, support and training for this outstanding productivity tool.

Hall 2 J19 (011) 837-9801


Nambiti Technologies

Nambiti Technologies is a wholly Black owned Information Technology and Telecommunications company which was formed on the 20/3/97. Nambiti Technologies focuses on, the delivery of world class cost effective IT services and has its core areas of the business in the following components. IT & Telecommunications Consulting, System & Application Development, Network Cabling, Audio/Visual.

Hall 2 A15 (011) 882-9733

Navision Software South Africa

Navision Software South Africa is the 19th international subsidiary of Navision a/s, Denmark. There are Navision Solution Centres throughout the European Union, USA, Australia, and now South Africa.

Hall3 D26 & 28 (011) 315-0456

Nedbank Electronic Banking

Nedbank, a forerunner in banking innovation, provides the option of a wide range of electronic banking products and services. Clients experience the convenience of ‘anytime, anywhere banking’, supported by today’s most advanced banking technology.

Hall 2 G20 & 22, H19-22 (011) 320-5091

Net-Tel Computer Systems

NET-TEL is a successful growing British software company whose core business is designing, developing and marketing a comprehensive range of electronic messaging and electronic commerce support products under the Route400 brand.

Hall 3 E33-44 +44 1 582 834222

Network Associates

Network Associates, Inc. is the worldwide leader in network security and management solutions for the corporate enterprise.

Hall 2 J4 (011) 706-1629

Nofor - Great Plains Software

Hall 2 K9-12 (012) 660-0794


Oregan Networks

Dedicated to the development of complete solutions using thin-client networking devices. Oregan Networks provide a server system and also design customised devices for the ‘embedded’ Internet and Intranet.

Hall 3 E33-44 +44 1 530 563311


PAG Staffing Services

PAG Staffing Services, the broadest based staffing consultancy in South Africa, is committed to service excellence when it comes to providing businesses with temporary and permanent staff. (011) 488-9884

Paradigm Interactive Media

Paradigm Interactive Media Limited is a South African - based holding company which exercises strategic and financial control over a group of companies involved in electronic communication technologies. The main business of the group is to faciliate the usage of new interactive entertainment, information and transactional communication media that result from the convergence of modern technologies.

Hall 2 G7-12 (011) 803-9580

Paragon Business Forms

Paragon Business Forms are the largest direct selling manufacturer of computer forms in South Africa. We supply a diverse market from letterheads and compliment slips to highly sophisticated Barcoded, Laser Images, Multi parted Business Forms. Through our Lasertek division we market Electronic Business Forms.

Hall 1 D14 & 16 (021) 54-1141

Parity Software - Great Plains Software

Hall 2 K9-12 (011) 440-5111

Pastel Software

Pastel Software produces a range of Windows-based, leading edge accounting and payroll software suitable for small and medium sized businesses. Pastel products are used by more than 85 000 users in more than 34 countries.

Hall 2 J K1 & 2 (011) 784-0222


Paywise is a specialist South African owned software company established in 1983. Based in all major centres and active in industry associations such as the Payroll Authors Group, I.T.A. and J.C.C.I.

Hall 1 A25 (011) 784-0759

Peresoft Software - Support

PERESOFT has been involved with software development adding value to ACCPAC Internationals, ACCPAC Plus and ACCPAC for Windows Accounting software for the past 15 years.

Hall 2 E & F1-4 (011) 728-7029

Philips PC SA

The personal computer division of Philips SA, PPC, offers solutions for mobile workers, small-to-medium enterprises, soho and home users. PPC promotes monitors, PCs. notebooks, add-on cards, LCD projectors and peripherals.

Hall 2 B11-16 (011) 471-5113

Pitman Qualifications

City & Guilds International, operating in 85 countries, offers internationally recognised qualifications in work-related and leisure occupations through City & Guilds and "on demand" examinations in Business Skills from Pitman Qualifications.

Hall 3 E33-44 (011) 482-3680

Platinum Software

Platinum Software Corporation was founded in 1984, the Head Quarters based in Irvine California. A leading provider of affordable, flexible, high-performance, client/server financial accounting applications. Platinum’s market is comprised of mid-sized companies and divisions of large corporations.

Hall 2 F15 (011) 788-1762


Importers and Distributors of Visual Presentation Aids, Presentation Equipment. Speciality in Inkjet consumables, Artplot, Screens, White Boards.Projectors etc.

Hall 4 C7-12 (011) 452-2803

Presentation & Business Equipment

PBE specialise in the sale of Data/Video Projectors, from VGA to SXGA resolutions, as well as the complete product range for conference and training venues. A hire service is also available offering the latest technology products.

Hall 2 G19 - 21 (011) 444-5258

Prime Support - Great Plains Software

Hall 2 K9-12 (011) 888-1044

Progressive Systems College

Progressive Systems provides education and software to enable the private investor to successfully manage a stock market investement.

Hall 3 F17 (011) 807-1482

Protea Graphics

We specialise in Graphics and CAD products and products for the signage industry. We distribute the SummaGraphics range on behalf of Calcomp. We are also distributors of ColorSpan, Vidar, Calcomp. Cadlink and Hunt products. We have represented some of these agencies for over 50 years and also have offices in Cape Town and Durban.

Hall 4 A7 (011) 887-2626


Q Data DynamiQue Africa

The DynamiQue group is the leading provider of payroll, human resources and industrial relations software products, methodologies, services and consulting in the Southern Hemisphere. DynamiQue’s solutions cover a multitude of platforms and comprehensively address the needs of large and small companies.

Hall 2 K7 & 8 (011) 266-5500


RCG Information Technology

RCG Information Technology, with over 2000 consultants, is one of the USA’s fastest growing global providers of information technology solutions. RCG offers I.T. professionals a career track into the high profile world of consulting in the USA, UK and South Africa.

Hall 3 F4 (011) 450-1485

Real World Geographics - Autodesk

Through efficiency, reliability and professional service, we focus on the provision of profitable GIS solutions by integration of the Spatial Dimension with existing business processes.

Hall 4 ABC (021) 551-6553


Rectron was founded in May 1996 and has grown into one of the leading distributors of computer components and systems in South Africa.

Hall 3 C25-32 (011) 312-0000

Redfern Print Services

Supplier of twenty-one software supported 3 in 1 Inkjet, Laser, Copier Labels, Bureau Services and Printing Systems as well as specially designed Roll form labels. Redfern - Providing Innovative Solutions ... not channel answers.

Hall 1 G5 & 7 (021) 557-4840


The success of Reprodraft can be attributed to its dedication to the principals of service, reliability and the provision of a range of quality graphics, drawing office and plan printing products.

Hall 4 E12 & 14 (011) 444-8440


Rexel supply a range of quality office products and business machines at competitive prices.

Hall 1 F1-4 (011) 837-7723

Rubber Stamp & Engraving Co

Rubber Stamp & Engraving Co. is the distributor of TRODAT, the world’s leading brand of self-inking stamps. We also supply machinery for manufacturing rubber stamps, such as the new Trotec Power Laser Engraver.

Hall 3 B24 (011) 262-1400



Screenvision offers local solutions to large screen PC and multimedia based CRT monitor displays.

Hall 1 G9 (011) 474-8810

SeriPrint Marketing

SeriPrint Marketing is a locally based company whose core business is the development and manufacture of cutting edge computer to plate printing equipment.

Hall 1 B19 (011) 708-1071

Sharp Electronics

SHARP’s range of consumer electonics products is backed by over 25 years of commitment to consumers.What you buy is guaranteed and serviced by Sharp Electronics’ branch network countrywide.

Hall 3 E1, 2 & 4 (011) 624-3770

Siltek Distribution Dynamics

Hewlett-Packard’s market leading products include DeskJet and LaserJet printers, DesignJet large format printers, Scanners, Personal Computers and Servers, Networking Products, Calculators and Palmtop PC’s and a comprehensive range of optical, DAT and CDR backup products.

Hall 3 C42 & 44 (011)] 652-8222

Simply Mac

Ultimate Graphics is a DTP Design Studio specialising in Pre-Press and Digital Publishing. (Print & Web design) and FontExpert supplier.

Hall 4 E3 (011) 975-0404

Softel (Asia Pacific)

Softel (Asia Pacific) Ltd is a Publication Company which publish the Electronics Marketplace. EMP is a monthly Trade magazine concerning the Consumer Electronics, Computer & Communication Products manufacture in Asia. The magazine is circulated to worldwide volume buyers.

Hall 2 A23 +8522191 7808


Softsecure specialise in anti-piracy products, specifically the Sentinel Software Protection range.

Hall 1 A2 (011) 887-1692

Software AG

The Software AG Business Unit of SPL markets and sells Software AG software products

and services to enable its customers to manage and integrate their enterprise-level information needs.

Hall 3 BCD1-14 (011) 322-2222

Software Solutions Everywhere SSE

Atage is the distributor for the software product range of SSE. Products: OpalisRobot - An Automation Tool for NT, SAPS, Spartacom Asynchronous Port Sharing - The Ultimate in Modem Sharing software, etc. Visit our website!

Hall 2 G5 & 6 (021) 910-0700


Refill Ink Kits for all makes of Inkjet applications. Exceptional good quality ink refills, Inkjet Printers, Plain Paper, Copiers and Fax Machines. Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Canon, Lexmark, Seikosha, Olivetti, Sharp, Panasonic, Mannesman Tally, Apple, Brother and more.

Hall 1 A4 (011) 444-1999

Solution Technologies

Sole authorised distributors of Proxima, Philips & Davis Data Video Projectors. Established in 1988. *Signatory to ITA Code of Ethics. Full workshop and backup repair


Hall 2 D1-4 (011) 789-9549

SOYO Computer Inc.

SOYO Computer Inc. is one of the top five Computer Motherboard manufacturers in Taiwan with more than 12 years experience in the field. SOYO has seven branch offices to participate in the global market.

Hall 2 D6 +886 2 2653 3000

Spec Barcoding & Labels

Supply Barcode Label and Plastic Card Printers. Manufacture of Self-Adhesive Labels and supply ribbons for Barcode Label Printers. Supply consumables for label and plastic card printers. Barcode Label Printing Bureau (supply customised printed labels).

Hall 1 A24 (011) 434-1530

Spector Photo & Digital SA

Distributors of Photographic Mini-labs, Printers, Digital equipment Workstations, Computers, InkJet and Dye Sublimation Printers. Various inkJet and Heat Transfer Papers and equipment. All consumables and accessories - photographic and digital.

Hall 1 E5-8 (012) 653-1883

Square One

Square One provides integrated colour technology and interactive media communication solutions as sole distributor of high quality product ranges including Tektronix colour printers, Scanmagic scanners, OmniPage Pro and OmniForm scanning software, MDI storage products and Optiquest colour monitors.

Hall 3 A1-3 (011) 444-7716


IT’S BEYOND A GAME ! With superior graphics and surround sound compatibility, Sony PlayStation, the world’s best selling games console, delivers the ultimate gaming experience. Racing, flying, shooting, strategy games and more.Distributed in South Africa by Ster-Kinekor Interactive.

Hall 4A 11-14 (011) 445-7900

Stocks Mailing Systems

Stocks Mailing Systems is the exclusive distributor of the Pitney Bowes range of equipment in S.A. The range of equipment includes franking machines that operate on the SAPO approved Remote Motor Setting System.

Hall 1 E13-16 (011) 236-1400

Sun Up Technologies

Sun Up Technologies is an importer and distributor of dust covers, carrying cases, keyboards, mice, joysticks, switches, ups, lightning & surge protection, multimedia speakers, tape back up units, removable hard drives, physical security for hardware plus more.

Hall 1 A28 (011) 476-1608

Suntech Computers

We are mainly importers of CCTV Security Systems. We do a wide range of Security Cameras, Security Monitors with all the necessary cabling and accessories. We also import computer keyboards, the WONIX UPS, cases, Fax/Modems and a range of other computer parts and hardware.

Hall 1 G11 (011) 472-3388


Symantec develops, markets and supports a diverse line of application and system software products designed to enhance individual and workgroup productivity, varying from Antivirus products to Java Development Tools. Symantec started an office in Johannesburg early 1997.

Hall 1 D3-8 (011) 804-4670

Syspro Group

A leading software house in the ERP arena - forming the nerve centre of thousands of companies around the world. Web enabled applications offer access to Impact Encore’s Data across the Internet.

Hall 3 A14 (011) 807-4961


TAC Technologies

Desktop ownership has been identified as one of the major growth areas in our industry. TAC Technologies provides a total solution whatever the requirement is. On-site and full solution maintenance.

Hall 2 K19 (011) 422-5190

Tangent Marketing Sdn. Bhd

Visual Display Terminals (VDTs) are essential and integral devices used by all computer operations and health hazards associated with it such as eyes, irritation/strain, headaches and migraines, cannot be ignored. Raytec Filter offer ultimate solutions to these problems. With the laboratory tests from recognized body like Radiation Environmental Management Systems (REMS), "Swedish MOR2 standard and German TUV standard". We offer RAYTEC Tempered Safety Glass Filter and RAYTEC Micromesh Filter for computer and television. It gives MAXIMUM protection from harmful magnetic rays such as electromagnetic radiation.

Hall 1 C11 +60 3 254 5673

Technikon SA

Technikon SA offers distance education courses. Our method of study is affordable and accessible to a great number of people. Technikon SA offers the National Certificate, National Diploma and the B Tech in Information Technology.

Hall 3 F8 (011) 471-2862

Technocad - Autodesk

Technocad is Africa’s leading software application specialist for civil engineering, with software solutions for roads, sewer and stormwater reticulation, water reticulation and distribution, digital terrain modelling and reinforced concrete detailing and scheduling.

Hall 4 ABC (011) 803-8834


Telkom, currently the only licensed provider of public switched telecommunications services in South Africa, has approximatley 56 800 employees. Telkom was commercialised on 1 October 1991 and remained a wholly state-owned enterprise until 14 May 1997, when a 30% equity stake was sold to a strategic equity partner, the consortium of SBC Communications International Inc and Telekom Malaysia Berhad.

Hall 2 L13-22

Teltron Digital

Teltron Digital is a specialised division of Teltron Trading, set up to provide the best Imaging Solution using Pentax, Olympus, Fuji and Fargo Digital Products.

Hall 4 E7, 9 & 10 (011) 887-1600

The Opalis Automation Software

SSE sells and markets professional software products and services for New Technology. SSE is featuring the award winning Opalis network automation software line. Opalis software is a fantastic way for both administrators and developers to get the most out of Windows NT and all of the applications they build or run.

Hall 2 G5 & 6 +31 79 346 292

The Phone Shop

10 years on The Phone Shop Sandton continues to bring the consumer the latest in telephone equipment, in addition to consumer electronics and novelty gifts. Coupled with outstanding customer service and a huge selection of products, The Phone Shop Sandton is always worth visiting.

Hall 1 B11 & 12 (011) 883-6562

Tidy Files

Tidy Files with 17 years experience are "The Specialists in Office Filing". We have branches country wide and are represented in Australia and New Zealand. We provide free surveys, quotations and training.

Hall 1 G1 & 3 (011) 943-4210

Time/System SA

Time/System offers you the most complete and integrated systems for professional and personal planning ever made. Using our systems, over one million users the world over navigate quickly, precisely and effectively towards their goals - both professional and private.

Hall 3 C38 (011) 789-3004

Tower Stikatag

Tower STIKATAG manufactures southern Africa’s leading range of copier/inkjet/laser labels (‘CILdata labels’) and Tower-Sigel designer series business stationery including business cards, letterheads and envelopes for desktop printers.

Hall 1 B9 & 10 0800 220 488

Triton Data

Triton-Data Hardware, Software and Networking Solution provider. Focusing on Intel and other quality products, Triton Data offer you a working solution, 3 year limited warranty and hence Total Peace of Mind.

Hall 2 B8-10 (011) 726-7178

Tucano & Incas

Bibafrica is the sole agent of Italian companies: Tucano and Incas.

Hall 3 A24 (011) 442-9603

TWO inc Consulting - Great Plains Software

Hall 2 K9-12 (021) 510-5090

Ultra Office Automation

The Ultra Group can best be described as a state-of-the-art Office Automation Company, offering total solutions in the Point of Sale Networking and PC environment.

Hall 3 D41-44 (021) 913-3180


UUNet Internet Africa

UUNet Internet Africa is SA’s oldest and largest Internet Service Provider. UIA provides internet connections and services to both consumers (modem dial-up access) and companies (leased lines) and connects the most internet consumers in the country. As a fast-growing company, UIA is part of the JSE-listed IT giant Datatec.

Hall 3 E5-8 (011) 235-6500


Video-Net Systems

After a world premiere at Cebit 98 in Germany, Video-Net Systems launches the ControlCenter on the South African market. - Video-Net Training Network - VKM Extension Switch.

Hall 3 E26 & 28 (021) 790-4200

ViewSonic International Corporation

ViewSonic Corporation is a leading worldwide provider of high performance display technology products and was named as one of America’s fastest growing companies by Inc. magazine for two years. The succession of award-winning monitors, first introduced in 1990 has powered the company’s rapid growth and the subsequent development of a broad array of multimedia products.

Hall 2 D5 & 7-10 +886 2 2248 4072


Vircom, a member of the Datatec Group, is the leading Microsoft Solution Provider in southern Africa. Vircom provides IT strategy consulting systems development, integration and implementation services using Microsoft products and tehnologies for many of southern Africa’s top companies.

Hall 3 BCD1-14 (011) 807-2333

Voice & Data

Voice & Data, a member of Paradigm Interactive Media are focused on the provision of wireless access and networking technologies to the Southern African market place.

Hall 2 G7-12 (011) 465-5964


W Vos

Sale and service of shredding machines, binding machines and supplies, laminating and encapsulating machines and allied supplies.

Hall 1 E1-4 (011) 493-7139


Wall Communication Systems

WCS is a small friendly company that through its helpful nature and understanding of clients needs has in a short time built up a good reputation. This reputation has attracted clients such as NatWest, B.A.T. and various Universitites.

Hall 3 E33-44 +44 1 707 393773


WebSA (Pty) Ltd is a technology company specialising in the Internet, interactive web design and other related services. Our technology helps organisations utilise the communications and information distribution capabilities of the global Internet, explicitly the World Wide Web.

Hall 2 G7-12 (011) 322-5700

Wenn/Soft - Great Plains Software

Hall 2 K9-12 (011) 792-3549


Wizcom supplies 3D software and hardware solutions for most 3D information requirements, including architectural modelling, complex mechanical modelling and machining, tool and die inspection and 3D model scanning.

Hall 4 A20 (021) 559-3593



Suppliers of K-Color Inkjet materials for large format Inkjet Plotters and Print-It materials for A4/A3 Inkjet printers. The range includes uncoated papers, coated papers, photo gloss papers, instant drying photo papers, matt and glossy films, matt white vinyls, canvas, self-adhesive materials and encapsulating film.

Hall 4 A9 & 12 (011) 793-3632